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July 19, 2024





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For the first time since Obama’s tenure, the true faces of the Democrat party elite and their stooges in the media, academia, and the swamp have been fully revealed to “We the People” and the whole world. The debate was a turning point in US politics and global governance.

In Europe, I had to be awake after midnight to watch it. There was no way I could miss it, considering how much time and effort I have invested over the last 14 years attempting to awaken our readers to the incredible corruption of the deep state and the Democrat Party especially the current new woke leftist version.

If world leaders weren’t already hedging their bets about a future Trump presidency, they sure are now, The Washington Post wrote. “Initially, Biden looked completely lost,” one diplomat said by text message as the debate was still underway, speaking, like others, on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly about the domestic politics of an ally. “As always, it doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it and how it looks.” European politicians, who have long been the target of Trump’s most withering foreign policy criticism over trade policy and defense spending, said they would need to accelerate the planning and policies already underway to adjust for a Trump return to the White House.

“This night will not be forgotten. The Democrats have to rethink their choices now. And Germany must prepare at full speed for an uncertain future. If we don’t take responsibility for European security now, no one will,” Norbert Röttgen, a top ally of former German chancellor Angela Merkel, wrote on X.

“Personal attacks, hazy memory, mocking each other… this debate was very entertaining for many Chinese people,” Hu Xijin, a nationalist Chinese commentator, said in a post on X.

They are turning against the very person regarding whom they have been deceiving the American people and world – for the last three and a half years – that he is fit, sharp, and able to go for four more years. They shamelessly continued their deception up to the last hour before the debate. Their betrayal of the man they put on such a high pedestal that he never deserved is obscene but natural to them.

They built him up, knowing full well he was not fit for the job, just to keep themselves in power. The fact that they have been deliberately and relentlessly deceiving the American people all these years proves that they hate, despise, and disrespect America and Americans, as all their actions under Biden clearly demonstrate.

For three and a half years, we in the alternative media have been telling and proving to the American people and the world that the Democrats and the fake media are, with malice aforethought, deliberately misleading all of us to allow the senile and anti-American Biden to continue wrecking the Republic.

In the first 15 minutes, I had absolutely no doubt that Biden had already self-destructed, that all Trump had to do was keep his cool and mouth shut and let Biden commit suicide with his own mouth.

It was a pleasure watching Trump behave in a presidential manner, calm, collected, and focused on current affairs affecting everyday Americans and addressing the most relevant concerns of Americans, such as Inflation, open borders, housing, rentals, education, and internal security. These are the subjects that impact Americans more directly than any other.

While most of the time, Biden slurred his speech and was incoherent and unfocused, Trump spoke clearly, with articulate and measured answers.

I was surprised at how much the leftist ‘moderators’ actually allowed Trump to answer without interrupting or distracting him. As far as I am concerned, they were fair and focused, while Biden was utterly at a loss trying to be intelligible and failing miserably.

While watching the Biden train wreck, I was more shocked to comprehend that all the world leaders — especially America’s worst enemies — must come to the same conclusion as myself: Biden is only fit for a retirement home starting yesterday.

It is frightening to realize that this zombie of a man may not be able to activate the nuclear codes in case of an enemy superpower sneak attack against the USA. I wonder if the new woke American military leaders even comprehend this weakness in the reprisal defense system.

During and after the debate, the true faces of the Democrat leaders and their media stooges became crystal clear, like rats jumping the Biden sinking ship. They have revealed themselves as not only incompetent and mendacious but also duplicitous, treacherous, disloyal, and anti-democratic.

The worst of all Americans is Jill, his wife, who was the one who goaded him for the presidency and who repeatedly – and against facts and reality – is accusing the American people of ingratitude because they do not appreciate how lucky they are under her husband. She is the one who, for years, has been holding his hands so that he would not fall down and directing him off stage, knowing how frail and unbalanced he is. This is absolutely a case of excessive elder abuse of a man who should have gracefully retired four years ago.

According to senior Democrats who spoke with New York magazine’s Gabriel Debenedetti in 2019, Obama had presumed that Biden would be too old to run for president by 2016. And he reasoned that this fact would render Biden an exceptionally loyal Vice President: bereft of any political aspirations of his own, Biden would be putting Obama’s interests and goals above all else. Unfortunately, Obama underestimated his running mate in more ways than one.

The Democrats treacherously undermined Bernie Sanders’s attempt for the presidency, favoring Biden above all others even though even in 2019/20, Biden was not fit to lead the most powerful nation on Earth as president.

The same duplicitous Democrats who have been attempting to scare the American people with the blatantly bogus lie that Donald Trump will be a violent dictator – are the same who are now unlawfully attempting to remove Biden from the presidency to save their own skins.

It is, therefore, imperative and incumbent upon all fair-minded Americans to go out and vote personally and must remove as many treasonous and treacherous Democrats in Congress as possible – not just Biden – because Trump must have a majority in both Houses to be able to save the Republic.

The new fascist and woke Democrat party and its members must be utterly destroyed by “We the People” because the current Democrat party is genuinely America’s mortal enemy!


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