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April 15, 2024





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In This Edition

  • Under 65? Then This Ain’t An Emergency
  • Ivermectin Withheld Is Willful Misconduct
  • One Year In – 6,135 Deaths Post-Inoculation Within 48 Hours


I’m an OCD dude, as you might be able to tell by now.

I like numbers, and I love seeking out answers to challenging questions.

I crave empirical evidence, facts, and accurate data. 

But today, I want to play pretend, so will you play along with me?

Let’s pretend that the CDC didn’t violate 3 Federal Laws in order to hyperinflate COVID data.

Let’s pretend that PCR tests are accurate.

Let’s pretend that Asymptomatic Transmission is possible.

Let’s pretend that a group of CDC PhDs were smart enough to ensure the same person couldn’t be counted more than once as a new case in the same 12 month period. (Spoiler Alert: They Weren’t)

Let’s pretend that all the data the CDC is publishing is 100% accurate and not one single digit of it is fraudulent.

Let’s ignore the fact that the CDC intentionally removed the statistical criteria for what constitutes a pandemic in 2009 in preparation for this man-made, manufactured fiasco.

Let’s answer the question with the CDC’s published data, ‘Is This An Emergency?’

How many emergencies have lasted almost 2 years?

What makes an emergency an emergency is that it is sudden, unexpected, and unpreventable. Right?

An earthquake is an emergency. The heat going out in the dead of winter is an emergency. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard is an emergency.

And while each is an emergency, not a single one lasts for YEEEEEEEEEEARS. Right?

So, we pretend that the CDC hasn’t intentionally committed fraud. We look at their published data that we’re supposed to be able to trust and ask…is this an emergency?

Rather than look at the CDC’s data as a whole, let’s break it down by age because one size never fits all. If all the deaths were approximately equally distributed by age, then there wouldn’t be much problem grouping 88 years old’s with 18 year old’s.

But since that is FAR from the case, perhaps a critically thinking person would want to know how many of the deaths are influenced by children vs. seniors.

Starting with children 17 and younger, over 6.2 million recoveries vs. only 1,005 deaths in almost 2 years. Yes, the 1,005 deaths are very sad, but can we celebrate the 6,276,480 times children recovered?

Can we feel reassured as parents that our children have a 99.98% Recovery Rate and the odds of them dying are only 1 in 6,451, which is much better than the Flu?

Can we agree that children make up only 0.15% of all deaths? Does any of this sound like an emergency for them?


Now let’s look at the 18 to 49 age range.

Over 20 million recoveries vs. only 42 thousand deaths for a 99.8% Recovery Rate. Wow, that seems pretty good.

According to the CDC, there is only a 1 in 639 chance of dying, and we know that 95% of the deaths had on average, 4.0 comorbidities.

We also know that 140 scientific studies CONFIRM that infection-acquired immunity is superior and sensational and that there are zero confirmed reports of anyone dying from COVID with a Vitamin D blood level at or above 50 ng/ml and no pre-existing conditions.

It sounds to me, that if we focus on nutrition and trust in the magnificence of a well-nourished immune system, there’s very little to worry about with this group.

Can we agree this isn’t a 2-year earthquake for people 18 to 49 years old?

So, the CDC’s data is actually saying that if you’re under 50 and taking your vitamin D, recovery is a virtual certainty. Pretty neat.

Now let’s look at our beloved elders, 50 years and moving on up.

If you’re 50 to 64 years old, the Recovery Rate is still 98.51%, and we have to keep in mind that 95% of all deaths had on average 4.0 comorbidities.

If I’m pretending that the data is accurate, then I’m a little concerned that 17% of all deaths have occurred in this age group, but I also understand that (1) prevention strategies and early treatments exist, and (2) that the more we proactively focus on health instead of reacting to fear, the better the outcomes will be for everyone.

Can we agree that there is some concern and caution in this age group for people with major pre-existing conditions, but COVID isn’t an emergency for EVERYONE in this group?


So that leaves our retirees, Americans 65 and older, and now things get a bit more serious…or do they?

Over 76% of all COVID deaths have occurred in this age group, with over 54% of all COVID deaths occurring in people 75 or older.


Over 54% of all COVID deaths have occurred in people at or beyond normal life expectancy?

And of the people who died, 95% had on average 4.0 comorbidities?

And we all agree that the goal of life isn’t to live forever?

Could you imagine paying taxes for eternity?

And don’t most deaths occur in people post-retirement age?

Has that ever been an emergency? Sad, Yes…but an emergency?

So, after all of this analysis, after all, the pretending that the data is accurate, after all the objective review by age, does the data look more like an emergency or more like regular life happening?

Is the goal of public health to make sure everyone lives forever, and no one ever gets sick?

Because if that’s the goal of the new normal, then it is going to fail spectacularly 100% of the time.



Data Source: Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) 

Data Reported On: Dec 17, 2021 (Data Reported Thru: Dec 10, 2021)

Injured By A Vaccine? Report It Here –

Why is it so important to review the number of deaths within 48 hours? 

Why is that potentially the most revealing statistic in VAERS?

Deaths that occur within 48 hours post-inoculation, make it very difficult to argue that the experimental COVID shots didn’t cause the death. You know, that whole ‘correlation does not equal causation’, disingenuous argument?

