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June 23, 2024





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What is pleasantly apparent in all this hoopla surrounding the death of a black hoodlum by canonizing him as a Jesus like victim of Roman State tyranny, no matter how it occurred, is that the “Blue” State idea is collapsing in upon itself because its elected leadership is weak!
Several ugly truths are revealed in the Progressive caricature of political leadership. They demand, in the name of Political Correctness, everyone agree with them on how society must be conducted, to be fair. The idea that the fifty different states that comprise the USA are, in and of themselves, fifty different experiments in democratic governance, has been cast aside and abandoned because that experiment shifted to the multiple Liberal run (Blue) City-States, like Seattle and Minneapolis, Portland and San Francisco, just to name four.

They have allowed armed insurrections to occupy their premises without let or hinderance of either Blue City or State political authority. The Constitution and the rule of law is ignored. They are weak!

The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution is quite specific on the subject. It states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It does not say power or authority is delegated to cities although “people” occupy cities. For a Governor to ignore an armed insurrection anywhere within his/her State, indeed, approve of it by word or deed and, in fact joins the movement, is an abdication of that governors authority and should call for that individuals immediate removal, impeachment and/or trial to follow.
Want to destroy the Left? Sue ’em, again and again. Sue individuals who throw bricks and stones, sue mayors and council members, sue cities, rile ’em up in law suites for decades. Let Joe Biden bail ’em out! 
When and under what conditions have we allowed cities to morph into individual City-States free of the constraint’s of higher authority, content on heaving the Yoke of socialist oppression onto the shoulders of its citizens because screaming mobs of Marxist anarchists demand it? There should be blood in the streets and not policemen’s. Soon the rioting will end, the chanting will cease and the rioters will go home, but the deritius of their destruction will remain. 
Will the Marxist leadership of Blue Cities expect the American tax payers to foot their repair bills? Of course they will and a government in the hands of the Democrat Party will ensure that it happens. Believe it or not, but most Blue states are on the verge of bankruptcy and dragging their financial chestnuts out of the fires they created should not be allowed to happen.  

Voters should not accept being taxed more to cover the carnage blue governments have allowed themselves to endure.

Voters, already adversely effected financially by their job losses due to the China Virus, and still uncertain about their job futures, will refuse to voluntarily pay higher taxes demanded by Blue states so that the political elites can continue to enjoy the sinecures that awards them with lifetime tenure and pensions. That’s where the revolution should focus, not on police doing their jobs. Weakness breeds contempt. We see it now!
Another ugly truth is that already damaged voters simply will no longer be content to accept the expensive and crappy education and social services that Blue government pretends they provide. Government(s) will have to respond to growing ‘consumer’ demands for more practical sense use of their tax base and not flitter away tax monies on projects that repeatedly fail when implemented. Taxpayers want quality for their investment dollar, not waste.
The arrogant lifetime bureaucrat that are government, are anachronisms and they should go! Term limits will do it!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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