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June 16, 2024





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For over three years, all the Democrats and their stooges have been shamelessly and deliberately using Projective Identification (projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with their own unwanted feelings), thus blaming Trump for all of Obama’s failed acts and decisions.
While for over three years, Trump endured the most despicable and relentless assaults – upon his character, his achievements, his family and most important of all, his 63,000,000 supporters – of any president in the history of the Republic, yet he achieved most of the promises he has made to the American people, to the allies of the USA and to her enemies.
Before he left the presidency, Obama asked “Is Donald Trump going to use a Magic Wand to bring American industries back to the USA?”;The GDP will NOT go higher than 1.9%”. His dire forecasts were also supported by the economic gurus who predicted the complete collapse of the US economy if Trump is elected. Many of the ‘think tanks’ conjectured WWIII; several Nobel prize laureates foretold a recession under Trump and all other cataclysmic prognostications turned out not only untrue, but totally wrong.
Reading articles and watching the US news from across the Atlantic, the recurring theme that crosses my mind is a very old saying:
”When the gods want to destroy a people, they make them Blind”
In this case, Americans who are supporting the most extreme Leftist/ Globalist/ Communist (disguised as Socialist) aspirants for the presidency of the US, have been made Rationally Blind to all Facts and Reality.
Almost 47% of Americans who support the above clueless contenders, exist in a mental bubble completely devoid of any Logic but based entirely on their perceptions and irrational hatred of Donald J Trump, thus continuously suffering from their self-induced Trump Derangement Syndrome. They deliberately deny and or ignore the most remarkable achievements made by any president in the first three years of his mission.

47% of Americans do appreciate and fully support the President based entirely upon his successes. To win the presidency, either side must get as many of the 6% uncommitted to join it and better still, get as many of those of the opposing party to turn sides.

The total lack of Political, Economic, Religious, Historical and Social comprehension exhibited by millions of young clueless American voters is appalling. Most of these ingrate youth, in the most successful Capitalist state in history, are ‘disillusioned’ with Western Institutions – religious, financial, political and economic –  because they have been indoctrinated for the last sixty years, by Leftist/Globalist/Socialist – so called professors and educators, who imbibed them with anti-Capitalism, anti-Patriotism, anti-Religion ideas and subdivided them into distinct tribes, races and ethnicities.
How else can any rational thinking person explain, why in poll after poll, millions of Americans have voted, to elevate the Communist/ Socialist Bernie Sanders, to be the most admired among all the contestants for the presidency of the Democrat Party?
In all of physical nature and throughout the historical record, nothing is ever FREE.
Yet, Bernie Sanders – as well as all the other leftist Democrats – are promising the American electorate: Free Education; Free Medication; Free Housing; Free, Free, Free (especially for Illegals).
They are also being promised, the Eradication of Coal, Elimination of Fossil Fuels and the reduction of CO2 by closing all the industries, mines and factories that produce them, thus making tens of millions of Americans jobless and ALL American become the SLAVES of the Political Elites of the Governing bodies of the USA.
These under educated supporters of Bernie and the other Democrats, do not comprehend that Socialism still has more in common with Communism than either of these two has with Capitalism or Conservatism; no matter how the Democrats try to dissociate them.
In his acclaimed Principles and Heresies column, the great American Political Philosopher, Frank Meyer (who revoked his Communist credentials in favour of Conservatism), made this critical 1958 call to arms to conservatives; and I quote:
“What is not true is that, given the historical conditions of the abundance made possible by capitalism, welfarism is certain to collapse in the short or medium run.
Welfarism, or any form of socialism not dependent on terror, can survive as long as the fat inherited from capitalism lasts. But even this is not the end. When the fat rims out and the incentives to productivity have been drowned beneath the sea of levelling social policy, the methods of Communism still remain: Coercion and the threat of coercion can be substituted for the lost incentives of a free society”
Once more I appeal, that Americans should NOT judge anyone by their utterances, but by the results of their deeds. Promises are so many empty pies in the sky because only actions can prove a man’s or woman’s worth.
As you are reading this article, the unemployment figures among Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are the lowest in at least 50 years. Why would anyone in these groups, vote in a Socialist/ Communist Bernie Sanders especially knowing the absolutely failed Communist/ Socialist countries of the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela?
Millions of Americans are OFF Food Stamps and are earning money instead of being on government charity.
Over 67% of Americans are more optimistic of the future and approve Trump’s economic achievements.
Why would women – wives and mothers who have joined the work force more than before with better earnings than under Obama – vote for any of the Democrats, whose sole and publicly declared intention, is to reverse everything the Trump has achieved.
Why would any lucid American, vote for any politician advocating Open Borders, knowing full well, that not a single country in history has ever been sovereign with Open Borders?
Open Borders, allows undocumented Terrorists, Sick and even Criminal Cartel members to come into the USA among those who maybe innocents looking for a better economic life.
Why would any sane American agree to Open borders that would devastate the American population when infected illegals get across with the Corona Virus – or any other viral disease for that matter – yet all the Democrat candidates, never take account of this catastrophic and most definitely, certain reality.

Why would any rational American vote for Democrats who advocate more rights to Illegals than to American citizens?

Why are all these Democrats knowingly and with malice aforethought, equating Illegal with Legal? Considering the fact that most of them are either lawyers or read law, which part of the English language regarding Legal and Illegal do they not understand?
Why would any American – with or without a family – allow undocumented Illegals to be able to get Driving Licences and are able to Vote equal to what American Citizens are allowed? Where in any article of the American Legal System are such egregious falsifications found? Besides Angela Merkel’s self-destructive Open Borders policy that has impacted Germany very badly, can anyone name any other nation on Earth allowing Open and unsecured Borders?
Why should hard working, tax paying Americans, be expected to finance the Benefits for these Illegals?
Why should these Americans allow such blatant discrimination against them to occur, since these Illegals will compete with American citizens, their families and their children in Housing, Medicare, Education and Jobs?
These Illegals will also change the American Demography to the detriment of the existing population.
It is impossible that any sane American citizen, experiencing the huge resurgence in the economy, in jobs and a more promising future, would even contemplate let alone vote for any of the treasonous Democrat candidates whose single objective is to make the USA a Communist so called Socialist dysfunctional state.
Tragically, there are millions in the USA whose hatred for Trump, the man, and tens of millions of his supporters, exceed by several orders of magnitude, their ability to think rationally and or logically.
Their Trump Derangement Syndrome turns them into Zombies; the Living Dead.
I sincerely hope that millions more among Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, undecided and even ‘Walk Away’ Democrats, will vote for Trump, creating a Tsunami from which the leftists, will not recover for decades to come and save the Republic.


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