If the experimental shots didn’t cause the death, then the administration of the experimental inoculation was an act of medical malpractice. Why?

Think about it. If someone was already near death, say in a hospice awaiting the inevitable, and if the experimental shots are intended to prevent death, then administering an experimental product to a person on their death bed potentially becomes assisted suicide and certainly unethical for multiple reasons.

Key Findings

  • Spontaneous Miscarriages – 3,297
  • Birth Defects – 725 
  • Heart Attacks Total – 10,229
  • Heart Attacks Age 5 to 11 – 2 
  • Heart Attacks Age 12 to 29 – 354
  • Heart Attacks Age 30 to 45 – 946
  • Heart Attacks Age 46 to 60 – 1,526
  • Heart Attacks Age 61 to 75 – 2,155
  • Heart Attacks Age 76+ – 1,532
  • Heart Attacks Unknown Age – 3,714
  • Severe Allergic Reaction – 35,529


Data Source: CDC & US State Health Departments

Data Reported On: Nov 14, 2021

Updated Monthly

Vaccine Breakthrough Data (According To US Health Departments)

  • Total Number Of US Health Departments Reporting – 30 of 51
  • States Where Vaccine Breakthrough Data Could Not Be Located – AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, FL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NC, OK, UT, WI, WY 
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Cases – 1,446,807
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Hospitalizations – 56,324
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Deaths – 16,111

Rules For Case, Hospitalization, or Death To Be Determined ‘Vaccine Breakthrough’ & Full Data Set For Validation


If Dr. Peter McCullough is the top scientific researcher & presenter on the topic of COVID…and he is…then who is the top investigative journalist?

Daniel Horowitz, an investigative journalist for The Blaze, has quickly become my favorite writer on the topic of COVID. In my professional opinion, he is the Peter McCullough of journalism.

He has so many superb articles, and his research has been impeccable throughout his coverage.

Do yourself a favor and read his latest work, ‘Now we know why the establishment has always opposed early treatment.’

We all know Ivermectin works.

Daniel Horowitz follows the money to show you that ‘they’ know it too, and because ‘they’ know it, might ‘they’ be guilty of Willful Misconduct?

If you haven’t already signed the Grand Jury petition focused on holding accountable the people allegedly guilty of Willful Misconduct…if you haven’t yet told at least 3 people about it…then there’s no time like the present. 

Together we’re going to make 2022 a historic year for freedom!

Join the more than 100,000 Americans who have signed the Grand Jury Petition.


Join our community: Your insights matter. Contribute to the diversity of thoughts and ideas.

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Lev Kozakov
Lev Kozakov
2 years ago

Dear Dr. Ealy,

In the 1st (green-red) table you put wrong numbers in the ‘Total’ rows and the ‘% of Deaths’ column. The % of total deaths IS NOT the sum of % in each subgroup. For instance, the total % of Deaths for kids from 0 to 17 IS NOT 0.15%, as you put in the table; it is equal to 100% * (1,005 / 6,483,703) = 0.016%.

Thank you,
— Lev Kozakov

Lise Dupont McLain
Lise Dupont McLain
2 years ago

Hi Dr. Ealy,

I really enjoyed this article. It is very insightful.

I have not been “offered” the jab by anyone because I am not involved in the “sick care” system but my husband was offered the jab three (3) times and has refused three times.

Since I have been studying the “sick care” system for many, many years, I have taken the time to educate him on what he is facing if he continues to participate in this system. Additionally, I have worked within the system for many years, too, and had two licenses from the State of Maine whereby I could diagnose and treat the mentally ill as well as the substance abusers. I worked in hospitals, outpatient agencies and had a private practice.

He has a male doctor but one day he walked into their “sick care” system, and he was offered the jab by a “female” doctor.

Is this an “airline” trick? When he came home and told me, I immediately suspected as such and told him so.

Thank you for your insightful article.

Lise Dupont McLain

Lise Dupont McLain
Lise Dupont McLain
Reply to  Lise Dupont McLain
2 years ago

Hi Dr. Ealy,

By the way, I discovered your work several months ago, and bought two of your books. I have such a large library of books that I continue to add to it on a weekly basis.

I am eager to read more articles from you.

Thank you!

Lise Dupont McLain

Lise Dupont McLain
Lise Dupont McLain
Reply to  Lise Dupont McLain
2 years ago

Hi Dr. Ealy,

I think that some people “discount” those who are in the 70s and older.

They can live healthy lives, also.

My maternal grandmother, who was born and lived in Canada, lived to be 102 years, and my paternal great-aunt (my paternal grandmother’s sister) also lived to be 102 years old who also was born and lived in Canada.

I am Canadian born myself and became a citizen within the State of Maine later on.

I keep reading statistics about certain ages can do better if this or if that but the 70 years old and older are forgotten and discounted for the most part.

There is very little “health care” practiced in this country and perhaps Canada, too, and elsewhere.

Profits and careers supersede health care.

Thank you!

Lise Dupont McLain

Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson
2 years ago

Dear Dr. Ealy,

I’d like to reiterate the comment below (Lev Kozakov) that many of the published “% of deaths” numbers (Table 1) are incorrect and by an order of magnitude or more. I’ll point out another example from the table data,
Age 18-29, Cases: 8.806938e6, Deaths: 4957 –> 0.056% NOT 1.7%.

These arithmetic errors are rife in the table.

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