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May 27, 2024





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Emperor Xi Jinping of China, having successfully installed his puppet⏤the criminal imposter Joe Biden on the chair of the leadership of the free world, must be wondering how in the world he happened to pick a demented politician like Joe.

Instead of a more politically astute and groomed individual from his secret cadre of trained fellow travelers, like Eric Swalwell for example, who easily fell prey to the undoubted charms of a honey pot entrapment agent? Joe was bought! So who’s the most astute? Can it be Kamala Harris? How does she fit in, really?

We should not forget the probable damage done by California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese chauffeur spy for twenty years, or the hundreds of Chinese graduate students, professors, and researchers who have infiltrated our institutions of higher education for decades as well as the commercial enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex that supply our defense establishments with the tools for our national security. It’s a good bet we’ve been screwed over!

Bribery and secret sex trysts are still two of the spy trade crafts’ surest methods of opening the doors to government secrets. Homosexuality once made up the triumvirate of successful ways to suborn potential dupes as spies but, alas, that’s by the board now, societal perversion being forced on us as an accepted form of lifestyle not to be shamed but celebrated.

So, America is now saddled with an illegitimate imposter as chief executive; a VP unwanted by anyone, even her own party as Joe’s sure successor, while a dysfunctional Democrat Party seething with rabid, frothing at the mouth Marxist losers filled with hatred against undoubtedly, America’s most successful President ever.

We’re in a race to the bottom and China patiently awaits. Conservative Americans beware. We have a job to do that requires your involvement.

The imposter Criminal-in-Chief, Joe Biden attended his first press conference this past week. Will wonders never cease? I’ve seen a healthier face staring at me out of a coffin. Joe’s press corp questioners were his pre-selected, pre-briefed fake news toadies who lobbied softball questions that only Joe could screw up. Gone is the high-energy repartee of imitation reporters standing their ground making Marxist points to challenge our real president on his MAGA policies. Joe was left with a successful economy, a more than successful effort to support the China Virus vaccination process so, Joe’s biggest problem is how to denounce Trump’s success while claiming it for himself. They’ll try to do that as well with Trump’s highly successful economic and employment policies that fell prey to the China Virus. Obama had no role in it. If only!

So, here’s the imposter trying to “Build Back Better” and he immediately throws thousands of union workers out of jobs with thousands more to come by closing down the XL pipeline, shuttering oil drilling by all means, and reducing coal use until all mines are closed. Talk about unemployment.  How’s that working for us?

Petroleum is the lifeblood of every industrial nation. The argument that carbon exhaust emissions from vehicles are raising the earth’s temperatures to dangerous BS levels ignores the real culprits, the sun, about which we can do nothing except wear sunscreen and large hats, and the 1500 or so active volcanos worldwide, not to mention the uncounted ones roiling out of the oceans sea beds. For the record, America has 169 potentially active volcanos that could erupt at any time as St.Helens did recently.

So why does the climate control crowd insist we depend on silly windmills and sunlight for our energy when they are inefficient and not cost-effective, being subsidized by the government? They know it.

Their next task if they stay in power, is to make us dependent on coal and oil from China. That should seal the deal, don’t you think?  

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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