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Like helpless creatures caught in an enormous vise, the life being squeezed out of them, people living in once-free constitutional democracies are being squeezed and crushed from two sides. Pressing on them from the one side is the Eastern Global Empire led by the Chinese Communist Party and on the other side is a broad array of Western global predatory individuals, institutions, and governments, making up the Western Global Empire. Their goal is to utterly crush individualism and personal freedom, and the sovereign nations that stand for political freedom. They seek to replace Western civilization and its freedoms with a totalitarian Global Empire “for the good of all.”

At first, the closing of the vise was so gradual, hardly anyone noticed. Those who did notice were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.” But now the vise is closing at an escalating rate, and people can see and even feel the loss of their personal freedoms and the loss of their once-free nations. Many feel helpless and frightened.

A great deal of what seems self-destructive on the part of Western democracies reflects the overpowering control exerted over these governments and societies by the two global empires who are seeking to subvert and even demolish them. In this analysis, I am building on the basic concepts developed in our November 2021 book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

The Global Predators

In COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, we described a coalition of conspiratorial predatory globalist individuals and entities that is destroying the self-determination and personal freedom of peoples throughout world while crushing the sovereignty of all constitutional republics.1 Their purpose is to demolish all opposition to a totalitarian global empire variously described as the Great Reset, the new global governance, the New World Order, and the elites. The predators can be roughly divided into the Eastern Global Empire and the Western Global Empire.  Both are very actively seeking dominion over the world, while sometimes cooperating and sometimes competing in their efforts toward this goal.  

Most of what seems chaotic, irrational, and impossibly cruel and violent in today’s world are being purposely inflicted with the ultimate goal of weakening both individualism and constitutional democracies to make the world more easily exploited and dominated by these self-appointed global leaders or elite. Here are some egregious examples of COVID-19 planning and practices that are best understood as organized globalist planning by conspiratorial predators who, like any and all empire builders, will use unlimited violence to a achieve their ends:2

    • Refusing to allow doctors and patients to use safe, effective and inexpensive treatments, including therapeutic regimens like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, that could have saved millions of lives and aborted the pandemic.   
    • Treating COVID-19 hospitalized patients with respirators and remdesivir that frequently make the patients worse and contributed to their deaths.  
    • Giving potentially deadly experimental genetic treatments, incorrectly called vaccines, that they knew in advance would fail and damage, sterilize and kill large numbers of people.
    • Giving these experimental genetic injections to pregnant women, nursing infants through their mother’s milk, and directly by injection to young children, when the injections do no good, have never been adequately tested, and are known to be causing vast harm and hundreds of thousands of deaths.
    • Closing down the economy and the society, making everyone wear masks and making people distance themselves, when none of these are necessary or proven effective for stopping the spread of the contagion — and all of them cause considerable economic loss, social isolation, and general misery.  
    • Extraordinarily uniform media censorship along with lockstep worldwide enforcement of the COVID-19 policies and practices, globally suppressing medical independence, informed consent, and freedom.  

The Lingering Carnage

Now we have the “lingering carnage,” as Jeffrey Tucker identifies it3 — the serious economic harm done during the height of COVID-19 and that continues with the decimation of the middle class and small businesses, job loss, government indebtedness, inflation, the falling stock market, rising interest rates, and supply chain breakdowns. 

Then there are harder to measure aspects of the “lingering carnage,” including broken marriages, children and adults whose educations were set back, and lost opportunities and scholarships. Childhoods and young adulthoods have been stolen. We may never be able to comprehend the damage to psychosocial growth of masked children brought up in relative social isolation and living in fear of contaminating their peers and loved ones — and in terror of being contaminated by them. 

Beyond all that, there are bewildering and ominous oddities becoming recognized as realities: the persistently elevated death rate in healthy adults, the sight of previously healthy adults whirling about and falling dead on their faces, and autopsy findings of huge “clots” of gelatinous material found blocking the circulatory system — all probably caused by the “vaccines.” 

Most pf the COVID-19 devastation should have been anticipated and much of it was purposely inflicted on humanity, as we — Peter and Ginger  Breggin — document in detail in our COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. 

The Western Global Empire 

In America, COVID-19 brought to light how much our politics are now dominated by large institutions that have become increasingly globalist and predatory in nature, greatly to the detriment of the American people. They includes U.S. government agencies, such as HHS, NIH, FDA, CDC, DoD, and DoJ. U.S corporations, the educational establishment, the media and entertainment industries, and of central importance, the banking hegemony including the Fed and its worldwide banking interests, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations. 

