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February 26, 2024





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How do doctors decide how to help you keep you healthy or determine what is wrong when you come in with a problem? We used to think it was by calling on their scientific background, reviewing current studies, and applying that knowledge to you, the patient sitting in front of them.

Over the last several years, as part of the corporatization and robotization of medicine, we have something called Evidence-based Medicine (EBM). With EBM, a few hundred junior Dr. Fauci’s, across many specialties, have made themselves the final arbiter of proper medical diagnosis and treatment.

We can thank Covid for exposing the flaws in the “follow the science” mantra. The Covid flip-flops got many doctors asking, “whose science?” Those who actually practice medicine know that no one has the last word on how to care for a particular patient. Throughout my career, one of the most exciting aspects of medicine was full and open debate. The history of medicine documents that many universally accepted theories about the causes of diseases and effective treatments have fallen by the wayside. Novel thinking is a source of pride in medicine. After all, lives are at stake.

Sadly, Covid also taught us how once fiercely independent doctors could be turned into sheep by the use of fear and intimidation. In today’s episode, we’ll take a deep dive into the evidence or lack of evidence behind evidence-based medicine with Dr. Richard Amerling.

Dr. Richard Amerling is a board-certified internist/nephrologist with over 35 years of clinical experience, mostly in New York City. In 2016, he took a position at St. George’s University and taught there until July 2021, when he refused the Covid vaccine. Dr. Amerling is a past President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

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max dugan
max dugan
1 year ago

there is a infinite gap between algorythms and patient care. Protocall is always algorythmic because of legality and law suits. But Emergencies require expertise and the confidence of decision making that doctors no longer have. The are afraid. Therefore, patient care is no longer a concern. Get em out. The quality of Medical practice and patient care is at an all time lwo. And it is not only medicine that has a problem. Our ideological education system has failed our children from K thrue grad school. In short, the morons are running the country under the guise of dem liberal socialist/ communism. I hope you are ready. But i don’t many are ready for what is about to happen to them spiritually or otherwise.

w vonrushaven
w vonrushaven
Reply to  max dugan
1 year ago

You and Dr. Singleton are both correct. Having been a critical care/ Trauma nurse specialist for > 40 years, I saw staff (doctors, nurses, paramedics, techs) become paralyzed by algorhythms. They stopped thinking! I always suspected it was part of erasing the individual, and treating people based on their “group.” Flat out wrong on so many levels. Thank you for bringing this subject to the fore.

JM Morgan
JM Morgan
1 year ago

Excellent discussion, thank you!

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