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April 15, 2024





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Since 2020, the word Anti-VAXXER has been attached to American citizens who may very well have vaccinated their children, but chose not to get the Covid vaccine for themselves or their children. Around 75% of Americans decided to get at least two of the EUA vaccines leaving 25% of Americans lumped into the category of becoming an Anti-VAXXER.

Even more surprisingly, those injured by the COVID vaccine, now speaking out about their injuries, have also been lumped into this category. Those who prefer name-calling don’t really care about your reason for not getting a vaccine… It appears that all they care about is that you talked badly about their baby, and apparently, there is zero tolerance for such behavior, even in our constitutional republic. Marriages, Families, Friends and lovers, employers, and employees have found themselves separated over the issue, to VAX or NOT TO VAX.

My premier talk show on Nurses Out Loud offers 20 questions for medical professionals who are pro-vaccine mandate. But all medical professionals should take a stab at the questions and see how they do. It appears that our medical institutions are not adequately educating the doctors and nurses in this area, and that needs to change. Hopefully, the 20 questions will inspire deeper research and inspire medical professionals to push for positive reforms in the vaccine industry. Isn’t that a good thing? How often have we heard, ‘VAERS is an inadequate source for accurate data as it pertains to gathering data on vaccine-injured.’ OK. If it is so inaccurate, how about we reform it, and create a better system of gathering patient data?

If you are a person who has a negative view of anti-vaxxers, then these 20 answers to these questions MUST BE KNOWN IMMEDIATELY.

You cannot GOOGLE. You cannot SEARCH. YOU MUST know the answers off the top of your head BECAUSE within the population who do seem to judge the anti-vaxxers very harshly, there tends to be a bit of arrogance that implies that the anti-vaxxers are the ones that are ignorant and those that are exalting themselves express superiority Above the anti-vaxxers and act as though they want to make sure the anti-vaxxers know, they are ill-informed. So You cannot GOOGLE ANYTHING to find these answers.

  1. Do you believe there have ever been any injuries to children or adults from any vaccine?
  2. If a child were to have an adverse reaction of any kind to any childhood vaccines, do you know what the typical presenting symptoms would be of an adverse reaction to a vaccine, and do you know how to identify whether it is a vaccine injury that the child may be experiencing?
  3. How long after a recent childhood vaccination would you suspect it is possible for a child to exhibit some form of an adverse reaction following a childhood vaccine?

I’ll provide all 20 questions, along with the answers, next Thursday, December 15, at 10 am EST on Nurses Out Loud, with Nurse Michele.

Here is how you can listen…

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Join me next week,
Where brave nurses are doing something to make a difference.
Nurse Michele


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1 year ago

I found your December 11 article entitled “How Informed are Medical Professionals Regarding Vaccines?”, and was eager to read all 20 questions. Only the first 3 were printed, and at the end of the article it was stated that all questions would be posted next Thursday, December 15, at Nurses Out Loud. I did a web search to try to find the printed questions and was unable to find the questions in writing (similar to your Dec 11 article). I will continue to search, but why make it so difficult to find? Is there a link that anyone can provide that posts those questions in writing?

Billy Jay
Billy Jay
Reply to  Bruce
1 year ago

Yeah, I have the same issue. Why tease me…. I want to present these questions to my own doctor.

Reply to  Billy Jay
6 months ago

Same issue, would love to check my vaccine knowledge.

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