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June 19, 2024





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The WHO treaty, coming to a vote shortly, is recommending a system of WHO biolabs that pose an existential threat to life on Earth. 

May 27 through June 1, 2024, the legislative body of the World Health Organization (WHO), called the World Health Assembly, meets in Geneva, Switzerland. Although the details remain shrouded in mystery, the WHO plans on May 24, 2024, to hold a vote on two proposals that would vastly increase its power and its threatening relationships with all nations. One proposal is an agreement or treaty that, when signed, would bind individual nations to WHO in new totalitarian ways that are calculated to grow with time. Another is a series of amendments to the rules that govern the WHO, called the International Health Regulations (IHR), that have a similar totalitarian thrust.

Is the WHO Backing Off from Taking Over Global Medicine and Health Science?

We were the first to identify and blow the whistle on WHO’s totalitarian plans for these treaties (see below). Enormous pressure from many nations and other critics, was put on the WHO. Since then, WHO has tamed some of its language about seizing control over national healthcare systems around the world in response to whatever it decides is the next threat or fear of a pandemic. But a careful examination of the latest proposals makes clear that a global takeover of national sovereignty worldwide remains the goal of WHO. If the treaty or the amendments are approved, it will be a giant step toward creating a more authoritarian WHO and an added step to creating a totalitarian global governance. But its proposal for WHO Biolabs is an immediate catastrophic threat to each and every one of us who live on Earth.

The WHO proposes a system of WHO managed biolabs that will give the WHO overwhelming powers in regard to deadly pathogens in war and peace. And remember, the WHO is a stooge for the global predators. It’s just one of several front offices, but as it demonstrated during COVID, it’s a very influential one, and in the midst of an array of distracting controversies, it is proposing one of the most dangerous projects literally in the history of the world. 

Stopping the WHO Biolabs is an overwhelming, immediate necessity. But overall, it’s time to stop resisting this or that particular proposal for the treaties or the amendments. Instead, it’s time to marshal our forces toward withdrawing from the UN and its agency, WHO, and to encourage other freedom-oriented nations to join us in fighting all manifestations of the global predators.   

The WHO Wants to Manage All the Pathogens of the World

The treaty draft1 proposes a new function for WHO which poses an existential threat to life on Earth — a system of Biolabs under the supervision and control of WHO that would be a required depository for all the pathogens now held or being made throughout the labs of the world. That’s right — The WHO would collect and take charge of every natural and lab-recreated pathogen in the world.

The dangers of the WHO collecting and managing samples of all the pathogens in the world are manifold and ultimately unimaginable, including intentional leaks, accidental leaks, theft, computer hacks, seizures during war, attacks by foreign enemies, and terrorist break-ins. The biggest existing threat would be the collaboration between the WHO with all its newly gained pathogens and the Chinese Communists that became so apparent during COVID.

Remember the WHO worked with the Chinese Communists to hide the origin of SARS-CoV-2 while the Chinese continued to spread it around the world? Remember how the WHO coordinated treasonous efforts involving high U.S. government officials, including Anthony Fauci, to create big lies to protect the Chinese Communists? Remember how WHO covered up that China was spreading the pandemic all over the world via its passenger planes?2

The Importance of the Word “Shall”

Is it a big deal for the revised treaty to continually emphasize what the signature nations “shall” do, rather than “should” do or “may do”?

Here is a sound legal definition of “shall:”3

Shall is an imperative command, usually indicating that certain actions are mandatory and not permissive. This contrasts with the word “may,” which is generally used to indicate a permissive provision, ordinarily implying some degree of discretion. [Emphases in original]

In the following analyses, we will see how, with this trick of language, using the word “shall,” WHO plans to become as coercive as it can get away with.

WHO as “Control Central” for All Pathogens

The revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, Section 12 on page 12, introduces: “Article 12. Access and benefit sharing.”4

Sharing what? Pathogens. All the world’s pathogens, whenever they are isolated in independent labs, will be sent to new central labs “coordinated” by the WHO:

3. When a Party [nations or other groups] has access to a pathogen with pandemic potential, it shall, using applicable biosafety, biosecurity and data protection standards:

(a) share with WHO any pathogen sequence information as soon as it is available to the Party;

(b) as soon as biological materials are available to the Party, provide the materials to one or more laboratories and/or biorepositories participating in WHO-coordinated laboratory networks (CLNs)…  [Bold added]

Notice the word “shall,” indicating that the WHO will consider these to be legally binding requirements. The WHO is trying to look as if there will be no active coercion of any nation, but when the WHO says the nations “shall” provide “pathogen sequence information” and the “biological materials” (the active pathogens), it opens the way for coercion.

In addition to the common use of the word “shall,” the treaty uses the phrase “legally binding” eight times to describe the obligations of the nations to WHO — each time in relationship to aspects of the biolab repositories. The biolabs are the Trojan horse within the treaty.

