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July 14, 2024





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In the midst of the Marxist takeover of public education in California, parents are quietly pulling out of K12 public schools.

The California State Department of Education recently reported data showing K12 enrollment in California public schools decreased by 25% between the 2022/2023 school year and the 2023/2024 school year.

Through ridiculous legislation such as free condoms for every student in 7th – 12th grades, as well as mandatory requirements for school officials to keep students’ life-altering gender decisions from parents, the California legislators continue to legislate radicalism down the throats of students and families.

What an actual education looks like

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle defines the proper aim of education as teaching students to like and dislike certain things. An actual education mainly involves teaching students to like and pursue virtues while abstaining from vices.

In St. Augustine’s City of God, he defines virtue as Ordo Amoris or the proper order of what one loves. In this case, teachers who instruct students to lie to their parents or deceive adults to get what they want could be said to love vices.

An actual education would include teaching students to pursue wisdom, learn the art of self-control, apply honesty as the best policy, be courageous in the face of fear, love their fellow humans deeply, and always possess faith and hope.

What a Marxist education looks like

The Portland Association of Teachers has decided to take the opposite approach. This organization, which is an affiliate of the state teachers’ union, is producing anti-Israel, anti-American, hate-filled curricula for Kindergarten students.

Christopher Rufo has researched a collection of Portland education documents that outline “lesson plans steeped in radicalism.”

Rufo reports that the Teachers’ Union utilizes a workbook for four (4) and five (5) year-old students from an oxymoronic group known as the Palestinian Feminist Collective.

The book is about a fictional Palestinian character named Handala. The boy talks about fleeing his homeland of Palestine as a ten-year-old because “A group of bullies called Zionists wanted our land, so they stole it by force and hurt many people.”

Rufo comments that the “ideologies intensify” as the students advance from Kindergarten through second grade. The teachers’ union further recommends a lesson “that teaches students that Israel, like America, is an oppressor.”

The lesson gives explicit verbal instructions to teachers on how to approach this by having teachers gather the students into a circle and read the following narrative: “75 years ago, a lot of decision-makers around the world decided to take away Palestinian land to make a country called Israel. Israel would be a country where rules were mostly fair for Jewish people with White skin.”

Battle for the minds of our youth

The stark difference between the two types of education is obvious, and parents all over the country are realizing it. A battle is being waged for the minds of America’s youth to destroy America’s future.

California is only the latest example of parents’ eyes opening and the quiet mass exodus from public schools commencing.

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1 month ago

Your zionism is showing…….

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