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April 18, 2024





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In Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the guiding principles of the far Left Democrat Party, his rule No.13, says: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ This is exactly what the deranged Left is trying to do to President Trump. But, even after over a full year of failure in all their other endeavors to delegitimize him and bring his administration to a thudding close, he agonizedly prevails in draining the swamp and ruining Obama’s legacy, and It’s driving ‘em nuts. With the’ collusion’ Investigation having failed, their gloves have come off and they will settle for any minutia that can force his embarrassment, resignation or impeachment. 
That’s a pity because the breathless media, long driven by the expectation of Trump’s easy impeachment amid their rising crescendo over the Stormy Daniels business, one wholly unrelated to Russian collusion claims, are going berserk over no progress being made while their own side, the DoJ and FBI, are being outed as corrupted in favor of the “Swamp.”
The seizure of all of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen files, soon to be leaked, (see the movie, don’t wait for the book) and the “pen register” action against his phone records in a desperate attempt to find something, is only a “got’ch ya” scheme designed to chase rabbits out of their holes. It’s all sleight of hand to fool public opinion into demanding Trumps removal so the deep state can undo the damage he has done and reestablish their rightful reason to exist, to control our lives. See Venezuela for an example of their enthusiasm for Socialism.
Sadly for them, Trump is ruining their ‘gig’ and Americans, seeing it happening, are pleased. Americans now hate the deep state! The “Marxists” have taken generations to create their socialist cadre of “elites’ within the framework (almost) of American law, populate it with their worker clones, settle back and watch as the rot ruins a Constitutional America. They will be there ready to replaced a collapsed government with the Marxist agenda guided by the “Elites.” 
Alinsky’s 13th rule included instructions on how to make it work: “Cut off the support network, isolate the target from sympathy and go after people and not institutions because people hurt faster than institutions.” Unfortunately for them, in Trumps case, they error because the conservative support network is rallying to Trumps cause, generating more sympathy than less. So they go after Trumps appointee’s, who do hurt, like Gen. Flynn, Bannon, and even his VA appointee, Adm. Jackson. Other members of his Cabinet and his many bureaucratic appointees can expect such attacks, anon. In the end, who is going to want to sit before a Democrat driven sub-committee as a Trump appointee, and defend themselves from lies, innuendo’s, suspicions and rumors, a shameless survey of one’s every minute of one’s life? Not many! 

Rules for Radicals:
A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals

A former Georgia Congressman has posited another Alinsky type rule that could be added to the end of Alinsky’s original thirteen point list. He calls it No.14 and it say’s: “Truth is what you make it to be.”  “Facts no longer are the “stubborn things” of an earlier age, but simply concepts to be defined by their presenter.” That’s what is being taught in our indoctrination centers laughingly called Colleges and Universities.
For the moment No.14 seems to be working but it no longer enjoys to charm of novelty. It is the philosophy of the stark, raving-mad Leftists led by the anarchists from the 1960’s willing to employe violence to stop all conservative expressions; employee violence to attack law enforcement, and enforce by threats, the revision if not the repeal of the Second Amendment, the one Constitutional amendment that protects us from a dysfunctional government.  
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em!


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