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May 18, 2024





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Once the government has sufficiently instilled Americans with enough fear over a virus, and we stupidly comply without demanding logical and truthful answers not based on junk science, then they will have no fear of us resisting their New World Order takeover. The United Nations thinks it will be them, but China’s trained Maoists have so infiltrated that organization that it will be China, who will become our masters. It’s as easy to buy scientists as it is to buy politicians, like Eric Swalwell, Dianne Feinstein, and China Joe.

But for now, we should focus our attention closer to home like the Georgia City of Peachtree Corners, for example, that has installed, without the people’s consent, a Chinese AI copy of George Orwell’s total surveillance state. It’s working successfully in China, so why not here? Cameras are now up and functioning in Peachtree Corners with facial recognition software to determine who is not keeping the state six-foot distance mandate, who is not wearing a mask, and who is not complying with the state’s (in this case Peachtree Corner) mandate for totalitarian compliance.

Facial ID technology will identify the offender, who, if not confronted by some authority right then and there, will be visited at their homes later to demand compliance or issued a citation or, indeed, arrested.

Health department bureaucrats could very easily become America’s Gestapo, armed with absolute authority to control every aspect of our lives, for our safety, of course. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued an Executive Order, renewed nine times already, that allows health officials to enter your homes, regardless of 4th amendment protections, if it is suspected a member of your household could be infected with the Wuhan Virus, to seize or isolate that person or persons for the safety of the collective. We must resist such stupidity.

To date, we don’t hear about any push backs to Red Flag laws already installed in some Blue jurisdictions that operate on the premise that a complaint from some citizen, good and true (snowflakes), who finds a reason to object to one’s possession of a 2nd amendment protected firearm, wants police authorities to seize ’em. Indeed some “Blue State” jurisdictions have gone wild trying to steal citizens’ guns under the meme of “Public Safety.”

The totalitarian state is trying desperately to achieve a foothold of unconstitutional authority over the citizenry. We must understand what’s going on and resist their demonic efforts to enslave us. An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry, and we, not they, have the legal authority to defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that includes Emperor Xi Jinping’s Maoist Democrat Party.

If we allow the government to break the laws simply because of an emergency and get away with it, then they’ll create more emergencies to break the law. We see this constantly unfold with petit Blue State dictators ordering seizures of people and property under the guise of a phony pandemic by ordering businesses and churches to close. In contrast, strip clubs and other favored pro-Liberal businesses can remain open. We must resist that narrative as well.

China’s Wuhan Virus is a Trojan Horse for the One World Government crowd so they can assert their authoritarianism, creating the surveillance state. The goal is to mandate vaccinations, change the monetary basis of our US economy and use AI to replace common laborer jobs.

Protests by a half dozen citizens in the city of Los Angeles, California, are now labeled by the MSM as right-wing terrorists assaulting the good works of government to protect its citizens. Nonsense! It is government terrorism to mandate compliance to their totalitarian policies.

We’re on the way to totalitarianism if we don’t curb this behavior quickly.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go view ’em!


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