Some of the more obvious predators include wealthy individuals like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros. The multi-billionaires work through many complex institutional relationships including hegemonies such as the world wide banking and trade hegemony, and the military industrial complex, and the rapidly growing pharmaceutical-health complex. 

The Western Global Empire also includes the European Union (EU) of 27 nations and NATO — globalist, anti-democratic, anti-nationalistic, and collectivistic bureaucracies who collaborate closely with Communist China and its minions in the United Nations and the World Health organization to build their global interests.  

All these entities and individuals uniformly promote the combination of predatory progressivism and predatory capitalism with the collectivist thrust that increasingly dominates the U.S and other Western constitutional democracies and the European Union. Their global interests always transcend their national citizenship. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF)

Both the Western and the Eastern Global empires find communality and common ground working with the German Klaus Schwab and his WEF, which brings together thousands of influencers from around the world. They make pilgrimages to his World Economic Forum from most or all countries. Like acolytes and priests streaming up to their Olympian temple, the come to learn the ways of the so-called Great Reset and to increase their wealth and power through the new world governance. WEF websites confirm that Schwab has deep connections to nearly all the most powerful organizations and people in the world, including the United Nations and WHO, the Chinese Communist Party, many agencies and politicians of nations of every size around the world, including the US, nearly every large international corporation and foundation, Bill Gates, and hundreds of aspiring and actual world leaders.  

Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab declared the Decade of the Vaccine, a rallying cry for “vulture capitalists” to gather from around the world to plan becoming even richer and more powerful in the coming disaster.4

Ganging Up on Western Civilization

The Western Global Empire not only rejects most of Western Civilization, but it is also attempting to destroy it. It reviles individualism, except of course its own individualism. If individuals are free to pursue their own goals or to respond to God’s purpose for them, they will remain obstacles to a global takeover. Both empires are focused on destroying constitutional democracy because individual freedom and national sovereignty are the greatest blocks to globalism. Both empires are fundamentally collectivistic in putting the “greater good” ahead of personal freedom and individualism, and defining and implementing for themselves what that “greater good” will look like for everyone under their dominion.   

The same approach is taken by the Chinese Communist leaders of the Eastern Globalists, making them birds of similar feathers flocking together. This “greater good,” which is fascistic or communistic but ultimately collectivistic, has resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths since its first highly elaborated application in the bloody French revolution that started in 1789.  

Like the Chinese, the U.S. government tries to implement globalism through the U.N. and other agencies, including UNESCO and the World Health Organization.5 Through these organizations it collaborates with Western Global Predators to destroy their own Western civilization. They bundle all humanity in a collective subgroup over which they, like “good shepherds,” will rule with an iron fist.

The Eastern Global Empire

The Eastern Global Empire is easier to identify because it is centered in China and run by Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. It has, to an astonishing degree, infiltrated and gained influence over every American institution and aspect of life. Hamilton and Ohlberg in 2020 published Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World. It includes chapters on “Influence in Washington, D.C.,” “The White House,” “America’s ‘Globalist Billionaires’,” “The princelings of Wall Street,” “Think tanks and research institutes,” “PLA [People’s Liberation Army] scientists in Western Universities,” and “Culture as a battle ground.”  

Much of the influence of China over America is through outright corruption, a subject speciality of researcher Peter Schweizer who has authored several books about how the Chinese Communists have vastly corrupted American thought leaders and politicians. His 2022 book is Red-Handed: How American Elites Get rich Helping China Win.” Chapters 3-8 are “The Bidens,” “Capitol Hill,” “Silicone Valley,” Wall Street,” “Diplomats,” The Bush and Trudeau Dynasties,” and “Higher Education.”

Globalists have been burrowing into America and its values like termites for generations. One of the best of all books, Diana West’s (2013) American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, documents this infestation by Communist infiltrators during the Roosevelt years. Michael Pillsbury’s (2016) The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America As the Global Superpower describes in its title what we are now facing.   

