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June 12, 2024





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Why? Why? Why? The poor, befuddled masses of Americans continue being tormented by the mysterious! Americans deserve some solid answers to questions that are so steeped in riddles that our only response is to repeat the question. Why? This question is asked hundreds of times a day on social media platforms.

Why, for example, are our January 6th protesters who are guilty of no violence being laden with such harsh and lengthy prison sentences when a Capitol police officer, Michael Byrd, senselessly murdered an unarmed female veteran with 14 years of military service and faces no repercussions? No trial. No investigation. No accountability. Is this mystery beyond reach?

Equally enshrouded in deep secrecy are the corollary events surrounding the great American protest of January 6th against a stolen election. Why was President Trump denied national guard support? Why were security guards welcoming “visitors” into the Capitol building? Why was Roseanne Boyland’s death not investigated? If President Trump was planning an insurrection, then why is it that all five people who died on January 6th were Trump supporters? Are conservative patriots that incompetent?

Take a look at recent mass shootings. All of them conceal their own mysterious plot. The Las Vegas music festival shooting appeared to involve multiple shooters, but only one shooter was reported. Strange. No investigation. The more recent Uvalde mass shooting revealed that an armed-to-the-hilt police force confronted only desperate parents who wanted to save their children. At the same time, they allowed the maniacal shooter to continue his rampage for an hour. But let’s be fair. The police chief who admitted giving the stand-down order says he didn’t think he was in charge. I see. Why then did he give the order? Is this another conundrum destined for the annals of unsolved mysteries?

Since we’re on the morbid topic of mysterious killers, let’s not forget all of the Clinton-associated “suicide” victims. The Clinton body count is still piling up, and we can expect more casualties as their dirty laundry comes tumbling out of the bin. Only recently, the mysterious suicide death of Mark Middleton has gotten some public attention. Mark was Bill Clinton’s former special advisor who connected Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein, whose own death befits a detective novel. Speaking of Epstein connections, so far, things are going fairly well for Ghislaine Maxwell — she hasn’t killed herself yet. But the list of pedophile passengers flying to Pedo Island for the explicit purpose of sexually abusing children is still unrevealed — yet another mystery. Why haven’t these criminals been named? It’s yet another unsolved thriller.

Common knowledge has it that anyone involved in even a self-defense shooting is likely to be arrested, at least until the facts can be sorted out. So another enigma is how Alec Baldwin, after shooting dead an innocent young woman by pointing a loaded gun at her and firing a lethal round through her chest, is still walking like a free man. How can this be? You or I would have been immediately arrested and detained for who knows how long, and then a bail would be set before going to trial. That is, if you were a Leftist liberal. Conservatives have a hard time getting bail because conservatives are now presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Now, if you were an illegal alien, you would likely just be set free. I know, it’s complicated. The Department of Injustice continues to stupefy us, doesn’t it? Well, enough of the murder mysteries.

Does anyone outside of the Obama-Biden Camp have any idea what’s really happening in Ukraine? I recall that on March 16th, 2022, demented Joe coughed up $800 million more in “security assistance” to Ukraine. Notice they don’t call it war funds. I wonder why that is? But the money only added up to about two billion dollars of military support by then. Roll forward two months, and we then saw a whopping $54 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars going to the derelict Ukraine nation since Russia invaded the country. Why are we doing this? What exactly are we defending? What is the Biden crime family hiding? Is this blackmail? Or is this a slush fund for the World Economic Forum?

Why take all this money from the American people, when we are already over 30 trillion dollars in debt? After all, if we were to pay off this debt today, every single person in America would need to sign over a check for $91,412! Tomorrow the sum will be higher, of course. Wait, it’s been a few minutes since I checked; the price already has increased.

Another thing we can’t seem to comprehend is the sudden burning of food processing plants, chicken farms being destroyed, and cattle grazing land being bought up. This happened right after the Puppet Chieftain told us food costs would be increasing. It’s encouraging that infants are being forced to bear their fair share of the burden of food shortages, as the baby formula is more urgently needed to feed the illegals at the border. Food costs have doubled, and food supply projections are dismal. What do they know is coming that we don’t? So many questions, so few answers.

Everyone is undoubtedly hearing about the “mysterious” sudden deaths claiming thousands of victims. The really bizarre thing about these deaths is that they started happening right after the big Covid-19 “vaccine” push. But thank God we can be reassured this is just a totally unrelated coincidence. Finally, we know something. Why? Because they told us so. And about now, I’m starting to feel nauseated. You see, we have yet so many questions still unanswered?

Why is Joe Biden our sitting President? Why is Hunter Biden not in a maximum-security prison for pedophilia, extortion, rape, drug trafficking, and money laundering? Why did the CDC recently endorse masking again on public transportation for a non-respiratory virus, and then retract their statement? Why are all independent doctors still being heavily persecuted for actually taking care of patients, while the holocaust-participating quacks are still licensed and thriving? Why can’t a female Supreme Court justice define a woman? Why hasn’t the voting system been secured yet? Why is our government trying so hard to disarm its own American citizens?

Now think about it, if you could answer all the above questions with just one answer, what would it be?

Is America just going through some hard times right now? Are politicians just crazy or foolish? Or are we just so deaf, dumb, and blind that we will forever make excuses for those who systematically destroy free America? I answer today as I did publicly on November 7th, 2020: The Communist government is taking us down through fear and censorship, by controlling our food and natural resources, through brainwashing. The Democrats and most Republicans are pushing for a Communist America. Are you still confused?

Then perhaps a little review is in order. I dare anyone who doubts that America is at war to read 45 Communist Goals for America in 1963 — How Many Have Come True? It’s an eye-opener. Most of these goals are already completed. Of course, you can add to this list additional elements that now threaten us, the greatest two being 1) eliminate election integrity and 2) confiscate the guns of private citizens.

The true American patriot has only one question unanswered: why have we not yet acted against the assassins of our Constitution?

As we continue to ask the mundane why questions, these terminators of our liberty push forward their treasonous insurrection in full force, virtually unabated. Maybe, just maybe, America is starting to awaken. But in the truest and most literal sense of the word, it will take an act of God to salvage this now moribund nation. Unless it’s professing Christians and patriots of our land awaken, America’s destiny as a free nation is unquestionable. I’m not ready to accept that fate.

We still can change course. We must! Enough of the dumb questions. All we need to do is answer the one critical question, why are we allowing them to do it? With God, we are mightier than they. Together, we are strong. If we answer correctly, and then act, God will surely shed his grace on us once more. 


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1 year ago

Learn to fight smarter and a lot harder. The enemy is just ugly and people need to rid themselves of the monsters appearance and slay the beast that have been set upon our society. I have ask myself for 30 years how and why would a people allow itself to be genocide.

Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray
1 year ago

As long as Trump isn’t allowed to post mean tweets, everything will be OK” – Karen

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