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February 24, 2024





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Bernie’s campaign, for all intents and purposes, is cooked. He’s a second time loser in the Democrat Primary season, just like Hillary Clinton who engineered his first primary loss that gave the presidency to Donald Trump. We know this because the MSM uses terms like “Bernie Sanders is getting crushed by Joe Biden,” & etc. Bernie is so far behind in this race for delegates they’ll have to shoot beans at him with a shotgun just so he can eat. We’re also told Sanders doesn’t have to drop out if he thinks Trump will win anyway. So, what’s his game?
Some of the other headlines are equally heart rending: “In Illinois and the rest of the Midwest, Joe Biden buries Bernie Sanders and threatens Trump!” and, “Joe Biden won Illinois’s Democratic primary election handily, burying Bernie Sanders’s campaign,” or this one: “Florida kills Bernie’s fire with young Latinos!” clearly indicating that Sanders coffin was sealed as a candidate to replace Trump when he started slobbering over how great Fidel Castro was.

So, why should Sanders want to stay in the game? How much money is left if his purse and who resupplies it; Certainly not his vast contingent of revolutionary Bolshevik zealots.

Perhaps he exists at the pleasure of the criminal Hillary Clinton who senses another shot at the prize (pun intended) as Biden’s VP partner, not his! What could they possibly promise (give) Bernie to make him go quietly into the good night? Last time, they compensated his loss with a nice big house. He already has two other houses, a car and a swell job. How about Secretary of State? That should do it! He could then call his third house a Dacha.
But at the moment, the air is being sucked out of the 2020 campaign by the China Virus business and yet, their campaign carries on. Bernie’s gone but cogitating on his next move. Good Ol’ Joe had the hutzpah to criticized the Trump’s actions vis a vis the China pandemic issue, and when asked how he would handle it, he offered up Trump’s plan almost to the last word. Doesn’t Joe have a long and rich history of plagiarism? 
As I say often, the Democrat Party is no longer disguised as an American political party but has garbed itself in the robes of a World Marxist party that exists in the host body of our Congress like a coronavirus pathogen with intentions wholly unconstitutional.
It’s the party of top down control by our betters. Evidence of this is revealed daily. New York Mayor DeBlasio for example, wants to “nationalize” that part of industry (medical) involved with the China virus. Pelosi demands Trump invoke the 1950s War Powers Act that the federal government should seize total control of the factory that makes face masks. These people are truly dangerous!
In the very face of our potential global pandemic crisis, Democrats see it as their duty to assume government should legitimately take over and run private industry.

But, never mind masks, once that Pandora’s box is open, Democrats will quickly morph into Communists, then the black curtain of a totalitarian state will descend and America’s bright history would end forever.

We know who Joe Biden really is, an elderly, babbling, nincompoop. Picture him at Trump’s podium. Even worse, picture the Marxist, Bernie Sanders up there telling the nation that if the elderly are infected with the China Virus, then cut ’em loose and let ’em go. It’s for the children and illegals that we should be concerned! Government intruding into our lives, even to protect us from ourselves is bad enough but a Democrat Party government of a lawless bunch of malcontents and renegades, would be totally awful.
Bernie or Biden or any one of those circus clowns who would dare be in charge, are clueless idiots. 
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!
Image: Reuters


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