There can no longer be any mistake about it. China is an empire with ambitions to take over the world and a patriotic America is the only potential spoiler. No book describes it better than Steven Mosher (2017), The Bully of Asia, which looks at China past and present, and finds a consistent inexorable commitment to building a totalitarian empire with no limits to their aspirations. For a book that captures what is going on at this time in China’s stealth war against the rest of the world, especially the United States, see Retired Brigadier General Robert Spaulding (2022), War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for Global Domination.6

The CCP’s Growing Worldwide Stranglehold

The CCP is reaching toward world domination in part through control over the United Nations and its agencies, especially the World Health Organization (WHO). It competes with the U.S. economy and the U.S. government by building alliances throughout the world that exclude the U.S. including the BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The Chinese Communists are the dominating factor in this pact and pose an enormous threat, especially through Brazil in South America, where the Monroe Doctrine is a fading, distant memory. 

In November 2020, 15 Southeast nations led by China agreed to form the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). The free trade pact is the largest with 30% of the world GDP. Most troubling, the pact includes several nation who have been close allies to the U.S, including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan — making it a real economic threat to the U.S.7 The pact was officially ratified early in 2022. This economic coalition could shake the Earth beneath the United Sates.

It has developed a Brick and Road Initiative (BRI) which competes with the western banking and trade hegemonies, and American foreign policy, in providing loans and technology that makes poor nations dependent on them. The CCP has also had surprising influence over the EU.  

The Chinese Communists were the first nation to issue a digital currency and did so through The Bank of China. The CCP plans to gain even greater control over its population and economy by using it to replace its Renminbi (RMB). The new currency is called Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP).8 China is working toward its trading partners replacing the U.S. dollar with the DCEP.  Eventually the CCP aims to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency — the foreign currency that governments and central banks hold in large amounts and use for global trade and payments.9

Our Shocking Introduction to Treasonous Globalism  

When Ginger and I were weighing our decision to become fully involved in researching the obvious duplicity and fraud already surrounding COVID-19 policies and practices by March 2019, she unearthed a scientific paper that blew apart all the fakery surrounding the origins of SARS-CoV-2. Although published six years earlier in a prestigious British Journal, Nature Medicine, no one was talking or writing about this discovery.10 The title is “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.” 

In what is called gain-of-function research, where viruses are made more deadly and dangerous, authors described taking a harmless coronavirus from a bat cave and turning it into a deadly epidemic SARS-CoV that killed mice, especially those who were old or immune compromised, and left the young mice unaffected. It attacked human lung tissue in a petri dish and in the lungs of mice with genetic human epithelium. The authors lamented their continued failures to make safe and effective vaccines.

Stunning to us, the authors of the SARS-CoV gain-of function research paper included two high-ranking Wuhan Institute of Virology research scientists, one in charge of their coronavirus lab and one in charge of the entire Wuhan lab. Worse than that, the gain-of-function research was being supported in part by Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). We also found a 2016 article that acknowledge the help received from Wuhan Institute researchers specifically in developing the deadly spike protein.11

Ostensibly done to prepare for the possibility of a deadly virus emerging from nature, this research in reality is to prepare for and potentially to initiate biological warfare. As we demonstrate in our book, the odds of a pandemic coronavirus emerging spontaneously from among the bats approaches nil and none has ever been discovered in nature.

After we authored a report and I did a YouTube video, we immediately sent them to the media and other interested individuals, including someone close to the Trump family. Two days later, Trump announced he was cancelling Anthony Fauci’s funding of the joint U.S. and Chinese “gain-of-function” research. 

The Ubiquitousness of Conspiratorial Empires Since the Dawn of Civilization

At the time the Hebrew Bible was written, its stories encompassed numerous empires. The most obvious are Ancient Egypt, Israel and Judah, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece,12 plus the Carthaginian Empire, Sumer and Akkad, Mitanni, Hittite, and Phoenicia.13

When the Spanish invaded America, they came into violent conflict with one of the most bloody empires in the world, the Aztecs, whose capitol was where Mexico City now stands. They defeated the Aztecs in a  ferocious battle with the help of the enemies of the Aztecs. The Spanish even more easily defeated the enormous Inca Empire of South America. The Spanish were fierce warriors, primed and hardened by hundreds of years of conflict with another Empire in Europe, the Moslem Moors. The Moors had occupied portions of Spain for hundreds of years until driven out in January 1492. 

When the United States was born in 1776, the Western World was almost entirely under the control of competing empires: the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Moslem Turkish empires.14 By 1776, the Qing Dynasty had ruled China for more than 130 years and were growing in strength and power.15

During the period surrounding World War II, the allies fought against and defeated two totalitarian empires with ambitions to rule the world, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. From seismic political events of the war, the U.S.S.R. arose as full-fledged Communist empire and in China the Communist Party took over and began building its own empire. 

