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April 12, 2024





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As Americans, we will not yield to Communism, Socialism or any Social Progressive, Marxist-Leninist set of ideologies, especially, the Trojan horses antics of the modern-day domestic terrorists that work within the U.S. government from both sides of the aisle, and conspire against American citizens.

Very recently, the U.N. violated United States sovereignty, while occupying a Salt Lake City Convention Center, calling it a U.N. Compound, and claiming it as International Territory.

The United Nations police had the audacity to openly admit the U.N. took over part of an American city (Salt Lake) and that journalists right to record public officers were denied because it was deemed a “UN Compound” and the journalist had no right to record public servants as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

How convenient for the globalist that this isolated and medium-sized Salt Lake City has little national or international media presence, creating the perfect political climate for the UN conference.

Giddy up you modern-day Paul Revere cyber keyboard riders, the United Nations recently hijacked the minds of thousands of people including the Salt Lake City Convention center and renamed it their “UN Compound” during what began in August 2019, as a conference, turned into a progressive take over, did you really think you would hear about this in the local Media? This is the agenda of the Communist, Socialist, Globalist movement.


This past August 26-28, 2019 the newly progressive Salt Lake City, hosted the 2019 United Nations Civil Society Conference under the theme of “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Communities.” with the agenda of outlining a global vision by 2030.

According to Defending Utah co-founder, Ben McClintock, he noted that “During the conference, they were pushing the UN’s anti-family/anti-property rights/anti-American Agenda 2030, journalists covering the event were confronted by UN officers.” he said in addition to the $650,000 the state legislature provided, Salt Lake City chipped in another $100,000 or so for the event off the backs of the American taxpayer, including the money used to build and maintain Salt Palace.

With no compelling action data or meaningful outcome presented by those by the left who created an opportunity to spew their global rhetoric strongly suggesting there is a global climate disruption on this planet right now in this moment in time and painting it as the greatest humanitarian crisis we have ever witnessed, once again, they are trying to rewrite history, desperately thinking of creative ways to entrap the young fresh minds, ripe for the picking with no knowledge of the past global catastrophes and tragedy’s of world wars, and issues surrounding Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, the Black Plague, smallpox, AIDS, and the threat of nuclear war.

This conference attracted more than 5,000 representatives from over 130 countries around the globe, more than 40% of them were young adults between 18 and 32 years of age.

This was not the first attempt made by American politicians to sell their citizens out to the military-political United Nations, history shows they tried to test the will of the people in 1951, by their domestic and foreign forces flying their UN flag over government buildings in cities and small towns throughout the US.

This soft coup failed miserably as Americans grew out of the concern and rose to the occasion against the revolution in the making by the Council on Foreign Relations and the U.N. Like today the Media was silent, especially in the invaded cities, and local police on a national level refused to be captured.

This was definitely some kind of Na Na Na Na Na moment, in the faces of Americans by runaway rogue politicians and their global agendas, an “unchallenged gotcha statement” and what are you going to do now, to the rest of the country and the world?

Because Americans are born free people, we don’t speak or understand the Orwellian dialogue, however, we do understand the ramifications of tyranny, and guess what, we don’t want any, there’s no room in our Americana lifestyle to entertain or allow for the ambushing of our rights, we will defend ourselves at all cost.

Americans from coast to coast have become enraged over the rogue politics of the domestic globalist working in the people’s U.S. government, who are conspiring with those of the corrupt enterprise of the U.N.

People are speaking out and voicing their opinions over the recent UN soft coup, saying ” As an American who loves our national and state independence, I’m horrified to see such Utah leaders as Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, a Utah state legislator, even a representative from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the stage to announce that Salt Lake City hosted the UN NGO conference in the USA for the first time.

The would-be world government, the United Nations, is a global organization that was created by globalists, global communists, communist traitors such as Alger Hiss, and has as its members some of the worst terrorist-sponsoring countries on earth. Whistleblower, Peter Gallo spoke in Sandy on October 23, 2018, about his experience of corruption at the UN when he worked for the UN.

Under the guise of Mayor Jackie Biskupski, who hosted the UN’s conference, UN Founders were aiming to merge the counties of the earth together under their NWO, a planned world government.

Salt Lake City Utah’s first gay Mayor, and huge LGBT supporter, Jackie Biskupski, invited and hosted the United Nations Convention, August 26-28, 2019.

