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May 29, 2024





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In light of the recent anarchist inspired violence that has swept aside peaceful protests on the streets of liberal run (Blue) cities, the lessons that come to us loud and clear demonstrate the refractory nature of Democrats and their far left radical fringe, their stormtroopers, the Antifas!  
Their goal, to impose Socialism on Americans, is unalterable and they will resort to any tactic, no matter how violent, that will help them achieve that goal. Fear and intimidation are their basic tools. It’s their game plan. Hopefully, AG Barr may have found the antidote to antifa’s violence.
President Trump’s singular success in restoring the country’s economy for all Americans, leaving no race behind so long as they want jobs and were willing to go after them, has driven the Left to near hysteria. Trump challenged the black community to rise to his expectation as Americans, not as Plantation democrats, by asking: What do you have to Lose? The black community is rising to the challenge. Their move to the right has scared the Democrats nearly to dementia.

Trump’s success has threatened the Left’s vision of America joining the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT movement as an equal and he has to be destroyed.

The Democrats and their socialist toadies, the bureaucratic Deep State and Republican NeverTrumpers, have moved heaven and earth to obstruct or remove Trump by a ‘treasonous’ coup d’etat concocted by the Obama administration via a phony counter-Intelligence claim; by an attempt to impeach him over a phone call, by media lies, disinformation campaigns and pandemic scares that closed down Trump’s great economy and, well now, by street violence in Blue cities returning Americans to face the only tactic Democrats have left, the politics of racial hate. It’s spiraling out of control.
Joe Biden, once the darling of labor unions, the working class and especially once enjoying a good reputation with law enforcement has, in the wake of the George Floyd business, joined the chorus for more demeaning police reform and oversight. Joe has abandoned law enforcement by supporting the idea to “defund police departments.” Like all refractory socialist politicians, poor ol’ Joe has turned to posturing so the far-left radicals won’t eviserate him.
The anti-law and order sickness has even penetrated the US House of Representatives where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), has refused to denounce the “Defund Police” idiocy. Not unexpectedly, even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), expressed his pride about the destructive protests in NYC, where riots and looting have led to an ignored curfew, mayhem, arson and lethal attacks on police.
From Marxist Schumer, we expect no less. DeBlasio, the NYC Mayor, is demonstrably an incompetent fool and blathers socialist nonsense while NYC burns. Police, standing in ranks when his honor passes by, turn their backs on him.

New York City police officers are now resigning at the alarming average rate of five a day. DeBlasio was so proud when his daughter was arrested for rioting on New York Streets. What a legacy! 

The Progressive City council politicians of Minneapolis, where this business all started, claimed they will now dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a “transformative new model of public safety.” An article said it was “new” but it’s not. These civilian public safety committees will in fact, become politically organized, leftists run kangaroo courts with the power to punish. They were a creation of the Soviet Marxist-Bolshevik apparatus to control the civilian population at local levels. If we should get that far, we’re really in deep trouble. Minneapolis Police have a union and a contract. They won’t like it! This will be an interesting political issue to follow.
It appears the communists are gaining control, city by city.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go get ’em!


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