Origins of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ambitions for World Domination 

America’s globalist politicians and the denizens of the Department of State have for many decades lulled us into acceptance of China’s growing power by insisting that we had nothing to fear from a Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They told us that the CCP held no expansive ambitions to overcome the U.S., let alone to rule the world.  

In 2015, Michael Pillsbury his classic, The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, wholly demolished that naïve viewpoint of a CCP devoid of global ambitions. The CCP’s grand strategy might have been a “secret” to those who were and remain blinded by their own globalist ambitions to collaborate with the CCP for wealth and power, but it should have been no secret to anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge.  

The Chinese Communist Party brings together two inexorable imperial ideologies and ambitions. To begin with, the goal of Communism, as announced in the Communist Manifesto in 1848 by Marx and Engels, has always been global domination. “Workers of the world unite!” is not merely a slogan, it was a strategy. The Communist USSR was an empire driven to expand as much as possible and restrained only Europe and America to the West and China to the East.  

In 2017, Steven W. Mosher published The Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order. Mosher documents how, beyond the globalist ambitions of Communism, China has its own 2500 year history of totalitarianism combined with imperial ambitions to rule the world. The first emperor of the Qin Empire, Qin Shihuang, unified the independent kingdoms of China in 221. Qin “wanted to enslave the Chinese by subjugating their independent kingdoms to his own rule. Utterly ruthless in the pursuit of power, he was known for slaughtering surrendering armies — as well as Confucian scholars — to the last man”16

The greatest chronicler of mass murder, R. J. Rummel, observed in 2017 in Death by Government, that during Qin’s consolidation of China from 221-207 B.C., the population was reduced from 20 million to 10 million. In proportion to the population, this murder of half the population was even greater than the estimated slaughters by his modern counterpart, Mao, whose party estimated that he slaughter 100 million while consolidating China.  

The current “emperor” of China, Xi Jinping, has three favorite historical figures with whom he identifies: Qin, Stalin, and Mao. Scholars identify the Qin dynasty as the earliest examples of a totalitarian state.17 According to Mosher:18

Xi Jinping encourages his people to dream, and to dream big. They are the generation of China “Dreamers,” he tells them, who will help the party-state realize the “strong China dream” of world domination.

The conspiracies behind the Qin takeover of all its more culturally sophisticated neighbors involved propagandizing populations, building great bureaucracies, and the murder and displacement of competing rulers and elite families.19 The degree of conspiracy involved in great empires is probably beyond our imaginations.

Empires and Conspiracies

It is probably impossible to write a history of an empire or a dictatorship without writing about multiple conspiracies. The concepts — conspiracies and empires — are closely related because the domination of multi-millions of people always entails pernicious planning, sometimes secret and sometimes revealed to the public. There is simply no way to develop the immense power of an ancient emperor or a modern communist dictator without conspiring with other people to defend your authority, to enforce your will on the people, and to destroy or exile your enemies. 

These conspiracies are far more heinous than the generally accepted definition of conspiracy as two or more people planning or collaborating to do something harmful or criminal. To build an ancient empire or a modern dictatorship requires blood thirsty intent with a determination to dominate people through every available means, including colluding with many individuals and groups to commit mass imprisonment and murder of one’s own citizens. 

How Will the Current Global Battle Proceed?

At this very moment, the Earth is no more free of violent, conspiratorial empires than it has been in past centuries going back to at least to the Qin dynasty’s takeover of China in 221 B.C. One the empires, the Eastern Global Empire, looks somewhat similar to older ones. It has a large land mass, a vast army, and is building a stronger navy, air force, and space force. But it operates far more surreptitiously that earlier empires, winning mostly by clever strategies in a stealth war and conducting them on a global level by infiltrating Western institutions and enticing them into relationships favorable to the CCP, by inviting foreign investment on favor terms, by corrupting high-ranking politicians, and by creating economic pacts that exclude the United States and strengthen them in the world market place. It has taken control over much of the United Nations, including several agencies, most importantly the WHO.

The Western Global Empire is more elusive because it lacks a single all-powerful nation and, instead, is weakening its own nations in an effort to become global. It consists of numerous nations and innumerable institutions, many centered around affiliations with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and the European Union. Tragically, the Western Global Empire is nearly as hostile to its own constitutional democracies as the CCP is and the Western Global Empire often chooses its relationship with China as more a source of wealth and power than its relationship with its own nations. For those reasons, the two empires can collaborate without severe conflict for the time being.

