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May 18, 2024





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Moving boxes have arrived at The White House. This week, president-elect Joseph Biden will take the oath of office with both houses of Congress behind the vague globalist, big-government agenda he promised from his Delaware basement: Taxes? You’ll be paying more. Regulations? You’ll be facing a lot more of them. China? Biden will prove accommodating and forgiving to their maliciousness, illegalities, and lies. Healthcare? Prepare for increased control of it by federal bureaucrats. Paris Climate Agreement? We’ll re-enter it and begin a vast redistribution of wealth from the United States to other nations as the world’s largest polluter, China, escapes any obligations to curtail its own carbon emissions. Illegal immigration? Between 11 million and 30 million illegal aliens who violated our border laws will be rewarded for doing so with treasured U.S. citizenship and healthcare benefits. Border control? Trump’s uncompleted wall will stand as a symbol of a once ambitious Trump agenda sabotaged and ultimately killed off by his own political appointees and the rest of the swamp’s establishment.

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And if all of that is not message enough, the Biden administration shows signs of trying to label tens of millions of peaceful MAGA activists as domestic terrorists as a politicized Justice Department likely backs off politically uncomfortable investigations into Obamagate and foreign payments to the Biden family. A Senate investigation into these payments also will now likely end with the Senate in Democrats’ hands, but the Senate will begin an impeachment trial on whether Trump’s January 6 speech referencing that the January 6 protest should be “peaceful” was actually the opposite: A green light for protesters to seize the U.S. Capitol. Oh, and questions about that November 3 election? Five thousand affidavits alleging that fraud and procedural violations in Biden’s favor will be quietly shelved as if they never occurred. Mainstream and social media will continue exerting their power to ensure the fraudulent November election is never again mentioned as they suffocate the First Amendment rights of those who suggest that perhaps an obligation to representative democracy warrants the entire debacle deserves scrutiny.

In Episode 25 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, Malcolm and Michael return to describe a leadership crisis now glaringly obvious in America’s patriot movement. The institutions and individuals Americans relied on to prevent all of these threatening developments ultimately did little to nothing. In short, they failed. Result: Americans will now pay a very steep price as a pressing question lingers: Will Americans awaken to the threat the nation now confronts, toss aside failed leaders, reshape and possibly rebrand the Republican Party, push back on the Biden agenda, and begin to mount a comeback? It will prove no small task. But it also now proves the only remaining option available.

Listen to Hour One of Viewpoint This SundayAn Evolutionary Moment For Republicans – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes that impeaching President Donald Trump will make it easier to get rid of the President and Trumpism from the Republican Party. How does the Republican Party thread the needle of Trump’s popularity and establishment politics? Rev. CL Bryant says the “stolen election” needs to be a rallying call for Republicans to come together. The similarities between Venezuela and America are deeply troubling explains Debbie D’Souza. We will talk about the inspiration behind Debbie’s truly amazing rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Daniel Baranowski has been studying Trump as a Social Phenomenon these past four years…


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