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June 17, 2024





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To what end do politicians make regulations, rules and laws that are against the interest of American Citizens? I admit to really struggling with this recently.

To what end does our educational system ignore and even disavow our American history as it truly happened and teach alternative history, or no history at all? History being the best teacher is a well-known fact, so why photoshop it and re-write it so our students know nothing of our history? Who benefits from this and who loses?

To what end do politicians make laws that help criminals and hurt law-abiding citizens? To what end do judges release lawbreakers to re-offend and re-victimize good people?

What Americans does it help to have our governments give our tax money to illegals in our country, illegally? And to pay for services for illegals? And to give tax refunds to illegals?

To what end do our politicians disempower our law enforcement officers and turn them into the enemy, and remove the tools that keeps good people safe and remove rules that keep our officers safe? Who benefits and who loses?

To what end do local governments and schools erase our history by changing names of schools and sports teams, and covering up and tearing down historical paintings and monuments, statues and memorials?

To what end do we leave our mentally ill citizens on the streets to fend for themselves and take away the ability to provide them with critical help?

To what end do we decriminalize crimes that detrimentally affect good citizens, as though the criminal and the crime is more important than the people who are being victimized?

To whose benefit do our politicians decriminalize and even legalize drug use that causes drug addiction and all of the ancillary crimes caused by drug use?

To whose benefit (hint, easy answer here) do politicians raise taxes to intolerable levels on working people and small and large businesses who provide the engine that powers America? And who benefits by the lack of accountability of where those taxes are spent?

What Americans benefit by the flood of uneducated, unskilled, medically challenged, language deficient illegal immigrants crossing our borders, and who benefits by hampering methods to stop this flow such as building a wall?

What Americans benefit by forcing government healthcare down our throats and disabling hundreds of thousands of Americans who pay for healthcare to have diminished services, long wait times and government know-nothings determining what care we will receive?

What families benefit from schools deciding to change the curriculum of our schools to teach our children graphic sex education, the normalcy of LGBTQ and the evils of religion and morals and winning is bad?

Who benefits from having homeless and needles and feces on our streets, near our businesses, schools and homes? Who benefits by labeling the homeless problem as a housing problem instead of the drug problem that it is?

Who benefits by judicial activism? Who benefits by fake news stories?

Who benefits and who loses by having Sanctuary cities, no engagement with ICE, and no voter ID’s required? Is it legal American citizens, or is it illegals, and politicians?

Where are those we empower to uphold our rights as American citizens, as law abiding citizens, as tax paying citizens, as voters, and business owners and parents? Why are they endangering our safety,  and brainwashing, our kids when they should be teaching the basics and not their bad politics and revisionist history? Why is the media so irresponsibly and unethically dishonest?

Who benefits from hating our President, while American citizens have prospered, as has the world, under this Administration? Who benefits from socialism in America? Who loses?

The answers are pretty telling. I think we are smart enough to figure it out, and hopefully smart enough to change direction.

Time for a serious conversation with ourselves,
to save ourselves,
to save our children’s future,
and to save America.


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