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February 29, 2024





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Many people who generally love sports also hate politics. Don’t ever mix the two, they bellow. That’s great advice! People need an escape from the horrors of modern-day politics. Ever since the hypocrite Colin Kaepernick took a knee on the football field, sports haven’t been the same. But now, another tragic event is hampering the joy of spectator sports. Have you noticed how many athletes are collapsing in the arena? Don’t let anybody tell you this is normal. Or that it must be caused by smoking weed. We must place the blame where it rightly belongs.

Millions of people took the toxic jab that has been not so secretly declaring the ruin of many youthful athletes and otherwise healthy persons. Even the lame-stream media can’t hide players suffering a full cardiac arrest on the game field. Of course, these cardiac events all happened shortly after receiving a COVID “vaccine” or more. Football giants, soccer stars, tennis pros — hundreds of them are being forced to end their careers because they took the shot. Poor choice. But who’s to blame?

So many athletes were strong-armed into taking the injection, many against their wishes and better judgment. They were repeatedly fed the lie that still circulates: “The COVID vaccine is safe and effective.” No, it is not safe. No, it is not effective.

For goodness sakes, it’s not even a vaccine! Nor is it really experimental. Organ-damaging spike proteins, HIV nucleotide sequences, and lipid nanoparticle technology do not constitute a therapeutic experiment. This gene weapon was specifically designed for harm! The only true unknowns in this “experiment” were how many would be killed, and how fast.

As the data and body counts accumulate, we’re getting those questions answered. Many thousands of deaths and millions of injuries are being reported in multiple countries; not all, because some countries are still trying to hide the truth. But nobody in their sensible mind can now deny the association of these events with the so-called vaccine. These deaths are not normal. And you can be sure that the reported numbers of deaths and injuries are only a fraction of the true numbers. Many still go unreported. Sadly, among young athletes, about half of those suffering a cardiac arrest are dying. Think of the liability this places on doctors who perform sports physicals. Most woke doctors who serve the secret society of government-directed medicine will never caution athletes about the risks related to taking “Fauci’s ouchy.”

Parents who trust their children’s doctor nowadays have to be cognitively impaired by mass psychosis. If we ever get around to the Second Nuremberg Trials, a heap of doctors could find themselves behind bars or swinging from a noose. The litmus test of physician quality (and integrity) is very simple. Just ask them if they believe the COVID shot is safe and effective. An affirmative answer should trigger an immediate walkout. Sorry. This is not a time to place your trust in medical professionals.

Do you still need more evidence? Look at the number of deaths now piling up among military members. These young and healthy adults have been threatened with less than honorable discharges if they claim their constitutional rights and refuse this dangerous shot. This refusal has serious consequences for their future. Understand that military members are trained to take orders without questioning authority. Think of how vulnerable they are to the pressure of being forced to take the jab or be disgraced. 

Another false belief must be yet exposed. Many people who did yield to the injectable bioweapon claim to have suffered no symptoms whatsoever. How can this be? We know not all batches of the inoculation were identical. Some were likely placebo. But anyone who did receive the poke is vulnerable to spike protein damage, even if no symptoms are currently present. The asymptomatic vaccinated population must not be lulled into believing they are free from all harm. This is no fluke.

Remember that death rates are still rising, even when COVID cases drop as the cold and flu season approaches. Among these cases, every athlete and famous person who falls unconscious following an injection is, sadly, a strong advertisement for the truth of what’s really gone down with the mutiny of medicine.

The question is, how much more evidence do people need to finally see through the lies and realize the genocide inflicted on the world? Will they ever understand why the most advanced and powerful nation has suffered the greatest morbidity and mortality of all nations from this pandemic war?

The Fauci/Gates death squad is still hoping to push more gene jabs on millions more mindless victims. But to a large extent, the damage is done. The bioweapons (virus and “vaccine”) have done their predetermined job. The damage will continue to burn through the population for decades. Those who have still refused the jab are not likely to yield at this point. Those who have received it are potentially ticking time bombs. This would explain the sudden mysterious end to the COVID mania. But do not be deceived. Genetic biowarfare is likely here to stay, and you can bet there’s a new weapon brewing in the witch’s cauldron.

How do we protect ourselves from the genocide plot? In a word, resist! Above all, recognize the attack is staged on multiple fronts. It’s not all about a virus or a vaccine. Look at the economy. Look at the signs of Communism, Marxism, Socialism, and Globalism that press in on us from every corner of our nation. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of this coup d’etat is to resist the domestic enemy with every fiber of our being. This is a time for righteous warriors to put on the armor and fight the war. Some of us still are not convinced that the end of America is at hand if we fail to act. But with every passing day, life will become more painful, more disparaging, under the current political regime. We must be active in producing a regime change by leading an offensive against the Obama-Biden insurgents, and all their puppet agencies working in the shadows.

Like it or not, sports is no more than a convenient distraction from the essential duties of patriotic citizenship. But if you insist on still watching sports, watch closely. And don’t miss the obvious message staring you in the face.


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