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April 25, 2024





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New memories, fears, and hatred are being cultivated. Ukraine lies on Poland’s eastern border and, like Poland, was a country long since recovered from the scourges of WWII, but now being returned into another WWII-like battlefield of destroyed homes, blasted cities, and twisted dead bodies lying frozen in the snow. It’s where Russian forces once pushed the Nazis west to their annihilation, leaving in its wake near-total destruction.

It’s heartening that the Ukrainian Army is making Putin pay dearly for his invasion. Putin underestimated their resolve. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has turned into a heroic example of what authentic leadership means by refusing to leave, standing up to, and facing the Russian onslaught to inspire his countrymen. He shames the Western Leaders, especially our foreign policy and military buffoons, who stupidly believe the notion that “climate change” is the greatest threat to our national security and that they can do something about it.

This Russian assault on Ukraine was based entirely on Putin’s warning of not suffering NATO on his doorstep and his personal desire to reestablish a greater Mother Russia as a world contender. His army’s inability to accomplish its goals quickly shows it ain’t going to happen soon. In his death throes, he might take us with him.

Putin’s plan to destroy Ukraine is inconceivable to me in its brutal but clumsy execution, just like WWII except more ineptly run than the Germans going in or the Russians pushing them out decades ago. An aging Vladimir Putin is the last of the old Soviet breed of strong dictators that ruled Russia with an iron hand, and there’s nobody standing in line behind him.

I can’t see any profit for Putin under the circumstances of Ukraine’s successful pushback that has thrown the Russian advance way off schedule by stopping it cold with Infantry deployed with advanced anti-tank Javelin and Harpoon missiles ambushes and ground to air Stingers. Higher than expected Russian casualties, conscript desertions, and even absences by conscripts ⏤ alcoholism have seriously impaired Putin’s plan to swiftly take over all of Ukraine.

Putin’s invasion, stalled or not, has scared the hell out of the West. An alarmed NATO is quickly rearming and providing lethal military assistance to Ukraine while our Democrats haven’t even increased expenditures for US military needs instead, wasting defense funds on school-indoctrinating officers and soldiers with WOKE social justice nonsense that will collapse immediately if rockets start falling on US soil. Putin, China, Iran, and North Korea are no longer afraid of a debilitated US military led by a dim light anymore.

Biden’s ill-advised retreat from Afghanistan set the stage for the new era of world politics we are now entering and its because of Biden’s weakness, indecision and feckless reliance on his Marxist controllers whose interests clearly are not for America.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and China’s slow territorial encroachment of small islands in the South China Seas claiming ownership by right of possession simply because they are there ⏤ has shown conclusively that worldwide collective security that was the United Nations, has been a faint hope that cannot work anymore so long as the political enemies of freedom-loving people sit on the councils and have a veto.

Several Truths Are Now Evident

The United Nations as a collective security council to halt future world wars is a bust. It worked on a large scale for the past eighty years, but once the victors of WWII used those years to regain their strength economically and militarily. Their goals no longer were agreeable to negotiations, then the old goals and hatreds reemerge, old scores need to be settled, old borders reestablished, and the idea of democracy anywhere killed off. Do we imagine China has forgotten what Japan did to them in WWII? Don’t bet on it.

The publication Atlantic has opined: ”When you’re at war, you’re at war,” as the saying goes. So, the implications that we are at war have to be accepted because denial will invite attack. Presently, Biden and NATO are at loggerheads of how to proceed to support Ukraine against Russian aggression without starting WWIII. Biden’s indecision reflects that indecisive weakness, and our enemies are taking advantage of it.

NATO has always expected US leadership to be there and it’s not there anymore. Our leaders fret about equity for transgenders, climate change as the greatest threat to our national security, and designer flight suits for pregnant aviators.

It is said that the US and its NATO allies are engaged in a proxy war with Russia, but it’s not because we didn’t know it. We thought we won and were not prepared. Korea and Vietnam were proxy wars. So was Syria after the Russians got involved on Assad’s side, but not Ukraine. Putin’s invasion was naked aggression. We saw it coming, and we didn’t prepare for it. After it started, our military leaders supplied China with real-time intelligence on what we know about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and China promptly gave it to Putin. NATO countries, on the other hand, have started supplying deadly munitions and battlefield intelligence to Ukraine to counter Russian plans. In that regard, Ukraine infantry has ambushed Russian tank columns, supply lines and are killing Russian soldiers.

To be fair, the Biden administration has at least upped the information war. If it wasn’t already mobilized, the NATO alliance got moving and have imposed its own sanctions on Russia, adversely affecting its economy. Biden did authorize, the release of Javelin anti-tank missiles and portable Stinger surface-to-air missiles to Ukrainian defense forces. Why has Biden not allowed Poland’s old MIG jet fighter aircraft to be given to Ukraine? Who is Biden to deny the need anyway? Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared on Face the Nation and used the phrase “Poland had a Green Light” to do just that, yet, Biden put the kibosh on the exchange. We were going to resupply Poland with some of our latest out-of-service jet fighters as compensation. It didn’t happen! Why doesn’t Biden like America? Just asking.

