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July 23, 2024





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Once upon a time, when a failure of leadership resulted in a national disgrace, the offender, if he wasn’t already removed by executive action while wallowing in a state of remorse, was handed a pistol with a single bullet, and told to “do the right thing.” Doing so would assuage his personal honor, the honor of his Command, and, more importantly, the honor of his country. He might even get some sort of a state funeral.

Expect no such demonstration of courage from the cretins who stole an election to remove a decisive, respected world leader in Donald Trump, to replace him with a clumsy creature so inept that future dictionaries will define “inept & failure” with one word: “Biden!” He has certainly replaced Jimmy Carter as America’s worst-ever Chief Executive, and did it in only seven months. 

So, here’s the problem that’s scaring normally staid American citizens… America suffers from a want of national leadership. It’s out of control, a ship of state without a rudder steered by the fanatics of Marxist theology, which can produce no evidence of any prior success. Most Americans know it, and while the gang of thieves who call themselves Congressmen and Senators ravish our treasury and put us in a debt hole so deep the country will never be able to climb out of it, we watch our feckless excuse of foreign policy collapse into failure after failure under Progressive leadership. Who can be comforted when our “Woke” military Generals and Admirals turn from warfighting to focus on inclusiveness, equity, and transgenderism over preparedness. Wait until China moves on to Taiwan. It’s coming as surely as elm blight comes in January, and our Navy is not prepared.

Why are personal gun sales skyrocketing?

Because we don’t feel safe anymore, we are greatly ill at ease with the failure of “authorities” to quell, even with violence if necessary, the BLM and Antifa thugs brazenly rioting on our city streets while criminalizing conservative protesters at our Nation’s Capitol as domestic terrorists. We cannot but believe that we are indeed entering into a new dark age, as Biden’s precipitous, unorganized pullout from Afghanistan confirms.

America is in the hands of a “Ship of Fools,” driven by unelected, inexperienced Marxist indoctrinated young bureaucrats supported by aging, shelf-life expired elected politicians, all convinced they know better than us how to live happily in their socialist utopia and are willing to prove it by the threat of violence and fear of imprisonment. That’s our coming new Dark Age!

How does that not leave us with the disquieting feeling that America is way out of balance, nearing chaos?

The growing explosion of firearms acquisitions by people who once thought living in America was safe⏤confirms it! If America faces the collapse, the Marxists are trying to precipitate, and professional politicians, having far exceeded their Constitutional limitations to control us fail to take corrective action because they believe they are smarter than we are. Those guns in Americans’ hands will suddenly appear on our streets, and the official forces of law and order, our police and sheriffs, will have to decide with which side they will align. 

At the moment, the stirrings of conservative discontent are taking place in school board meetings. “Woke” School Boards (Leftist elected officials) are being confronted by outraged parents over the issue of schools officially adding Critical Race Theory (Hate Whites) to their curriculum while dropping reading, writing, math, civics, and real American History with all its blemishes, to be replaced with a rewritten history that glorifies a 13% of our populations with accomplishments far above there learning, all for equity. 

Is this the formula for survival in the Dark Age that’s coming… idiots and morons dictating to others how to live, where to live, with whom to live, and what you will be entitled to receive because the State determines it? 

This Dark Age business is not new⏤except for Americans.

Mussolini took Italy’s moribund economy, turned it into a successful economic powerhouse, built up a scary military in a pipe dream exercise to restore the glory that was once the Roman Empire, and set about ruining it. The problem for him was, Italians really didn’t want to be soldiers. They were happy with the prosperous agricultural accomplishments Il Duce brought them, the stability of social life because the trains ran on time and the safety from want. Then Hitler came on the scene, and well, two peas in a pod with visions of grandeur set about trying to ravish the world and couldn’t.

The Japanese plunged all of Asia into a Dark Age, and when that exercise violently petered out with atom bombs, Mao Zedong drew the black curtain of a new dark age around all of China. These violent acts of totalitarianism extended to Vietnam, Pol Pot in Laos, Kim Sung Il in North Korea, Castro in Cuba, several African states, and Chavez in Venezuela. They want to bring it here for us to enjoy. 

If America succumbs to the forces of Marxism, where can Americans go?

Nowhere! We’re the fish hook, the end of the line. Will we resist? Can we? Should we? If we do, can we succeed? The parents challenging school boards are setting a fine example that we can follow but, we had better get cracking because we’re running out of time. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ’em!


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2 years ago

Random unpredictable evil coming up from nowhere to savage and shred anyone or anything in its sinister path.

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