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February 23, 2024





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Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have a number of problems. First and foremost, they have the cost of gasoline, which hits the lower class – their core constituency – hardest. Next, they have the simple and incontrovertible fact that the only way the Biden Administration has been able to reduce gas prices (to levels still more than twice what they were before Biden took office and started a war against drilling for oil and natural gas) has been to throw the economy into recession.

Of course, the Biden Administration has changed the definition of the word ‘recession’ such that we are not in one, and has claimed that we have the strongest economy we have ever had in the modern era, in spite of the fact that it is transitioning to a smaller size. Biden claims that American workers are getting pay raises, while ignoring the fact that those pay raises are running at less than half the rate of inflation. America is becoming more poor, by about 4.5% a year.

Note that our economy has some very unfavorable headwinds that have not even hit us yet, such as China’s economy collapsing, and a California port strike throwing supply chains already badly strained into further turmoil. We also still have a war in Ukraine, and the possibility that China will try to distract its people from the economic problems it is going through by invading a neighbor (probably Taiwan).

Some say that China cannot afford a war, but really what better way do they have to reduce their military to a size they can still afford, as their economy collapses, than by using it? Cornered rats strike, and China may well feel cornered. China has a stated goal of depopulating the rest of the world and then colonizing it. War fits in well with that strategy.

Another major headwind is the refocus of the European Union, along with the vast majority of the rest of the previously free world, away from free people and free markets and toward a totalitarian focus on ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’ (ESG) scores, driven by ‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity’ (DIE), rather than competence.

Let me be clear on this next point: all people have different capabilities, which means that a free society will always have income inequality. Furthermore, even if we consider all people equally capable in terms of their capacity to contribute, the choices different people make when free will lead some people into professions and/or activities for which they are not ideally suited. I, as one example, like baseball, but though I was a decent second baseman growing up, I was never going to play at anything like an elite level and was wise not to focus on baseball as a career.

People who align their careers with their talents, doing something they enjoy and are good at and that other people are willing to pay them for (which may include starting a business and seeing people pay for the goods and services produced) will always do better in a free society than people who choose to do things they are not good at, or that do things nobody is willing to pay them for. That is just a fact of life, and as a consequence, any society that focuses on equity in a way that tries to eliminate income inequality will also have to eliminate freedom.

Equity and freedom are like oil and water – they do not mix. Equality of opportunity can mix with freedom, but when we focus on equality of opportunity, we create inclusion, so the need to focus on inclusion and equity as separate things clearly shows that the use of the word ‘equity’ is meant to mean the elimination of income inequality.

Also, note that equality of opportunity is impossible. I gave my children every advantage I could, but they did not have the same advantages the children of Bill Gates had. That’s not Bill Gates’ fault either – every parent wants to give their children every opportunity they possibly can. Providing ‘privilege’ is not a bad thing; it’s called ‘good parenting,’ and the primary problem we have as a society today is that too many people think that ‘good parenting’ is the result of bad governance.

That said, we can and should try to increase the opportunities available to those in disadvantaged areas, whether that’s in inner cities, Appalachia, or wherever. Giving as many people as much opportunity to reach their potential as possible is a lofty goal we should all be on board with.

Diversity is a natural byproduct of freedom when mixed with inclusiveness, and as such, trying to FORCE diversity from the top down requires the OPPOSITE of freedom. Whenever you see the acronym ‘DEI’ (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness), you should immediately change the order of the letters to the far more descriptive acronym, ‘DIE.’

ESG is about more than just DIE. It is also about ‘sustainability,’ which is French for zero-growth (or negative growth) economies in which each person has just the bare minimum needed to survive. The World Economic Forum, which the United Nations and EU both use to create the ESG scoring system, calls for an end to private property, meaning that a one-world government would own all land and all other forms of property, right down to the clothing people wear.

In the Netherlands, the government is forcing farmers to sell to the government 55% of all farmland, with the government promising to keep that land fallow (unused). At the same time, those few farmers who will be allowed to continue farming will be forced to grow only organic products, without the use of either fertilizers or pesticides. This will reduce the amount of food by somewhere around 90%. Imagine the impact of doing this across the globe – as the World Economic Forum wants to do. We are expected to feed 8 billion people with 10% of the food, and to do so without meat. How exactly is that going to work?

Farming is bad for ESG scores, and as a result, somewhere between six and seven billion people – 100 times what Hitler killed – are being asked to starve to death by policies the UN and WEF want to be applied globally. Sri Lanka already applied these rules, and we see the results… Only we don’t see the results because the media does not report it.

