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June 15, 2024





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Several months before he left office, Barack Obama said during an interview that “his work isn’t done just because he’s leaving office” (I paraphrase). Obama warned us then that he had no intention of giving up his eight-year-long effort to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.
When he took office⏤his clownish appearance instilled no confidence in his abilities to lead, and actually evoked derision from our nation’s enemies. Along with his complete lack of understanding the free market system, Barack Obama proved to be without a doubt the worst president in modern history. Perhaps the worst president of all time. 

Obama’s efforts to change the nature and character of the United States caused extensive damage to our nation during his time in office that will take many years to repair.

But the transformation of the United States began decades ago. Even before Obama was smoking joints with his buddies in the ‘Shroom Gang’ and engaging in whatever other kinds of relationships he participated in back in those days. Long before he held sway over any of the mindless minions who propelled him to the White House twice.
As far back as the late sixties⏤early seventies the origins of the societal decline that we are now experiencing was germinating in the minds of young college students. Implanted there by the leftist college professors who had already begun to take over the indoctrination of students under their charge on college campuses across the United States.
Those same indoctrinated students graduated from college in most cases four years later, and either remained in academia (or returned to the halls of academia after a very brief foray into the business world because they were ill-equipped and couldn’t make it), and they began to become involved in and assert themselves into government. Local, state, and national.
While students who were raised in solid conservative families put their noses to the grindstone and succeeded in achieving the American Dream out in the real world. Conservatives got married, raised kids, bought that first home, and concentrated their efforts on taking care of their families and hopefully prospering.
They were good citizens who voted in elections, but unfortunately they paid little attention nor interest in holding any of the countless local offices that came up every couple of years. Unlike the indoctrinated good little Obamunists who learned their lessons well from their commie indoctrinators in American universities.
They went out and ran for the offices that were ignored and overlooked by conservatives. They took over the city and county councils, school boards, and ran for mayor. They even took control of condo and subdivision associations. And eventually they gathered enough power to control state legislators. Ultimately sending like-minded people to wreak havoc in Washington, D.C.
All the while as conservatives in their communities and states sat back and groused about the stupid laws that were being enacted placing more and more restrictions on one’s freedoms. Yet conservatives still did little to stop them at the local level. Those offices held by the Obamunists were basically a pain in the ass. Too time consuming and a distraction from the home and family. And all for very little reward.
So we complained to our buddies over at the VFW (an organization very few of the Obamunists belonged to since very few saw any reward or benefit derived from serving in the military). In their minds military service was for the uneducated chumps.
As more and more restrictions were placed on Americans, like prohibiting the flying of the American flag on the piece of ground you worked hard to buy, it became more and more obvious that those making the rules were doing everything they could to undermine patriotism and love of country. They were interested in implementing their socialist/communist agenda through enforcing ridiculous and restrictive rules.

Well we let it happen folks. We sat back and didn’t pay attention as they took control all around us. And ultimately we ended up with a full blown commie rat bastard named Barack Obama taking up residence in the White House.

So it’s now time to get involved. Start paying attention to those local and state offices, the grassroots as they like to call them. That is where we lost control of this country, and that is where we have to take it back. Find and support the candidates for those offices who reflect the virtues and values our nation was founded upon. Not the fringe agendas followed by the Obamunists who support the Democrat Party.
In November we have a chance to send a clear and strong message that we’ve had enough of Barack Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. 
It’s time to tell Barack Obama and his Obamunist followers that it is over, and they have lost. It’s time to kick them the hell out.
Image: Nevada Independent


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