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May 26, 2024





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Since the beginning of 2020, America and the world have experienced a form of culture shock as our lifestyles have been altered and transformed through a live version of The Twilight Zone.

Through corrupt, unconstitutional mask mandates and enforcements of experimental vaccines bearing no actual scientific data to back their false claims and narratives, rogue government officials and their minion patrols aided and abetted in crimes against humanity on a global scale.

These unconstitutional regulations have not only destroyed the economic culture of everyday lifestyles but have threatened the human spirit and dynamics of the health and welfare of family members. Furthermore, setting up a fear-based environment regarding our young school-age children’s physical, mental, emotional, and psychological welfare.

Recently many cities across the nation have dropped the mask mandates both in public and private schools as well as public community shopping centers, restaurants, and meeting places. Still, the cantankerous Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, is reluctant to do away with the enforcement of mask mandates concerning the Board of Educations New York School systems.

There’s been a stream of silent storms brewing the past couple of years against the criminally unconstitutional elite and their government agencies for enforcing their power-grabbing mandates to harass the people of New York.

One of these emerging streams is the collaboration of an advocacy group of protective Western New York parents, teachers, and caregivers calling themselves “WNY Students First” who no longer put trust into the public school and public health system. The group has taken a grassroots approach to file a lawsuit on February 11th, in Westchester County.

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WNY Students First believe that parents and community engagements are the key towards restoring trust, empowerment, and democracy to their school districts with a primary focus on the needs of the students.

This lawsuit seeks to permanently direct the State of New York, New York State Department of Education, New York Office of Children and Family Services, and New York State Health Department from enforcing the mask mandate for children ages two and up in daycare and school settings.

Their action includes plaintiffs from various counties across the state of New York. It is supported by eight experts, many nationally renowned in the fields of pediatric psychology, epidemiology virology, pediatric speech, language pathology, industrial hygiene, engineering, and others.

Their lawsuit argues that the state’s prolonged forced masking policy has significantly harmed children physically, emotionally, academically, and socially while providing no benefit to limiting the transmission of Covid-19 in daycare or school.

Their experts will show that the state of N.Y. has failed to cite any scientific evidence that establishes a causal link between masking children and reducing the transmission of Covid-19 in classrooms. Therefore such policies are arbitrary, capricious, and lack a rational basis.

Their lawsuit argues that the masking policy not only violates the separation of powers clause of the New York Constitution, and thus the mask mandate must be invalidated.

Parents of Western New York children have witnessed the failed overreach and regulations of draconian measures and are exhibiting a legal end to the failed politics under the governorship of Kathy Hochul and Andrew Cuomo.

The negligence, dereliction of duties, and abandonment on behalf of those egregious New York state officials have never provided any data or rationale in decision making with numerous child covid policies based on arbitrary guesses.

This lawsuit has parents at the helm protecting and putting their children first while the experts in the suit provide the scientific and technical data that the state should have analyzed.

The systemic and political cancer of the Covid-19 mask and vaccine mandates has raised the collective consciousness across our nation and on a global platform. This sinister agenda was another tactic to enslave the minds and free will of “We the People.”

Growing lawsuits and grassroots solutions are currently underway across the nation as we emerge from the shadows to witness the tyranny of domestic and foreign tyrants who medically kidnapped our voices through misguided politics.

It’s up to each and every one of us to protect our families by doing our own research and aligning ourselves with those who are making the difference against unconstitutional mandates and government overreach.


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Larry Folds
Larry Folds
2 years ago

SCOTUS is AWOL. They have become as useless as our demented president.

Reply to  Larry Folds
2 years ago

SCOTUS is corrupt and has inflicted harm on this nation through their court decisions. The Constitutional duty of SCOTUS is to interpret the US Constitution, not to legislate.

2 years ago

The “united states” is a bankrupt corporation and has been since 1933. No action taken by “token positions” within this bankrupt corporation have legitimacy.

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