Sri Lanka used to be a wealthy country, but it went all-in on ESG scores, and suddenly the people had no food to eat, no electricity, and no gasoline, so they stormed the capital and overthrew their government. Now they have no food, no electricity, no gasoline, and no leadership. This is a giant humanitarian crisis, but nobody knows anything about it as reporting on it would send the wrong political message, so the people of Sri Lanka die, and we head down the same path to the same logical conclusion they did, like lemmings going off a cliff.

China does not care about ESG scores, but thinks it is just grand that the rest of the world wants to die for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, under Environmental, Social, and Governance scores. As I said earlier, China has a stated goal of depopulating the rest of the world and then colonizing it. The rest of the world committing suicide fits in perfectly with China’s plans.

It would appear that Joe Biden is on China’s side, and given that his family has been given tens of millions of dollars by the Chinese Communist Party, who can blame him? The Biden Clan is in the 10% of the non-Chinese world that will continue to live.

Ask yourself if you are in the 10% that will still get to eat.

Do you know what else is bad for ESG scores? Electricity. We are being asked to rely more and more on electricity while simultaneously creating less of it, and making it unreliable and expensive.

Air conditioning will be illegal, and heat will be prohibitively expensive – both are bad for ESG scores.

And who is driving us down the twin cliffs of ESG and DIE? Our largest banks, accounting firms, and investment houses. Hundreds of trillions of dollars of stocks are managed by firms that focus on ESG scores instead of profitability.

In much of the world, including the entire European Union, the accounting standards regulatory authorities use focus not on accounting standards, but on – you guessed it – ESG scores.

The SEC under Joe Biden has proposed switching the United States away from our Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and to the international standards, the EU uses – based on ESG scores.

Corporations will not need to worry about profitability in the New World Order, as the government will pick the winners and losers, funding the companies the government likes completely independently of what the public may want – based on ESG scores.

As for timing, Deloitte (one of the world’s largest accounting firms) released a report declaring that the world is out of time – we have to transition to all of this right now, with the governments of the world all coming together to implement these changes, using whatever means are necessary.

And please do not take my word for any of this – Deloitte’s report is publicly available on their website.

Note as you read this that the Democrats seem completely unconcerned with the popularity of their policies. They have also taken to using names for bills that have nothing to do with the bills being passed, such as using ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ for a bill that, by their own admission, has nothing to do with reducing inflation. The Democrats are not even trying to be honest with the American people anymore. They lie to our faces. And that makes sense.

When your goal is to kill 90% of the world’s population, you don’t tell people that. You, instead, just pass policies that lead to the deaths of 90% of the world’s population, and then blame everything but yourself as people die. Trump is to blame. Putin is to blame. Covid-19 is to blame. Democrats – of course, they are not to blame! Democrats are saving the planet from the scourge of people!

How does the DNC plan to run against the RNC in the upcoming election? By calling Republicans names. Republicans are suddenly the party of fascism, trying to end democracy and destroy the world. Republicans are anti-American extremists, and the single greatest threat to our country – no different than ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, and far more of a terrorist threat than any of those organizations. Republicans are the second largest terrorist organization in the world, behind only the parents of school-age children.

Every American institution is under attack, using the veil of science for credibility, but without using scientific methods. Indeed, such things as the Scientific Method, logic, reason, and the existence of objective facts are deemed to be elements of White Supremacy – created by the Western Patriarchy to oppress anyone who is not a white male. What we are told is ‘science’ today is actually politically motivated – ‘scientists’ start with a conclusion and then seek data that supports the conclusion, ignoring any data that does not fit their chosen conclusion, and in some cases coming to conclusions that run counter to the data in their studies. Actual science has been thrown out the window, and scientists who perform actual science are risking their reputations and their livelihoods.

How convenient it is to throw away anything that can be used to disprove the favored narrative – ‘by any means possible’ indeed! And to add insult to injury, we are expected to believe we have fair and honest elections solely because those who do not believe in science, facts, or logic, and who believe in taking power ‘by any means necessary,’ TELL us we have fair and honest elections. Question the narrative, and you may be thrown in jail.

Dissent is treason, democracy is anti-democratic, freedom is tyranny, and science is anti-scientific. This is the position of today’s Democratic Party, enshrined in the official platform of the DNC, and increasingly built into the boardrooms of our largest corporations.

The enemy is so deeply entrenched that they do not even bother trying to hide. They merely control all of the mainstream sources of information, and then correctly assume that the vast majority of the public is either too apathetic to care, or too lazy to look.

