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February 29, 2024





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I generally do not watch Trump rallies. I don’t need to be convinced to vote for him should he decide to run in 2024 and unlike the current occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump can go without taking a break for hours. But I watched his first rally of 2022 in Florence, Arizona, because I wanted to hear one thing.

Or, to be more accurate, I was hoping to NOT hear one thing, and thankfully I didn’t hear it.

After chastising his supporters during the last two rallies for not embracing the vaccines that he made possible through Operation Warp Speed, he conspicuously did not promote them or the booster shots. Instead, he railed against the vaccine mandates currently, heralded the nutraceuticals he not only promoted as President but that he took himself when he had Covid, and didn’t once tell anyone to get the jabs. He used his time for more productive topics like the economy, the border crisis, and the January 6 witch hunt.

It’s hard to tell what percentage of his supporters have been vaccinated and how many have not, but we can assume that it’s close either way. Even as nearly all of his supporters oppose mandates, there are plenty of his biggest fans, especially the elderly, who have likely been jabbed. It seems likely that he has better data than what is publicly known, which is why he spent a couple of months encouraging people to get jabbed. That play seems to have ended, and that’s a VERY good thing for America. Here’s why…

One of the reasons I grew to support Trump is because I felt he was mostly untouchable by the Deep State and the globalist elite. He had been hit with every possible leak, real or fake, during the 2016 campaign and shortly after he was inaugurated. They hit him with their best shots and he not only survived, but flourished. This, perhaps more than anything else, is why they were so desperate to remove him from office. They couldn’t control him, so they had to eliminate him.

When he started pushing the jabs, I grew very concerned. There was no benefit to him politically to promote the vaccines for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they’re not working. It’s not a contrast to any of his potential 2024 competitors; if we’re still in the middle of Pandemic Panic Theater in 2024, whoever the Democrats can muster will be a pro-vaxxer. Some may say that he would gain more support from Independents if he pushed the jabs, but being neutral would suit his political needs just fine.

If the vaccines worked, it would be different. If they didn’t have over a million adverse reactions and over 20,000 deaths reported to VAERS, it would be different. But more Americans are starting to realize that the jabs are neither safe nor effective, so putting his name squarely behind him does not behoove him or his potential future campaign.

Two conspiracy theories instantly popped into my head. The first is that the GOPe had promised him smooth sailing if he helped them get more Americans jabbed. The second is much worse. I thought it was possible the globalist elites behind the World Economic Forum had gotten to him and threatened something in order to get his jab endorsement. Everyone has a pressure point and just because the Democrats couldn’t find it in five years doesn’t mean the better-funded WEF couldn’t find something.

It appears that the third option, which is not really a conspiracy, may have been true all along. He was just given bad data. We saw a glimpse of this when he told Candace Owens that people who get the jabs aren’t getting hospitalized or dying. It struck me as an odd exaggeration. He tends to embellish sometimes, but it was such an outrageously wrong statement that I started getting hope that he’s just being told the wrong things by his own people.

That’s why I watched most of his first rally. I wanted to see if he would change his tone on vaccines, and he did. This tells me the conspiracy theories that crept into my mind were likely wrong and he really was just being lied to by his own people. That’s not a good thing, but it’s far better than being compromised by either the Republican Establishment or the globalists.

I’ll be watching closely at how he reacts when mentions of the jabs come up or if he reverts to pushing them again. In the meantime, I feel better knowing that as of now, he’s still the guy I will support.


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2 years ago

What Trump should push, are early treatment protocols and a standard of care for those testing positive, those sick, and those looking for preventatives. The generic, very effective drugs are there, but they’ve been jettisoned. This will end Covid. They did it in Uttar Pradesh, India which is a state in India of 240 million people; 2/3 the size of the US population. They no longer have Covid issues. All about Ivermectin protocol with a handful of other vitamins and supplements depending on where you are on the illness spectrum. And now they have natural immunity, which the powers that be don’t want because more of that = less money for Pharma and their corrupt lawmakers.

2 years ago

I had the same questions about Trump. Thank you for your in site.

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