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June 15, 2024





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The U.S. Constitution provides multiple avenues through which the American people can rid themselves of an unresponsive or — as of today — a deeply untalented and increasingly authoritarian government. The Constitution, for example, guarantees that the federal government guarantees that each state will have a republican form of government.

However, no action — congressional or executive — has been taken to restore that form of government in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, or Georgia. The president’s most important powers are foreign policy, but, even more important, the duty to enforce all laws that are on the books, not only those that he likes. His extreme failure in this regard is underlined by Biden’s personal war in Ukraine, his and the Congress’s support for Israel’s savage expansionist war in Palestine, and their willingness to attack — verbally and/or militarily — any nation or person who does not support that war.

The law against treason does not take up a lot of space in the Constitution, but its provisions are clear, and if it were enforced in recent years, at least Biden, Mayorkas, and Garland would have been tried, convicted, and either jailed or executed. Why is all of this case?

Simply because there is no more than a score of congressmen and senators who care in the least about the law, the Constitution, the survival of the republic, or the accelerating economic plight of the American people. They are worried only about themselves, their multiple passports, the regular payoffs from big business, big Pharma, and foreign countries, and especially from our so-called “closest ally.”

Americans can expect no help from Congress as it is constituted because a fair election is far beyond a reasonable assumption, given the hard-learned reality that shows the national election system is rigged to an extent that is perhaps beyond redemption. When citizens cannot depend on honest and earnest performances from more than a few of their elected representatives, the future lies in their own hands and actions.

The recent meeting between the presidents of Russia and China. The tenor of their meeting was favorable, bordering on jubilant, and why should it not be? Neither Xi nor Putin have anything more to do than to act in a manner that continues to exploit the behavior of the Biden Administration directly. China benefits from Washington’s foolish resolve to support the long-lost war in Ukraine, one that progressively undermines the U.S. military. Putin benefits from that war because he is winning and building an experienced first-class military that NATO and the United States could not beat without using nuclear weapons from the start.

Both China and Putin — and the rest of the Brics — benefit from America’s 30-plus years of belittling international arrogance, which is based on the memory of the powerful hand America held in 1945 — which has long since dissipated, especially since the last Iraq war — and Washington’s utter faith in its ability to sanction any foreign government at any time, for anything it pleases, without giving offense.

This U.S. government attitude is odd, for it holds after having just had its ass kicked out of Niger by the formidable government of that country. That, by the way, happened as Putin’s troops were disembarking from their transport planes to take up residence in Niger.

Finally, the Chinese president acted with disdain for U.S. economic power this week when he dumped $53 billion in U.S. treasuries and drove the republic even further into bankruptcy.

And so it goes… on and on.

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Clarence Wilhelm Spangle
Clarence Wilhelm Spangle
23 days ago

“I fear the Jewish bankers with their craftiness and torturous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos so that the earth should become their inheritance.” ― Otto Von Bismark

Brian Fraser
Brian Fraser
24 days ago

I think all our current problems have their roots in Stealth Communism. The communists have achieved 44 of the 45 goals stated on a list compiled by the FBI.

Google “StealthCommunism.pdf” and find this quote:

“Communism, in Western societies, takes the form of a stealthy, deluding influence. It is
like a fog bank that slowly and silently creeps in over the landscape. It impedes progress
and visibility in every direction but offers nothing to come to grips with. It even seems
“normal”. But it is like carbon monoxide poisoning. People know something is wrong but
their minds are so impaired they cannot figure out what it is. The “enemy” is not visible.”

That is what is happening today.

Clarence Wilhelm Spangle
Clarence Wilhelm Spangle
Reply to  Brian Fraser
23 days ago

“Communism all over the world, and not only in Russia, is Jewish.” — Henry Ford

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