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April 25, 2024





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The American people at this moment in time, are trying their utmost to survive the worst economic calamity since The Great Depression. We also know very well, that the Trump Deranged Syndrome suffering Democrats and their stooges in the Fake News Media (actually, the Enemies of the American People), are doing their worst to undermine President Trump, no matter what he does, does not do, or says.
Even if Trump Walked on Water, they will say: Look, he cannot swim.
They are therefore weaponizing and politicizing this current disaster, solely to remove him from office, without giving a damn to the well-being and welfare of “We the People”. After all, both the contenders for the presidency, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, asserted in their last debate, that they are still for ‘open borders’ and ‘illegal immigrants’.
My rhetorical question to any clear thinking American voter is: How is it possible to consider these two Democrats as Loyal Americans, while allowing undocumented and unchecked illegals to cross the border, carrying diseases, terrorism and or drugs that threaten Americans?
All politicians know, how important California is in determining the election of any president, because it has over 39,000,000 people (in fact, more people than in Canada) with 55 Electoral votes; has 51 members in the House (45 Democrats, 6 Republicans and 2 vacant seats).
Although most Americans have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, I assert that there is a very good opportunity for President Trump to win California, if he tackles the issue of California Assembly Bill AB5.
AB5 was approved by the California State Senate 29 – 11 on Party-Line vote, by the Assembly 56 – 15, and signed by the Governor Gavin Newsom on September 18th, 2019 and became effective 1st January 2020.
Invariably with Democrat run governorships, they do their utmost to cover up their fiscal incompetence and rampant inanity, by finding any excuse or manner, to tax their constituents even more.

This is what happens when Democrats become a single-party rule. Not only do they not know how to run things, but most important of all, California liberals are a special breed of uselessness, especially as they are very certain, that more government power increases the social good.

It should be obvious, that only very stupid electorates, would repeatedly bring to power, the very same failed leaders, expecting different results.
Thus, if Trump wins California, it would be an electoral wipe-out for Democrats in 2020 and for the foreseeable future. The last time a Republican won California, was Bush in 1988 when he defeated Dukakis by a very thin margin.
This bill, makes ‘gig workers’ economy, illegal in the state.
The Federal Reserve, has a very broad definition of people working in the gig economy. This could be anyone, from a babysitter, to an Uber driver. According to that definition, there are as many as 57 million gig workers or more than 36% of American workers.
The gig economy has few pay rights and conditions; whereby gig companies, gain a competitive advantage by considering gig workers, as ‘Self-employed’ people who are not covered by pensions, sick pay, holiday entitlement or parental leave.
Millions of Americans join the ‘gig economy’ between full-time jobs or cannot find a new job after a layoff, or just need more flexibility than a traditional job can provide. So, one goes freelance; self-employed.
21st century technology has made anyone savvy in, IT, computers or even mobile phones, capable of running a business, even from the depths of the Amazon Jungle.
With the rise of Lyft, Etsy, Uber, E-bay, and others, more and more workers are doing part-time work, joining the “Gig Economy”.
AB5, thus completely destroys these jobs under the guise that they (Democrats) are protecting the welfare of American workers, when in fact, they are destroying the income of over 50,000,000 otherwise very satisfied workers.

These are the same Democrats who forced the increase of income of American workers by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, thus causing hundreds of thousands of young men and women to lose their jobs, and replacing them with very economical Robots.

History is replete with the death and destruction of millions of innocents, because of well-meaning but utterly stupid and ill-considered actions and or laws.
Let me (as always) share with you the following information (that you can very easily verify on the internet):
How is it possible for Uber and or Lyft (for example) who are unprofitable – as you are reading this article – will be able to cope with even more expenses? Since they are not able to make a profit using self-employed contractor drivers, how did these imbecile law makers in California come to the conclusion, that Uber and or Lyft can survive a greater financial burden?
Ironically, AB5 actually bans, most freelance journalists, if they write more than 35 articles a year, otherwise they would be considered employees of the newspaper.
Even liberal/leftist professors have been decapitated the AB5 axe, because it makes it illegal to use any professor as a weekly columnist without he/she, also becoming an employee.
Freelance musicians are not spared either; not even baby sitters, are exempt under this draconian AB5 law, since they too can be considered an employee of the parents at whose home they are working.

As much as most Californians hate Trump and or Republicans, I have absolutely no doubt that on the issue of AB5 (which impacts them severely, financially), most probably, hundreds of thousands of voters may cross over to the Republican Party because the Democrats are not listening to their pleas.

Democrat voters in California are demoralised and in sore need of help and support. They are most probably, psychologically, very receptive to someone to take care of their needs and complaints. Someone, who is willing and able to listen to and show them that he cares, especially regarding AB5.
Although President Trump cannot at this time, overturn or even interfere in the internal affairs of the State of California, he should go there several times and demonstrate to them, that he is very sympathetic to their problems and intends to address them.
That he is not only listening to their AB5 grievances, but also, that if he wins their support and the House, he will undo what the Democrats have been destructively doing for decades, that has reduced a once flourishing and happy state, to a very miserable and feces infested one.
Trump can, at every occasion ask them what he asked American Blacks in 2016:
“What do you have to lose, if you vote for me?”
California is ready for the taking, more than at any time in recent history and it is for Donald Trump to lose by his inaction.


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