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April 21, 2024





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Brilliant journalist J. D. Rucker joins us to demonstrate how all the threats, fears, chaos, and confusion surrounding us result in the global predators seeking to destroy the Western constitutional democracies on the way to dominating and exploiting the entire world. Finally, understand what’s going on and learn about ways you can fight back, including our new Freedom Flyers and the Peaceful Assembly movement.

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Caroline R
Caroline R
1 year ago

So much truth packed into one episode!
A very interesting cross section of our world and its issues affecting us all.
Thank you ❤️

I totally agree with you all about the necessity of focusing our attention and resources on what’s most important right now.
The news and human need can be overwhelming, if we don’t lean upon and be supported by our God, as Isaiah 50 encourages us to do.
My prayer list gets longer by the day, but God alone has the emotional capacity to deal with a world of suffering and trauma; I have to put the load of care into His hands, and ask Him to intervene.

I agree with JD about the fact that ‘America Out Loud’ is a trusted news source. It has been that for me since I tuned in for Peter McCullough, and found all of the great talent and indepth analysis of current events.
Pastor Rick has also been a blessing to me while I was shut out of my church while Premier Daniel Andrews closed churches, and then I was further shut out because I wasn’t fully dosed with injectable poisons (and wouldn’t wear a surgical mask).

I like the fact that the contributors to America Out Loud have professional expertise and a perspective that is highly valuable in this time of copious lies, deliberate gaslighting, corruption and suppression of truth.

Malcolm has assembled a group of champions of truth.
The Jewish writers of the first century AD knew about truth, and told us to tighten the belt of truth, as soldiers do in battle for their lives. Everything hangs off that belt.

Lastly, I love this community that’s founded on Judeo-Christian heritage and faith in our Lord God and His Word. We have hope in this hopeless world.
Pastor Mark Henry of Revive Church, Bakersfield Minnesota, often says “the world is falling apart, and that’s why we keep our eyes on Jesus”. He also says, when discussing events such as the incoming enslavement of humanity through the programmable Digital Currency and CCP style social credit system, “If I didn’t have God’s word to remind me that He is in control, I’d go out of my mind”.
I concur.
God bless and strengthen you Peter, Ginger and JD, and your listeners, by His Holy Spirit.❤️🇭🇲

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