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April 13, 2024





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Actor Jamie Foxx has suffered a “medical complication.” Earlier reports called it a stroke, which was then retracted to “medical complication.” I’m happy to hear today that he’s healing from his mysterious complication, and I pray for Jamie and his family and hope he is back to 100% very soon.

However, the manner in which the mainstream media is reporting these mysterious medical complications leaves nothing but questions and only confirms an obvious attempt to hide the truth. I don’t know what’s true here; all I know is medical complications are awfully suspicious. Jamie and his family should let us know if he was jabbed, just like Damar Hamlin’s family should have. Why would you hide the truth?

If we have any chance to understand what’s going on with these vaccine injuries and researching ways to prevent them, it’s in knowing the cause and effect. Like I frequently say, you don’t have to hide if you have nothing to hide. Vaccine injuries are skyrocketing, and it’s now confirmed they’ve caused a 20% increase in deaths, all for a disease that doesn’t matter (substantially less mortality rate than the seasonal flu). Furthermore, we are now seeing scientific research that shows mRNA, gene modifying vaccines will cause death and disease to people for decades.

All this while they inject this poison into our food supply. Missouri House Bill 1169 will go to vote this week, and there’s no other legislation more critical to our nation than this bill. Missouri is on stage for the entire country, and I pray the committee Republicans do the right thing and vote yes on informed consent.

We see vaccine injuries everywhere; just in my small community, I have multiple friends suffering from progressive cancers, among other diseases that sprung up after they received their vaccines and booster injections. How long do we go along with Big Pharma’s lies and corruption before we call this out for what it is?

The Big Pharma and AG lobbyists that are fighting this bill admit that they don’t understand what mRNA vaccines are doing to our immune systems and how the spike proteins are reacting in our bodies. They’ve all but admitted that they just don’t care and don’t think we care either. Are you kidding me?

This bill must pass, or we will be eating our vaccines. They are putting vaccines in our vegetables, injecting them into our cattle, and Bill Gates is pumping them into his factory meats that are already being distributed to restaurants nationwide. How does that make you feel? Are you ok with your children getting their gene-modifying vaccines unknowingly in their food?

I want to send out a special shout-out to Janet Arnold in Missouri, who put up a billboard for HB1169 in Springfield, Missouri. My gratitude to private citizens that stand up like Janet and support our fight is immeasurable; we simply can’t win this battle for freedom without patriots like her supporting us.

Please pray that the representatives in Missouri do the right thing and support We The People. Similar legislation will be coming to other states very soon, this fight is just getting started, and we must demand informed consent for our families and for future generations. There’s no denying that died suddenly, events are occurring daily to healthy young people, along with these mysterious “medical complications” the media is too afraid to expose.

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