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April 12, 2024





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Army Chaplain Chad Booth brings to light the US Army’s 1999 Chaplain Training Manual ST 16-158 to expose the destructive and demoralizing changes in character training our Service Members have faced over the decades since then. There are dire real-life consequences of turning Chaplains into no more than “good luck charms” across all US military branches: suicides, domestic violence, declining morale, declining retention, and failure to meet recruiting goals.

In 1999 and decades before that, the Military Chaplain was a key person focused on developing character within our Service Members and assisting them in understanding the meaning, purpose, and significance of the nation they serve and their role. As the 1999 Army Training Manual said, “…the character guidance program is concerned primarily with the problem of developing within the individual soldier and airman a sense of responsibility so that he can be depended on for his word and in his job.”

> PDF: US Military “WOKE” Policies Destroying Traditional Chaplains’ Role

This Chaplains’ Training Manual also gave Chaplains the duty to teach the foundational principles about THE NATION WE SERVE. This session focused on discussing the nature of our country in light of its official attitude as a nation toward religion and morality. The Army’s objective was “to persuade the soldier that a) there is a certain kind of moral greatness in the history and traditions of our country; b) this makes service and sacrifice in defense of our way of life worthwhile. The soldier needs to understand and appreciate our way of life as described in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. I. The Significance of “Nation.” A. “Nation” as a geographic term. B. “Nation” is an ethnic and cultural term. 1. A national community. 2. The U. S. as “one nation.” 

The Army Chaplains’ Manual describes the duty of Chaplains to teach the “Kinds of Nations, According to the Moral Yardstick.” 

A. The secular nation eliminates God from public life. Examples given were Uruguay and France. 

B. The demonic nation displaces God by Government itself. The Army gave the examples of Germany and the U. S. S. R. C (former Soviet Union). Today was can add China, North Korea, Venezuela, and others.

C. The covenant nation recognizes God and the need of His Providence: In some “covenant nations,” State Churches are used to express this relationship, such as the Anglican Church of England. 

Chaplains were given the responsibility to teach how America differs as a “Covenant Nation” based on these core differences:

A. No State Church. No requirement to be a member of a particular church to hold office. 

B. Other evidence the Army provided to show the moral foundation of America: 

    • Oaths of office, 
    • Public coins with “In God We Trust.” 
    • Mayflower Compact
    • John Adams
    • Declaration of Independence
    • The Northwest Ordinance
    • The President’s Message to Congress on the State of the Union, January 1939. Special considerations are given to Churches. 

All of these core differences between America and other nations have been what makes a sacrifice in the defense of our way of life worthwhile. Remember the respect and honor America has shown to those who served our Nation, particularly as exemplified by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the reverence with which military members guard the Tomb, night and day, in all kinds of weather. 

These are the honorable traditions the Army’s new training instructions for Chaplains are seeking to undermine. Many of our Military Chaplains are concerned about this ominous direction of moving Chaplains into training soldiers to be “spiritually resilient” to be a better weapon of war than to focus on being a better person serving a moral nation.

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