According to the Salt Lake City website, the U.N. General Society Conference attracted between 2,000 and 4,000 representatives from over 300 nongovernmental organizations, this is the first time the U.N has allowed any American state to host a conference outside of New York City.

Perhaps this gutsy LGBT Mayor got her shot of infused encouragement from the egregious former #44 administration, who promoted the globalist United Nations through an Executive Order dated July 1, 2016, by Barack Obama, giving power to the United Nations the use of force to protect civilians in conflict under what is known as the “Kigali Principles” which were designed to make sure civilians are not abandoned by the “international community and giving the green light for the UN peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.”

Did you know it was during the Obama administration, many Americans flooded the internet with videos, documenting the United Nations military-like vehicles, moving across America.

This is not a “Peace Organization,” it’s a War organization, as J. Reuben Clark warned in 1945, after reading the United Nations Charter, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, is loved and agreed to by every political leader, that’s hopefully a terrific exaggeration. “Building safe, resilient and sustainable cities” as the UN speaker says is the goal they want to work on and they don’t want to leave anybody behind.”

The New World Order wants to rule every person on earth and build it from the ground up, cities to counties to countries to the UN.

The 1992 version of the UN Agenda 21, is a global governance document. The UN hoax about global man-caused warming has been brought to the Salt Lake City convention and was used as an excuse to integrate the world.”

Say what? Not so fast, there is no way on God’s green earth that American patriots, militia, Veterans, and our active military would ever allow the likes of this Treasonous narrative to usurp the U.S. Constitutional rights of Americans that were instilled within All American citizens on sovereign soil.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski stated during the opening of this global entrapment that “As a city committed to being inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable, it is an honor to be the first U.S. host city of the UN-DPI NGO Conference outside of New York,” “I can think of no better time and no better place than Salt Lake City, for the UN and the world’s NGOs to expand awareness in this country of sustainable development goals and the value of global unity.” Supposedly, there are 85 other cities and counties in America that have resolved to achieve the same goals of affirming clean energy goals from 2016.

The Mayor also highlighted Salt Lake City’s Climate Positive Plan, a path to transition to 100% clean energy by 2032 and reduce carbon output 80% by 2024,

I seriously wonder if anyone reminded all in attendance who flew across the world that they are in contradiction of the very issues they are defending. Apparently, the Mayor encouraged the UN to make Sustainability Goal 11 the focus of the conference.

2030 is the target goal to access so-called safe and affordable transportation, housing, green, and public spaces, Goal 11 also indoctrinates cities to implement and adopt plans to reduce the so-called reduction of environmental impact of cities air quality.

You ask how this global effort was brought to the religious area of Salt Lake City Utah? It was through the consorted efforts of the Office for Global Engagement at Utah Valley University.

As of Nov 2017, UVU was granted an affiliate membership status with the UN Department of Public Information and works to educate the campus and community on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, of course, it was through Education, surprised? Congratulations Salt Lake City, you are now considered a “Global City.”

Any government representative or lawmaker that tries to violate these laws in a treasonous or terroristic manner against “We the People” should be arrested and held accountable.

We almost lost our country to the last few administrations there is no way the American people will allow for the likes of the UN and their back door politics to make room for a socialist takeover.

All eyes will be watching the politics of Salt Lake City and their progressive cronies, let us remind those rogue forces that be, you know who you are you domestic terrorists working in the people’s government, sabotaging us every chance you get, this is exactly why the silent majority elected Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United States and exactly why the not so silent majority will re-elect him for another four years.

Let your elected officials know you don’t approve of the UN taking away American rights by signing the petition.

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2 years ago

This is a Mitt Romney State. Mitt Romney is working against the best interests of the citizens of Utah.

David Kelley
David Kelley
2 years ago

This whole thing reeks! The more you dig into this story, the worse it gets, particularly if you know anything about the U.N.! This IS a wake up America moment. Using taxpayer monies and buildings to further their godless, globalist agendas. Further, the totalitarian way that they achieved their goals, implemented their agendas, is a chilling lesson for future resistance.

2 years ago

Thank you

2 years ago

Is this still being occupied in February 2022?

8 months ago

The United Nations in New York, (land “donated” by Rockefeller), is a direct afront to our constitution and the republic. (this is NOT a democracy). Spawn of the League of nations, critical in causing the 2nd bankers’ world war, the U.N. is the trunk of the tree known as the Central Bank (swindle).

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