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April 24, 2024





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Our national politicians, for that’s what they are, not leaders, are fuming that Trump shut the government down due to the wall funding. The Democrats, Schumer and Pelosi simply folded their arms and said “It ain’t gonna happen.” Now Trump wants five billion dollars, about the cost of running the federal government per day but, forget it, it’s not there to be had and, oh! by way, what ever became of that six billion dollars lost in the bowels of the State Department when Hillary was Secretary of State? It’s totally unaccounted for! Well, it just went missing, didn’t it?
So, let the government shut down. Well, It’s not of course, only 25% of the government will be affected. Why should it be National Parks & etc., and not the USDA’s EBT (food stamps) program. They have a lot of money there and it will only affect a few million illegals.
For the next two years the divided Congress, the socialist holding the House and weak Republicans the Senate, will accomplish nothing. Good! The Republicans will especially be unproductive and that’s probably good too. They’re basically worthless anyhow. The less time they have to meddle with our Liberties, the longer time we’ll have to enjoy what’s left of ‘em. But, let’s face the awful truth. Consider how close we actually are to being fascists in every aspect of our daily lives. Our politicians argue, not about how to keep the US Constitution as the rule of law, but what form of socialism we should adapt. Actually we’re long past socialism.
We don’t need a discussion about how to save Social Security. It went broke when LBJ drew out all the money and replaced it with post-it notes that said “IOU.” We should be figuring how to move away from Social Security anyhow until it can be completely eliminated. It’s the same with healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid. The government needs to get completely out of the health care funding business and allow people to keep their own productivity to spend as they want. The governments only job should be to ensure that private programs (free enterprise and commerce) are not the objects of hackers, thieves, schisters, politicians or skunks. Sorry, did I repeat myself?
The government doesn’t need to be spending tax money on education either, except for the military academies. We should focus on dismantling the Department of Education and throwing those responsibilities back to individual communities and parents. Universities should survive without federal funding, especially student loans. A great example of a successful university that turns out students who know how to think, reason, listen and produce qualified citizens without turning them into nervous Marxist “snowflakes” is Hillsdale College.
We have a true leader in Donald Trump. The Democrats are ramping up their campaign against him with drivel like this: “Trump’s Presidency is in complete SHAMBLES. Mueller is finally closing in on the President. It’s only a matter of time before Trump answers for his countless crimes against the American People.” Now I have a feeling the American people don’t actually believe this crap anymore. It’s Leftist propaganda in an effort to scare Progressive donors to pony up more dollars for them to refill the Progressives PAC’s coffers.
If the feckless Republicans would say: “It will never happen until Bill and Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Rosenberg,, go first, then the American People might consider his “countless crimes” what ever they might be. Until then it ain’t gonna happen. We face the distinct danger of a civil war, a shooting one at that but what scares me more? It’s that gutless Republicans lining up capitulate to the Democrats.
Remember, Liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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