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April 24, 2024





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While the global elites are jumping on their private jets and into their carbon-emitting motorcades for the long and arduous journey to Davos, where they will discuss climate change and roll out their master plan for world domination, it’s only appropriate we discuss what we can all look forward to coming from this year’s meeting. The number one crisis for their mastermind leader, the human genitalia, Klaus Schwab, is the imminent (and 100% engineered) global rise in the cost of living.

Why, might you ask, is this the most important crisis? While the world is crashing down all around us and people are dying suddenly everywhere due to the #WEF/#Fauci death-jabs they created and are disappointed the entire population didn’t take, Schwab still has to push the fourth industrial revolution. The WEF is continuing what COVID started, namely, the destruction of the middle class and small to mid-sized businesses.

Schwab and his WEF cronies are doing this with the clear intent to usher in Central Bank Digital Currency and universal basic income. It’s all about control and always has been. We must fight this just as hard as we have the tyranny and crimes against humanity of COVID, lockdowns, and the death jabs.

I will be filing lawsuits and fighting CBDC as hard as I have the COVID fight. We cannot allow the implementation of the top-down control that is universal basic income, universal health care, central banking, and digital currency.

While Klaus and friends assemble and we patiently await their detailed plans, medical professionals everywhere are starting to share their realization that they were duped when they were told the death jabs were safe and effective. That’s right, the research that I, a lowly lawyer in a small town in Ohio, found easily at the beginning of 2020 was impossible for these renowned scientists and medical experts working for and/or appointed to advise the FDA about VACCINE SAFETY, to find until now. Really? Who is buying this garbage?

This is complete and utter nonsense, and I refuse to let these complicit death jab pushers get away with claiming ignorance. We knew it all; we had all the evidence from the start; these gene-altering, experimental, death jabs never promised anything of benefit, and despite being completely untested and unproven, they want us to believe it took “inoculating” 70% of our society for these idiots to finally figure out this was a bad idea?” Fauci and his buddies deserve to spend the rest of their lives in or under GITMO. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming, and I pray I am able to bring it. We will never stop fighting until justice is served.

Biden doesn’t know where he is most of the time and has a hard time changing his diaper, so it’s not totally surprising to find out that the special, super-safe hiding place he chose to store confidential documents was at his son Hunter’s location. Maybe he felt that all the traffic (“alleged” – hookers and drug dealers) made him feel this was the safest place? I suppose this logic is reasonable if you have dementia and don’t know what year it is.

The more I hear about this situation, from the appointment of Robert Hur to the fact that Biden has absolutely no chance of re-election, the more suspicious I get. This situation has every sign of a setup, and I think we need to keep a close eye on this.

With an administration that has been able to manipulate the media and GOP as successfully as the Biden administration has, I just cannot see all these admin lawyers and others allowing or facilitating this story. They were able to hide the laptop from hell during an election but couldn’t keep documents stolen years ago quiet? This just doesn’t smell right.

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