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April 25, 2024





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Right in the middle of a storm when American justice is itself on trial, we have a Supreme Court decision that just scored a big win for the protection of the most sacred and basic God-given endowments of all human beings: the right to life. In May 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a ban on abortions after six weeks and after detection of a fetal heartbeat. It’s called the Heartbeat Act. Thanks to our Supreme Court Justices, the Heartbeat Act is now fated to remain in force in Texas.

Perhaps America does still have a conscience and some rudimentary understanding of right and wrong. Of course, you’d never know it by the commentary from Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “Access to almost all abortion has just been cut off for millions of people,” decried the ACLU after receiving no response from the court. Their statement is true. Millions of people will be unable to suction or brutally dismember their little human resident from the womb, thanks to this “blatantly unconstitutional” law, as the ACLU describes it. But the ACLU’s claim is much like the COVID-19 pandemic response—it’s all based on pseudoscience.

The Heartbeat Act is the most strict abortion law in the country, and its enactment does effectually reverse the Roe v. Wade decision that has resulted in some 93 million killed babies since its advent in 1973. The penalty for violating this law for life is $10,000, which the ACLU fears will promote “a bounty hunting scheme” from vigilantes who will seek out these lawbreakers. Or would it just be citizens reporting a crime? Your viewpoint depends completely on your bias and preconceptions (no pun intended) about what constitutes human life.

While many Americans may side with Planned Parenthood, a strong segment of America believes that babies in the uterus are humans who deserve protection under the Constitution. But how is this determined? Is it a political issue? Should it be based on societal norms? Or should we rather look to science for the answer?

Adherence to the rigors of true scientific inquiry doesn’t always clarify all issues; nor does it answer all questions. For example, if you asked a medical doctor if the female egg is a living being, most would probably say no. Ova (or eggs) are produced in a human organ, the ovary, but eggs are not a complete human entity. Likewise, even the swimming spermatozoa (sperm) that can be observed spastically swimming under a microscope aren’t given “person” status. Are they alive? Yes. Are they human? Well, yes. They are human cells, much like your liver, heart, muscle, or kidney cells. But set apart, they are not considered a living human being.

The cells of reproduction each have only half the chromosomes (DNA) of all other human cells. Not until a sperm penetrates an egg do we have a full complement of 46 chromosomes, a zygote. When that union occurs, then we have all the mechanisms in place that signal the start of a new life. Nothing more must be added. The cells multiply and divide, gradually taking on specialized functions in an early form of human life called the embryo. The six-week embryo is alive, and it is fully human, just as it was when the sperm and egg became one entity—a human being. All that’s needed is a little time for growth. When we observe even a six-week baby by ultrasound, what do we say? “Look! There are the eyes and nose.” She’s moving her arms and legs! And, “I can see the heart fluttering!” So what is it, if not a little human being? It’s alive; it’s growing, and it is dependent on a human mother for nourishment and nurturing—no different than a newborn infant.

The question of abortion is absolutely settled by science. Not by pseudoscience, or politics, or social dogma. But let’s be clear. Life begins at conception, not at six weeks. Setting up a timeline for when a baby is decidedly human is arbitrary and whimsical.

God declared to Jeremiah the prophet, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you” (Jeremiah, 1:5). Elizabeth spoke to her relative Mary, “The baby leaped in my womb for joy” at the greeting of Mary who carried the Savior of the world in her own womb.” Those in their right scientific mind or moral mind can argue that the baby who leaped in the womb for joy is not a human being deserving of protection from abortionists.

The slaying of a pregnant mother is rightly called a double homicide. Abortionists have accomplished a human genocide that has dwarfed the Holocaust or any other genocide to date. Not the inner cities where lawlessness abounds, but the womb is the most dangerous of all places to live. Abortion snuffs the life of the most innocent and helpless of all fellow humans. By constitutional law, that is called murder. So let’s not mince words. God is watching us. Planned Parenthood may label the Supreme Court’s decision as “terrifying,” “dangerous,” “and discriminatory,” but our authors of the Bill of Rights would call it a victory in every sense of the spirit of our Constitution. God is pleased, and so am I.

The soul of a nation is exposed by its treatment of the very young and very old. In recent years, America has failed miserably. We don’t even treat the in-between folks with human dignity. We have shamed God, and we have betrayed the founding fathers of this blessed nation. This is the time when we must indeed settle the matter of abortion. We cannot call ourselves a nation under God if we continue to permit the murder of our children. If we choose life, we choose to live in freedom evermore. And that’s just what the abortion issue will decide for us. Life, or death.


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