Empowering WHO to supervise, coordinate or run labs to be used for containing all the world’s pathogens is one of the most self-destructive acts humanity could ever take. It must be stopped.

Our Background

In a column published on February 15, 2022, on America Out Loud, I broke the news on the WHO proposed treaties to be made with individual nations and their danger to the sovereignty of the nations of the world. Ginger and I then began spreading the word on our radio show, American Out Loud PULSE, and on my regular appearances on the Tamara Scott Show on Lindell TV and other media.5

Shortly after, the Biden Administration offered amendments to the WHO regulations which also would have vastly increased the agency’s power to identify global health threats and which empowered the WHO to take actions against the wishes of the member nations involved.

This became a two-pronged attack on the sovereignty of the world’s nations and on their citizens — proposed legally binding agreements or treaties between member nations and WHO and equally legally binding changes to the WHO’s health regulations — all of which empowered WHO at the expense of humanity.

The secrecy of the negotiations for both the treaty and the amendments to the regulations, plus the lawless defiance of deadlines,6 indicates that almost anything could happen between May 27 and June 1, 2024. We should expect the worst. The WHO has set the date for voting as May 24, but we need to expect anything.

More Assertions of Coercive Control

In Article 13 of the treaty revisions (p. 13), the word “may” has a line drawn through it and is replaced by “shall.” This correction draws attention to the systematic use of “shall” throughout several sections:

4. If WHO, in consultation with the States Parties concerned as provided in Article 12, determines that a public health emergency of international concern, including a pandemic emergency, is occurring, it may shall offer, in addition to the support indicated in paragraph 3 of this Article, further assistance to the State(s) Party(ies), to the extent possible, including an assessment of the severity of the international risk and the adequacy of control measures. Such collaboration may include the offer to mobilize international assistance in order to support the national authorities in conducting and coordinating on-site assessments. When requested by the State Party, WHO shall provide information supporting such an offer. The State Party shall make all efforts to reply to such an offer as soon as possible, including the rationale for the reply.

Note the last line, which is bolded in the original because it is a change in the amendment draft: “The State Party [the nation] shall make all efforts to reply to such an offer as soon as possible, including the rationale for the reply.” 

WHO Treaties Will Give WHO a “Central Role” in Pandemic Commerce

In Article 9. Research and development: WHO gives itself a “central role” in the key area of global research and development for all pandemic related products (p. 10):

(f) international collaboration and coordination, including with the private sector, to set common objectives, research goals and priorities, to develop pandemic-related products for diverse populations and settings, with a central role for WHO.

WHO wants to join the billionaires and giant global companies, as well as the banks and all the other global predators, in the incredibly lucrative business of products related to pandemics. The WHO wants a “central role” in world commerce with all the power and wealth that comes with it.

Remember how the world reacted to WHO’s guidelines during COVID? Globally, the WHO’s recommendations became the gold standard and governments implemented nearly all of them. This increased elaboration on all its newly proposed functions presents the threat of automatically being followed by the CDC, FDA, and other health agencies around the globe, establishing an actual takeover of our national health systems without making it specifically mandatory, other than by the repeated use of “shall.”

WHO requires that “The Parties commit to promote a One Health approach for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response that is coherent, comprehensive, integrated, coordinated and collaborative among relevant actors and sectors” (p. 5 and 6). One Health is code for placing humanity on an equal footing with “animals,” the “environment” and “ecosystems” in assessing health concerns and policies. It is extreme progressivism.7

In its treaty recommendations, WHO has dropped earlier plans to become the central office for controlling information and misinformation and instead appeals to the member nations and related organizations to work together to control the narrative and misinformation. In Article 18. “Communication and public awareness,” WHO states: “1. Each Party shall promote timely access to credible and evidence-based information on pandemics and their causes, effects, and drivers, with the aim of countering and addressing misinformation or disinformation, particularly through risk communication and effective community-level engagement.”8

In this indirect way, WHO continues to put itself at the center of “misinformation or disinformation” by requiring that individual nations do the task. WHO becomes the monitor of how the job is getting done. Also, note the continued use of the word “shall” in regard to what each nation must do.

Amendments to the Official WHO Health Regulations

We turn now to the amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR), which the Biden administration has been pushing in their most totalitarian form. Once again, the WHO is pulling back from the original takeover of sovereignty that many of us have exposed, but the framework keeps being built. From an April 2024 WHO draft,9 Section 41 (c) gives a taste of the authority that WHO wishes to wield in the near future, including “surveillance” and censorship of “misinformation,” by coordinating and supporting activities with the nations:

(c) to coordinate with and support the local level in preparing for and responding to public health risks and other events, including in relation to:

(i) surveillance;

(ii) on-site investigations;

(iii) laboratory diagnostics, including referral of samples;

(iv) implementation of control measures;

(v) access to health services and health products;

(vi) risk communication, including countering misinformation and disinformation;


(vii) logistics.