Collaboration between the United States and the Chinese Communists, usually to the detriment of the U.S. and much to the advantage of the CCP, has been very thoroughly documented. The same is true in collaborations between the Western and Eastern Global Empires. If the United States is finally demolished and Western Civilization becomes little more than collections of museum relics, the CCP will turn with ferocity on the Western globalists and absorb, enslave, or kill them. 

In an outright confrontation or war, the Westerner globalists will be no match for the Chinese Communists with their imperial ambitions to rule the world, with their Communist devotion to subjugating humanity, with their systematic infiltration of the West, with their growing international pacts and, finally, with their enormous population, resources, and organized military under their absolute control. 

The only opposition to this series of events is “ReFounding America and Reclaiming Ourselves,” which happens to be the title of TV/radio show.20 America’s leadership has already been captured by globalists on both the Western and the Eastern Global Empires. But tens of millions of Americans now see through globalism and are beginning to see it as a totalitarian monster that is engulfing their country. The patriotic, traditional, liberty-loving Americans still have the opportunity to retake America to resist predatory globalism.

Now or Never

Way ahead of most of us, in 2020, two courageous European researchers, Karina Reiss, Ph.D., and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, warned the world of its fate in the final words of their prescient book, Corona False Alarm:21

And as you read these lines, human experiments are underway with gene-based vaccines whose ominous dangers have never been revealed to the thousands of unknowing volunteers. 

We are bearing witness to the downfall and destruction of our heritage, to the end of the age of enlightenment. 

May this little book awaken homo sapiens of this earth to rise and live up to their name. And put an end to this senseless self-destruction.

The survival of Western civilization and in particular the survival of our crumbling constitutional republics — the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and others — requires that we identify and resist the global predators. We must revive our individual rights, our individualism, and our constitutional democracies.  

It is now or never! 

The world needs an immediate outpouring of political energy and determination to stand up for the best kind of government yet conceived — constitutional democracy as envisioned and codified by the Founders of the United States of America and preserved by Abraham Lincoln. The restrengthening and spread of these republics is the single most important political goal and the greatest necessity on Earth today. If a revival of government as the protector of individual and political freedom is not achieved in the near future with fair and monitored elections, the tragedy of totalitarian rule will continue to descend over the planet, snuffing out individual liberty and crushing all the advances in human wellbeing that have taken place since America’s successful War of Independence and legacy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 


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20 Seen weekly on Wednesday at 6 pm on and archives there and on our channel on  Also heard on  the following Wednesday at 5 pm. Go to for our all our other regular media appearances.

21 Reiss, Karina and Bhakdi, Sucharit. (2020). CORONA False Alarm? Facts and Figures. Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, Vermont 


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Bite me communists🇨🇦

Carl Sizemore
Carl Sizemore
1 year ago

Once again, the author has told us much of what we already know. What is lacking in all articles of this sort is how and where to fight to restore our republic…..

1 year ago

What the author seems to miss all together is that there is only one side. The Chinese and the Globalists are working together. It’s all a dog and pony show. The exact same way the Demoncrats and RINO/NEO-CONs have been working together for over 40 years. Sure,, there are issues they fight each other on, but that’s all a show for the sheeple. On the big foreign policy issues, the UN, the coup in Ukraine in 16, the war in Iraq and every government they’ve overthrown for many decades. They are on the exact same page. Conservatives are supposed to be for limited government, but the RINOS have worked as hard to create this tyrannical monstrosity as their Demoncrat partners. It’s the exact same with the Globalists and the Chinese.

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Jazzy Sue
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The Republicans are very aware of the rhinos within the party! We don’t really want them, yet they keep voting for them

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Maybe we will just kill everyone..

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They better hide 🇨🇦🇨🇦

8 months ago

If you look further down the Rabbit Hole it becomes clear that many have been under the control of the Reptilian Agenda for a very, very long time. Many notable figures including Royal lineage blood lines have been and still are directly under the influence of the Reptilian Hive Mind and it’s Dark Agenda for humanity for a very long time. It’s a Spiritual War for the Heart and Soul of Humanity that is playing out. I am not a Conspiracy Theorist but a critical thinker who is open to hearing/seeing what is really going on. The light will win I believe, but there will be many casualties along the way including an inevitable collapse of the current underpinnings of the present society which is necessary so that a heart-based society can emerge from the rubble in time as has been foreseen.

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