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April 22, 2024





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Our Constitution is wholly inadequate to the governance of any but a moral people, and while I believe it can be adequate with those who are not religious, it does require a morality that honors the liberty and freedom of each individual person, such as exists under Christianity.

I wrote an article some time ago where I looked at a letter John Adams wrote, with the quote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

A free people must have a shared sense of morality, at least to the degree that the freedom and liberty of each person are held sacrosanct (right up to the point where they collide with the freedom and liberty of others). To use another John Adams quote, “We are not a Christain Nation, but we are a Nation of Christians.”

Multiculturalism is wholly incompatible with our Constitution, as it replaces a shared morality with a morality of the lowest common denominator- which is essentially a society without any moral values at all.  A diverse culture is fine as long as it preserves a religious faith in the power of each individual to command their own destiny.  

Some say I was born lucky, and never struggled, but I know a little about struggle. I was thrown out of my parent’s house at 17, with a semester yet to go in High School, and had to support myself at $3.35 an hour – the minimum wage of the day (which amounted to $6.70 in today’s money the last I checked – before Joe Biden began debasing it). I got ahead through hard work, grit, determination, and the wisdom to make good decisions when an opportunity presented itself.

Positive rights, such as the right to medical care (or to food), are incompatible with our Constitution, as guaranteeing medical care (or food) to one person invariably means taking it from others – and infringing upon their liberty. People like to forget the flip side of government charity, but everything the government gives one person, it must take from another. The only thing the government can give for free is opportunity, which it does by leaving us alone.

The belief that it is moral for some people to live off the efforts of others – that it is not acceptable for able-bodied adults to have to work for their own survival – is incompatible with our Constitution, as it makes the property of those who work communal, giving the majority the right to take as much of that income as they wish to have.

Tribalism, beyond that of the American tribe, is wholly incompatible with our Constitution, as each tribe, be it the KKK or BLM, is invariably turned against other groups, with the stated goal of denying them liberty – the KKK was created to hold black people back, and BLM was created to elevate black people at the expense of other people (thus holding those other people back).

We cannot have a functional society based on our Constitution if we fracture ourselves into identity groups, all hating one another while vying for power.

Being an American incidentally, to me anyway, has nothing to do with skin color, or place of birth. It’s an attitude. It’s the belief that we all have skills and abilities, and that if we are allowed to utilize them however we see fit, we can be successful in life. It is believed that failure does not prevent success, but often precedes it. Being American is about having courage and compassion. It’s about having grit.

When I was stationed in Germany, a German friend told me you could point out Americans a mile away. I did not believe him until he began to do so. After a couple of minutes, I could do so too. We carry ourselves as if we own the world.

Critical Race Theory is wholly incompatible with our Constitution. It makes race the central tenet of every interaction, and then denies one person’s freedom to elevate another person – based on race. Critical Race Theory is racist – and a moral society does not teach school children to be racist.

When people celebrate abortion, not as a necessary evil, but as a courageous act, they are celebrating murder, and championing the murderer. Moral societies don’t do that.

In California, a number of cities no longer prosecute shoplifting if it is less than $950, or if the shoplifter can be said to need the things they stole. A moral society may be generous to the needy, but it does not legalize theft.

Chicago is on track to break 1,000 gun murders this year – almost all of them gang-related. A moral society would not tolerate that.

Looting and rioting have become not only normalized -when done by the political left – but such actions are now viewed as a civic virtue. That would never happen in a moral society.

We have quite literally sainted someone who died of a fentanyl overdose. We have turned criminals into victims, and our police into the bad guys. We call everything ‘racist,’ except actual racism, which we call ‘anti-racism.’ We have fallen so far, from a purely moral perspective, that we now tax legal immigrants to pay for free benefits only given to illegal immigrants – we are literally taxing those who obey the law to pay those who do not.

And working hard is now ‘white privilege,’ so if you work hard, you are a terrible person who does not deserve to keep what you earned.

Tolerance for immorality has become our nation’s only moral value. We are not a moral people.

John Adams told us what would happen to our Constitution should we lose our sense of morality – as we have. He said that immorality “would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net.”

All of this raises the question of how we plan to be a Constitutional Republic when for a large proportion of the country, the Constitution is ‘wholly inadequate’ for their governance.

The kind of governance an immoral people need was illustrated in a message General Cornwallis sent to General Washington, during the Revolutionary War: “This tactic of systemically aiming munitions at officers must end. Imagine an army devoid of officers, in which the men are free to roam as they naturally do, without officers of noble birth to restrain them. Surely you agree that the common man must at all times be controlled.”

With a public that is wholly inadequate for liberty, we will be forced to accept ladies and gentlemen of noble birth, such that the rest of us can at all times be controlled.

The left views itself as ‘a moral and intellectual elite,’ which is the same thing as nobility. The political left wants to keep you at all times controlled, and they are training you with lockdown orders, mask mandates, mandatory vaccines, and other measures that are designed to subjugate us. The message from the White House is clear: “Lower your expectations.” This is the ‘new normal.’

Against this backdrop, we pooped our pants in Afghanistan, Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, and China is preparing to invade Taiwan. What do the Democrats say? That the American conservative is the greatest threat facing our nation. The audacity of this claim is only eclipsed by its stupidity.

We are not only becoming an immoral people, but a stupid people as well.

A tribalized nation of identity groups, if left free, will tear each other apart. As a result, if we follow the left much further, we will find that our Constitution is wholly inadequate for the governance of an immoral people, and will adopt tyranny instead.

  • Wallace Garneau

    Wallace L. Garneau, political commentator and professional author, brings a unique blend of expertise to the airwaves. Raised in a family of historians, Garneau's roots in history and economics run deep, with a particular focus on Europe between the World Wars. With a background in information technology and a keen business mind, Garneau authored "The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses." His knack for breaking down complex ideas in clear, accessible language makes him a standout author and a powerful voice in the radio and podcast sphere. Beyond the corporate world, Garneau's culinary passion shines through in his social media presence, where he shares grilling and smoking techniques. A two-service military veteran (Marine Corps and Army), family man, and father of two, Garneau embodies dedication both personally and professionally. Listeners can expect insightful commentary on politics, economics, and culture. His unique perspective, rooted in historical understanding, sets him apart. Join Wallace Garneau on the America Out Loud network—his is a voice that not only informs but resonates, helping make sense of today's complex world through a lens of experience, knowledge, and a touch of culinary flair.


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