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March 1, 2024





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Truth has been hijacked and put in a cell and distortions, half-truths and lies have filled the void. One such misrepresentation is on the tongue of every Democratic politician and Presidential candidate, and I have heard enough. Blatant misrepresentations and partial stories are repeated to make us believe the lies, and to have our thoughts and actions reflect that lie. It is a manipulation of public opinion that is dishonest and unethical.

This lie is about the 6 deaths of immigrants in the custody of border patrol. It is made to sound as though the deaths were “caused” by the negligence of our Border Patrol officers and medical staffs. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) went so far as to say that the deaths of migrant children at the US-Mexico border are intentional. I wonder what she has done to help these children as our CBP agents do day in and day out.

Six migrant children have died. Five were from Guatemala and one from El Salvador. One was a 16 year old boy who died from the flu. Many immigrants had the flu in his group, so no doubt he died due to factors of his own weakened immune system after trekking across Mexico.

A 10 year old girl, journeying alone to meet her mother in Nebraska, died from a congenital heart defect, a very serious and debilitating condition. What kind of parent sends a 10 year old with this condition to walk alone through the deserts? They are the responsible parties to her death. Border Patrol took the appropriate steps to be sure she received medical intervention including surgical intervention. Sadly, she succumbed from complications.

A 7 year old and her father were picked up on a remote stretch of the New Mexico border. Within 12 hours she had died of sepsis caused by a pre-existing strep infection. The father did not enough food or water to properly care for his daughter, yet our Border Patrol is vilified, and the father is not.

An 8 year old boy died after a staph infection he had turned to sepsis. This is a father who wanted to escape poverty and took this small child on a harrowing journey that ended in his death. The border patrol had hospitalized him, and diagnosed him with the flu, gave him antibiotics and ibuprofen, but it was too late. His father had not told authorities the boy was ill, they observed the illness and treated him.

A 16 year old boy was caught crossing the border alone. He was taken to a shelter where staff noticed he was ill. He died of a brain infection in his frontal lobe.

A 2½ year old boy died after weeks of hospitalization, with a high fever and difficulty breathing, possibly pneumonia.

None of these deaths can be blamed on Border Patrol. These are conditions brought with them as they entered the United States.

There are hundreds of thousands of people traveling with inadequate food and water, with all kinds of medical  problems and in close proximity to hundreds and even thousands of other unknown people who are unvaccinated and with unknown illnesses, over thousand mile distances. It’s a miracle many more have not died.

Here though, is the REAL story about immigrants and our Border Patrol. This is the story the Left and the media and the Hollywood types will never tell you.

Since January 1st of this year to May 27th, our heroic, self sacrificing Border Patrol agents have saved the lives of nearly 3000 people unable to survive the perils of their dangerous journey without their intervention. This compared to 2285 in all of 2018. Water rescues are up on the Rio Grande over 400%. In an article by Jason Hopkins of the Daily News Foundation, he details some of the heroic rescues by our amazing selfless Border Patrol agents.

When agents apprehended a man crossing the river illegally, he informed them that his makeshift raft had capsized. Agents rushed to rescue the man’s wife, 10 month old baby, 7 year old nephew and 6 year old son. Upon rescuing the wife and baby, the agent jumped into the swift moving water, and recovered the 6 year old boy whereupon he received treatment immediately from medical personnel, then was transported to a hospital.

A mother from Guatemala and her children ages 2, 4 and 15 were swept away in deep swift water. A patrolling airboat crew observed them in the current and rescued all 4 of them from a sure fate of drowning.

A call came in about a toddler in distress. A CBP helicopter was dispatched, located the child who was having seizures, transported her to a hospital where she was treated. This was a joint effort by air and marine crews, local fire department medics and the hospital staff. Why don’t we hear of these heroics and the amount of resources Customs and Border Patrol will expend to save a life, no matter if that person is an illegal migrant or a US citizen? They are treated the same.

Border patrol spotted a group of migrants crossing near Brownsville. They all scattered and left a 3-year-old boy behind, with no parents, only his name written on his shoe. They took the child to a safe shelter and even brought him clothing and toys and spent their own time keeping him entertained.

After a makeshift raft capsized, a 7-year-old boy was being swept away and was drowning. When throwing a rope did not save him, a border patrol agent  selflessly jumped into the current and rescued the child.

My point here is obvious. Border Patrol has made nearly 3000 life saving rescues of people that put themselves into a deadly situation by their own choices or those of their parents. Their behaviors and foolish and dangerous and negligent acts caused their life endangering illnesses, injuries and near drownings. Yet day after day, our brave and heroic border patrol agents save lives, many lives.

For Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kirsten Gillibrand, Alexandria Ocasio Cortex, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the media and every disingenuous and ill-informed person that opines that we are irresponsible and that we are causing the deaths of illegal migrants coming over our border, YOU ARE LYING!

People should know that CBP agents are overtaxed and overburdened with the flood of migrants, children, families, gang bangers, and criminals crossing our border. These migrants have illnesses and parasites and drug addictions. Yet our agents, who never intended to train for or who were equipped for humanitarian missions, treat them as human beings and save thousands of lives that would otherwise have been lost.

This is the true story, and our media and politicians need to step up and tell the American people the truth. To the people who believe their fairytales, take some responsibility and seek the knowledge on your own. Shame on the liars who use dead children to forward their false narratives and political agendas. That is just about as sick as it gets!  Image: Reuters


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