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February 29, 2024





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Our forefathers envisioned a country with three branches of government to both balance one another and to counterbalance one another. We seem to have gone off balance in the judicial branch. Our judges exist to implement the laws put into place by our legislative branch. It does not exist to make laws. It does not exist to select who gets special treatment. It exists to enforce the laws that are made and to hold those that break those laws accountable for those actions, and to administer the consequences of such actions. Much of our judicial system has become a large part of the problems that are perpetuated in our country. Judges have placed themselves in roles that were never intended by our forefathers. Judges were to be apolitical, and were intended to protect the American public from criminals by not readily giving them the chance to re-offend. 
Instead, judges are re-inventing and re-defining laws in ways that were never intended, and we are seeing criminal after criminal released back into society with little or no consequences to their criminal behaviors, only to re-offend and cause pain and suffering to more people.
In Chicago the gun violence is totally out of control. Judges however, give gun offenders slaps on the wrist and put them back onto the streets to terrorize the community again and again. If our legislative branch has made the laws to protect people, and the police officers are arresting the offenders, then the judges need to do their jobs to stop releasing those criminals back into the community. Statistics show that offenders repeat a high percentage of the time, and once they repeat offend, the statistics skyrocket for again being a repeat offender.
Judges who have determined that they can subjectively decide who is and who is not a danger to the community, or who is worthy or not worthy to be held accountable place themselves in a god-like position. Rather than follow the laws laid out to protect people, they are seriously erring in judgements on the side of criminals. While they may think they are being kind and tolerant, they are putting the rest of us at risk. 
Releasing or refusing to prosecute criminal immigrants, causes more Americans to be victimized as these people then commit more crimes. A man was recently killed by a man running from police, not his first offense. That man had come from the hospital seeing his brand new baby daughter.
The Jihadists (think about that word alone!) in New Mexico were released on a signature bond after 11 children were found in squalor, with no food, no water, with weapons, and with a dead baby. That judge did not feel that the prosecutor proved that they were a danger to society, despite training said children to commit murder on school children and police. Where is the disconnect here? This judge should not be a judge at all!
The babysitter who hung a child in her basement was given probation. People who murder people are let out, people who commit violent felonies are given second, third and fourth “chances”.
If we would keep these people in prison, the people of America would not be victimized over and over by the same offenders. This is not fair to us. I myself was hit head on by a parolee, let out of prison, who was drunk and speeding on the wrong side of the road. This after being released by a judge after a home invasion robbery. I would not have had to go through the pain and suffering had that person been serving his fully deserved sentence for victimizing that first family. 
Our judges, in an effort to be touchy feely, kind, generous second chance givers, are hurting the citizens of America at an alarming rate. Anyone guilty of a felony upon another person, or of a gun crime needs to pay the consequences of those crimes in full. As much as judges want to legislate from the bench, and play god or politics with their decisions, that is not why they are there. Their job is to punish the guilty and protect the innocent. We need to vote out those that have forgotten that, and use whatever legal methods are available to remove those judges from the bench that continue to endanger the lives, and safety and property of our citizenry. 


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