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May 23, 2024





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The world doesn’t need another fear factor ploy. But that’s exactly what is now cooking in the latest CDC/WEF kettle. I can hardly fathom how anyone might fall for the same trap a second time. The global IQ might soon be evaluated if stupid is as stupid does. In the hope of improving the score, I present you with the following data…

First, the Nuclear Threat Initiative predicted in March 2021 that a monkeypox outbreak would occur in May 2022. Isn’t that interesting. But not at all surprising. As the WEF elitists formulate their next strategy in the Hunger Games reality show, we can count on a new pandemic being pushed. The Covid tyranny worked even better than predicted. So why not try it again? Let’s see what the next laboratory mishap will cause, and how this weapon will be deployed. It has to be a new strategy, as monkeypox lacks the infectivity of coronavirus. What have they dreamed up? I will speculate, but first, let’s understand the monkeypox virus.

Monkeypox is like smallpox, only milder. Smallpox was eradicated by 1972, the year that routine smallpox vaccinations ended. Does the vaccine confer immunity to monkeypox? Likely. Did not the White House weasel team just purchase some 13 million vaccines when a single monkeypox case was “confirmed” in Massachusetts? Did Biden’s soothsayers advise him to do that? Highly suspicious.

Think about it: one mild virus, one single case, a $119 million order for 13 million Jynneos smallpox vaccines. Does this make any sense? This monkeypox strain is not deadly. It causes flu-like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash that may last up to a month. Nevertheless, fear porn will spread like fire. Unless we abruptly douse it.

The monkeypox virus is not at all highly contagious. Close contact is essential to becoming infected. Very close contact. Like sexual contact. Like men having sex with men. The novel (meaning genetically altered) SARS CoV-2 virus was highly infective, to the point that masking, social distancing, isolation, shutdowns and lockdowns, fake vaccines, and all the king’s men couldn’t stop the global spread of this virus. Not so with monkeypox. Spreading this virus will take some hard work on the part of the government’s most conniving schemers. Even “Mr. Science” Tony Fauci will be challenged on this one.

But spreading the virus may not even be necessary. If the masses can again be duped by fear, they might eagerly be trapped in taking another vaccine. The necessary ingredients for compliance are already in place. For one thing, people will not take the time to learn the facts about monkeypox. This virus is not a severe threat, and it could never be a pandemic (unless genetically manipulated). The smallpox vaccine has already been used in the United States. People will more readily accept it. After all, did it not eradicate smallpox? Therefore, a new vaccine push will work well to control the population again! But times have changed. Altering the pox vaccine is easy work, and other Wuhan-style labs exist everywhere, not just in Ukraine. Humans are more gullible than ever, and they seldom learn lessons, even from recent history.

On the other hand, the millions of people who have either suffered or died from the Covid shots have buttressed the minds of many against the jabs. Moderna just trashed 30 million doses “because nobody wants them,” according to Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel. Maybe people are actually now getting the message and choosing rather to live. If this is so, then, however, will they get the compliance necessary to continue the Fauci/Gates genocide project? How will WEF kingpin Klaus Schwab be appeased? The answer might lie in forced compliance. Never, you say?

How many people submitted to taking the Covid gene shot because they wanted to travel? Many submitted for this pleasure alone, not for any necessity. Look what’s happening now. Imagine when food costs soar due to a diminishing food supply.

As food processing plants are being systematically destroyed, baby formula shortages are arising from diversion to illegal immigrants, poultry is being needlessly slaughtered, Bill Gates pushes fake beef, and massive government funds are headed to the Globalist Bank of Ukraine, food shortages will soon be a daily reality. Think of Lenin and Stalin. They literally starved their own millions of people into submission. The bloodsucking Biden regime is now following suit.

Nothing is just happenstance; it is a planned attack. Coerced vaccination has its appeal to starving peasants if it will yield only a few crumbs. Needless to say, the “mark of the beast” could be anything that forces the people to either comply or die. In other words, the smallpox vaccine may be the weapon of choice for the next globalist attack.

Resistance is the only option for those of us who harbor a Give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death mentality. If we recognize the threat early, we can counterattack preemptively and perhaps save our hides. The stench from our federal regime grows more noxious every day. Either we stop complying now, or soon we will face ever-increasing threats with ever-increasing stakes at odds with freedom and our very lives. Wisdom says we should recognize this barrel of dictatorial monkeys who plan to control us one way or another and live. They will forever scheme, manipulate, and lie ⏤ until we finally choose to fight their evil. Let’s start by not ever allowing another government-directed “vaccine” program. They don’t seek your good health. They want your soul. A true Patriot’s soul is never for sale.


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