The one saving grace we have is that SOME groups are being affected enough to take notice, such as the Yellow Vests in France, the truckers in Canada, and the farmers in the Netherlands. There is always the hope that enough groups get angry at the same time that they force a real and lasting change in direction. Short of that, true patriots the world over are nothing more than Arthurian Knights sharpening their swords for the final battle, with Mordred across the field, and Camelot about to fall.

We are very likely witnessing the end of our Republic, and the end of Western Civilization. If that happens, our future will look remarkably like our distant past – with lords and ladies in the lap of luxury ruling over a bunch of starving serfs.

Who are the lords? Not you, and not me. You and I, dear reader, are serfs – if we are lucky. More likely, we are in the 90% that there will not be enough food to feed.

Where is America’s Revolt?

  • Wallace Garneau

    Wallace L. Garneau, political commentator and professional author, brings a unique blend of expertise to the airwaves. Raised in a family of historians, Garneau's roots in history and economics run deep, with a particular focus on Europe between the World Wars. With a background in information technology and a keen business mind, Garneau authored "The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses." His knack for breaking down complex ideas in clear, accessible language makes him a standout author and a powerful voice in the radio and podcast sphere. Beyond the corporate world, Garneau's culinary passion shines through in his social media presence, where he shares grilling and smoking techniques. A two-service military veteran (Marine Corps and Army), family man, and father of two, Garneau embodies dedication both personally and professionally. Listeners can expect insightful commentary on politics, economics, and culture. His unique perspective, rooted in historical understanding, sets him apart. Join Wallace Garneau on the America Out Loud network—his is a voice that not only informs but resonates, helping make sense of today's complex world through a lens of experience, knowledge, and a touch of culinary flair.


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1 year ago

Americans have been effectively neutered by 3 generations of military grade brainwashing and psychological operations which has left the vast majority unable to rise up and protest anything that the government does. Those who are unaffected are preparing for the inevitable pre-planned collapse.

1 year ago

Yellow Vests, bah, we have hoodies. The people revolting are the criminals, carjackers, random attackers, shoplifters, rapists and other predators. The rest of us are bumps on a log.

Last edited 1 year ago by Meremortal
Karl Vinsek
Karl Vinsek
1 year ago

Terre haute used to have a chemical plant liquid Carbonic .. big sign in front
Dry ice since 1888. Better worry now that CO 2 is gonna get us.

1 year ago

A LOT of what you wrote is factually incorrect. How do you not know that? It’s very clear that you interjected your own opinion into the piece. You implied that Hitler killed 6 or 7 million in WW2. That is incorrect. The Red Cross released those numbers at 270,000 in all camps. Yet 5.9 million Jews emigrated to what used to be called, Palestine. Coincidence?? It is public information that the USA armed and financed BOTH sides in WW2 and in Vietnam. Yet everyone makes Hitler and Stalin the bad guys. Ok but who gave money and weapons to the bad guys? Wouldn’t THAT guy be worse?? And it is public information that only the Zionists escaped to Palestine, now Israel, while 35+ million of the lower class Jews were sent to die in the Baltic states. BY the Zionists who didn’t want them underfoot in Israel. This is all public information. I sincerely hope people go and do some actual research and not just take someone’s writing, even mine! as truth without checking into it on their own. Because your piece if full of misleading debunked information. Just so you know that…However, some of your writing is spot on. I have to say that. It is very unfortunate that you weren’t more clear about some things which the average reader isn’t aware of. That is why we’re where we are in the USA today. China, not the bad guy you made them out to be. Taiwan? None of anyone’s business. That is part of China. Washington DC is not part of the USA. Why hasn’t Pelosi tried to unify that? They wanted to make DC a state. It will never happen because we don’t even own it. So for Dems to be behind that makes no sense. Wake up, America! You are the We in that old cherry We the People. And Our government has spent our money on wars, proxy war in Ukraine going on RIGHT NOW! AZOV Rebellion, Neo-Nazis…YOUR money and at least two caches of US weaponry went to them. Now is not the time to be asleep. Putin has protected Ukraine for over a decade FROM the USA, NATO, the EU…why do you think he annexed it in 2014? Remember Maidan.

Richard GS
Richard GS
1 year ago

Where’s your revolt? It happened in 2020 when people revolted against narcissist Donald Trump and voted him out of office.

Reply to  Richard GS
1 year ago

As my old granny from Nova Scotia would have said: HORSEFEATHERS!!

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