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June 17, 2024





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Healer, you are a Being of Light given many divine gifts. The gift of Existence… the gift of Consciousness… the gift of Free Will… and most importantly, the gift of Eternal Divine Connection.

Yet, you live in a world that wants you to be afraid. A world that wants you to be a hopeless victim. A world that wants you to believe that your only choice is the darkness of being a patient to those that only know harm, not health… and certainly not Energetic Health!

Dr. H has brought together 4 of his most accomplished EHI graduates and expert Healers in their own right. Need help with your digestion? Wondering if nutrition can improve your mental health? Want to wave goodbye to harmaceuticals and say ALOHA to herbs? Ready to do your duty and move your booty?

You’re going to LOVE listening to what Addie Heartkin, Dr. Meg Montañez Davenport, Carmen Adams, and Jolene Goring have to share with you, and Dr. H will be right there too to help you tune out the noise and tune into Energetic Health! So stop being a patient and start being a student right here on Energetic Health INSTITUTE Radio. Together, Let’s make tomorrow amazing starting today!






Energetic Health Radio with Dr. Henry Ealy – Fact is true no matter who you ask. Faith is true only to the person who believes it. In this episode of Energetic Health Radio, Dr. H has an adult conversation about distinguishing the difference between fact and faith and the role it plays in our journey towards re-enlightenment. A journey of purpose found in the service of others. A journey of kindness and truth…

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