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June 19, 2024





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An organized group constantly blocks efforts to place metal detectors and armed guards in every school. They have political and economic power, and our children are paying the price.

One day before the Uvalde mass shooting incident occurred, a crazed gunman with a long, violent criminal record invaded an outdoor afternoon graduation party. He started spraying bullets at the attendees in Charleston, West Virginia. A woman attending the party had concealed carry, pulled out her pistol, and shot the would-be mass shooter (neutralizing him) before he could injure anyone.

Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett said, “Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night.”

Every school in America should have had metal detectors and armed guards by now. But this is constantly blocked by an organized effort, which prefers to focus on one thing only ⏤ gun confiscation. Of course, having armed guards in each and every school makes sense. Metal detectors for each school makes sense.

Shortly after the Uvalde massacre, even the mild Republican School Safety bill, which would have helped harden schools among other steps to protect children, was blocked by Chuck Schumer.

“The bill, named after Parkland, Florida, shooting victims Luke Hoyer and Alex Schachter, would require the Department of Homeland Security to establish a “Federal Clearinghouse on School Safety Best Practices” for use by state and local educational and law-enforcement agencies, institutions of higher education, health professionals, and the public. 

Yes, a key member of this organized political movement, Chuck Schumer, blocked this bill on May 26th, two days after the Uvalde school massacre.

One of the sponsors of the bill, Senator Ron Johnson, later tweeted: “Not surprising that the Democrat leader would lie about the bill he blocked that parents of Parkland victims have been trying to pass for years. Dems aren’t looking for solutions; they want wedge issues that they hope will keep them in power. Sick.”

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla. co-sponsored the bill, blasted Schumer as “a liar and a hack.”

Why does a powerful group exist which fights against hardening schools? For example, with metal detectors and armed guards in every school?

As a result of terror attacks on planes on 9/11, cockpits were fortified to stop unauthorized entry. Planes were not banned. The plane interiors were hardened against attack. No one has since been able to enter a cockpit without permission.

Having metal detectors and trained armed guards (including qualified veterans) in each and every school would certainly drop school shooting levels to near zero. Let’s look at one national model and one data video on this subject.

The Israeli model makes it clear that hardening the schools’ defenses works.

“A fence surrounds the school, and cameras are in place all over the facility. “Hot spots” can be manually activated when a problem arises, sending a message to the head of security and staff, said Arbiv, who now runs the Israeli Krav Maga & Security Training company (I.K.M.A).”

“Everyone who goes into the school needs to go through a metal detector, like at an airport, and sign his name,” the security expert said, adding that the “school has one exit and one entrance… nobody comes to the school without the head of security knowing about it. We do not allow people not connected to school to come inside.”

President Trump’s suggestion and plan to arm teachers are also one of many ways to provide deterrence and fast response to school shooters. This excellent “Just Facts video” provides strong criminological and statistical support for this idea of using armed guards and arming teachers.

Why would a powerful organized group sacrifice the lives of children by stopping methods to keep the children safe?

As horrible as this is to think about or say, school shootings are useful to Marxists in government, the teachers union, and the media. Useful in that each school shooting moves them closer and closer to their dream of disarming the American people.

A disarmed citizenry is at the mercy of its totalitarian government. A disarmed citizenry has no rights and freedoms.

Founding Father George Mason stated the truth clearly: To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them.

No one can deny that every school shooting brings the organized group for children sacrifice closer to disarming the American people. Could it be possible that such an organization is so cruel as to sacrifice American children in order to confiscate guns?

When we consider that this highly organized political, economic, and financial group supports abortion, which has killed 20 million black babies, the conclusion is inescapable that they are capable of anything. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

Thus, those who love children must also organize on the issue of hardening schools. Organize politically, economically, and locally in each school district. To do everything necessary within the law, to harden each and every school with metal detectors and armed guards, to hell with those who sacrifice our children in order to achieve power.

Oh, and if there is still any doubt that there is an organized effort to keep schools dangerous and open to shootings, take a look at this:

Two days after the Uvalde shooting, the Senate of California passed into law to end a requirement that students who threaten violence against school officials be reported.

You read that correctly; two days after Uvalde, California declared as law that it is no longer necessary to report threats against schools from students. Isn’t this an invitation to school shooters?

And in case all this is not enough to get us moving, it appears, according to expert analysis, that the threat was possibly known.

Uvalde School District took part in an AI program to ‘help root out potential mass killers and monitored social media for threats and potential shooters’… The program is called Social Sentinel, a merger with Navigate360. Look who’s on the Advisory Board:

• Prior appointees from Bush & Obama Admins.
• Retired Army General specializing in MS&T (Modeling Simulation & Training).”

It’s most interesting how the shooter was missed by this Artificial Intelligence high-profile internet scanning organization, don’t you think?

Now we are facing the hard truth, without school shootings, Democrats can not disarm law-abiding Americans. That constitutional conservatives, Republicans, get moving to win every election. It’s our last chance to restore the rule of law, internal peace, secure borders, and a strong economy. We are staring into the abyss, and evil monsters are on the prowl.


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2 years ago

You’re an imbecile. We don’t need metal detectors and armed guards, or “resource officers,” turning even the government schools, involuntarily funded by plundering the populace, into prison camps. Whether it’s shopping centers or schools or anywhere else, threats of violence are increased because these areas have been turned into so-called “gun-free zones,’ a.k.a. sitting ducks. Let teachers be armed as they see fit and let potential intruders wonder whether they will be blown away should they dare to enter. Little doubt, they will move on to other pastures.

2 years ago

What “schools” need is for the Jewish propaganda arm of the “Department of Education” to be DISBANDED, and for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s seminal works to become part of the curriculum again, and for the work of DISCREDITED FICTION, “The Diary of Anne Frank” to be REMOVED.

Reply to  letmepicyou
2 years ago

Jews may downvote it, but are fearful of commenting as they know better than to get into a factual debate.

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