The WHO clearly wants the treaties and the amendments to grow its power with an equivalent increase in its financing. The responsibilities it is awarding itself in the above six items would make it a dictator of health and public health within every nation, eroding the nation’s sovereignty and the freedom of its people.

These responsibilities that the WHO is assigning to each nation are further elaborated at the end of the document under “Annex I: Core Capacities.”10 The WHO continues to use the word “Shall” in a new insertion to make clear they are giving mandatory orders. For example, the WHO introduces its multiple intrusive changes into national healthcare systems with this new insertion (the bold part):

At the local community level and/or primary public health response level (hereinafter the “Local level”), each State Party shall develop, strengthen and maintain the core capacities:

The WHO goes on in Annex I: Core Capacities, to describe, mostly as bolded new additions to the amendments to its regulations,, a whole range of public health responses. It is ordering and planning to supervise these requirements on several levels top down from the upper echelons of the state to small communities. It includes all the items listed above under (c) and expands.  Control over “misinformation” and “disinformation” is required at every level of the community.

We have already seen the power-hungry leadership of the world impose WHO regulations upon us as if they were legitimate requirements or binding laws.  Having tasted that kind of authoritarian control, the masters of the world are not about to ease up with the next excuse for taking over our governments and our lives.

The Ultimate Solution

The WHO is a militant arm of Xi Jinping. It completely covered for the Communist Chinese regime during COVID. Tedros, the Director-General of WHO, is Xi Jinping’s handpicked Communist puppet. The WHO is closely supported in its expansion of power by the World Bank,11 making it a partner among the global predators. In the current coalition of evil, the WHO is also heavily supported by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, and the European Union. We have described these relationships in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

The WHO’s proposal to create its own system of biolabs around the world in which the WHO will possess, manage and potentially distribute every known pathogen presents humanity with a life and death crisis.  This proposal must be stopped now.

But it is also time to get beyond the dickering about the various WHO amendments and treaties. In the long run, some sort of victory over the WHO’s proposals will not make the difference that is really needed because the WHO has endless backing from the global predators.

The U.S. must view the WHO and the UN as enemies much as we must learn to view those who control them as enemies — Communist China (the Eastern Global Imperialists), the World Bank, and Bill Gates and his coalition (the Western Global Imperialists). The United States should quit its membership and withdraw all financial support from the UN and WHO. Then, the U.S. should urge other nations who value their sovereignty to join in the fight for human freedom against predatory globalists.

Primary author: Peter R. Breggin, MD


1 Revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement.

2 and  Rand Paul says email exchange between top Fauci aide and EcoHealth ‘looks like a cover-up’ | Fox News

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5 On February 18, 2022, I wrote a column breaking the news about the proposed treaty on  America Out Loud: On May 14, 2022,  I wrote a follow up article on the treaty as an introduction to our radio show on America Out Loud—PULSE with Ginger Breggin:  I also broke the news and continuously reported on the treaties on the Tamara Scott Show on Lindell TV where I am a guest on the first and third Monday at 1 pm Eastern Time. In May 2022, I also appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room regarding the WHO treaties:  Since then, I have continued to alert the world to these issues, including in our book, Peter and Ginger Breggin, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey (September, 2023).

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8 Revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement., p. 20

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11 WHO and World Bank Group Join Forces to Strengthen Global Health Security


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1 month ago

All Bio-Labs involved in work and development of lethal viruses etc. should be shut down. The owners and financier’s and employees of such operations should be arrested and tried as enemies of humanity. Deadly viruses don’t just “accidently” escape these labs.

Zip Line
Zip Line
1 month ago

Clearly, the UN, WHO is the virus and wages war on humanity. The solution is evident but the courage as yet is not.

1 month ago

The WHO is now required to provide forensic evidence that they have NOT used Fictitious Conveyance of Language within this Treaty, so as to prevent heavy prosecution of ALL its members and signatories.
If the WHO can provide such evidence, I will NOT go ahead with their heavy prosecution.
The WHO have been guilty, and are currently guilty of criminal activity and behaviour, therefore, someone needs to take them down, and it only takes ten two-letter words.
“If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me”.

1 month ago

I challenge the WHO to bring forth the evidence previously mentioned, and to do so within 1o days, or face unrelenting litigation the likes of which has NEVER been seen upon this Earth.

1 month ago

any and all who approve this dictatorship attempt need immediately sent to prison by the people.

B. Lokey
B. Lokey
28 days ago

The predaciousness of governments today and such “NGO” Orgs. as, “The WHO,” needs be recognized as enemies of humankind as though invaders from outer space.

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