Three More Years

I don’t know if we can survive another three years of Biden’s destructive lack of leadership from behind. To a good functioning, well-oiled government, Biden is no more valuable than the plastic button that calls an elevator. Biden’s reckless decision on our energy needs has him turning, hat in hand, to our enemy Iran, begging for more oil; to Venezuela to increase their production, but not to Texas or Oklahoma or other US oil and gas producing states that would return America to its energy independence. Worse, neither Saudi Arabia nor the United Arab Republic even considered it necessary to talk to Biden when he called. “We have nothing to talk about.”

Americans are NOT prepared for the potential mayhem and physical destruction that may be coming down the road if this newest war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine gets out of hand. By that, I mean nuclear. We see tanks, bombs, and rockets destroying Ukrainian cities, killing people who, like us, simply want to provide for their families, experience a good life, and enjoy the conveniences they see in the West.

We thought those days were over at the conclusion of WWII but apparently not. Who would have thought that the urges of one man to seize another man’s property, take his life or imprison him, odious ideas that we assumed died with Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo, could be resurrected in our lifetime by Vladimir Putin and, very possibly down the road, by Emperor Xi of Communist China who demands ownership of the tiny island of Taiwan?

Apparently, those ideas didn’t really die with WWII. Stalin survived, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot came along on a much smaller scale, keeping the horrors of their Marxist philosophies within their own borders so the world wouldn’t notice, and life went on. Burma (Myanmar) and Venezuela are other unaddressed examples of totalitarianism currently running amuck and other tinpot dictators who have come and gone, but the legacy of totalitarianism remains, and if the Democrats succeed here, it’s not going away. Neither can we forget the oil-rich, but always tribal squabbling Arab states whose leadership is left to the tribe’s strongman sheiks who, to survive, must kill off or imprison his competitors, including his own family members, if seen as threats. 

Apart from China’s Emperor Xi Jinping, North Korea’s little paranoid gargoyle, Kim Jong-un, is about as bad as it gets for brutal dictators. He maintains the facade of prosperity, parades a great military machine to the world, and has nuclear weapons and rockets to deliver them. He has a secret police to protect him, but he dare not sleep in the same bed two nights in a row. He can’t feed his army or his people, so his days could be numbered. Starving people look for their next meal, not protest signs. And now, the shadow of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wants to join the rogues’ gallery of destructive mad tyrants. It’s Vladimir Putin. Did I forget to add that the blossoming Justin Trudeau of Canada apparently wants in the club too? We’ll have to wait and see what this wannabe dictator does. Just remember, he is there, and he has shown his colors, and the temptation may be too great for him to ignore.

The history of the world, except for the period of America’s development, has been some sort of totalitarian exercise. Tribal chiefs, monarchs, dictators, both military and civilian, once they gain power, must keep it or they’ll be out, maybe killed.

The point is, that destruction always amplifies their intentions. Instead of building homes, they construct prisons and internment camps, leaving cities and towns in rubble. Basic human rights are dismissed, and misery becomes the daily routine for all except the warmongers of the military-industrial complex.

A Third-World Experience

In my lifetime, I have lived, worked, or visited many third-world countries that were either debilitated by the constant presence of crime and corruption, like Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, and Ensenada, Mexico. The poverty I have seen can barely be described. Until I joined the army, apart from the Braceros encampments in my hometown where Mexican fruit pickers were adequately housed as they passed through during the season, harvesting fruits and crops, were my earliest experiences with poverty, trashy cities, and desperate people looking to survive. The Braceros were hard-working people earning bottom wages that they sent home for their own families’ survival. It taught me the lesson that hard work and a better education would keep me out of similar circumstances.

After I enlisted in the army and finished my MOS School, my first assignment was overseas to a partially stable South Korea, on a war footing, only ten years after the armistice. My sense of privilege was significantly altered, not because I was white but because I was an American soldier. While the army existed within the parameters of limited comfort, collective dining, specific work hours, training periods, and daily headcount formations, we had plenty to eat, warm clothing to wear, and warm Quonset huts as our barracks to live in. I got used to that and adjusted to it as my comfort zone. We all did. 

However, outside the barbed wire that enclosed our compound, local life was grim ⏤ still recovering from the brutal war ten years earlier. Toilets were 55 gal oil barrels buried in the ground with footboards laid across the open top for squatting. Most times, the boards didn’t slip, and all was okay. Destruction was still visible; some areas were off-limits because minefields were there, and Korean housing was mainly built of sticks, stones, tile, mud, and paper. It was a different society, and its application to daily life was a visible exercise in survival. Uijeongbu, with dirt roads and open ditches, was our liberty town unless we went south to Seoul. 

Later, five years out of the army and with a family, we moved to the US Naval Base at Subic Bay outside the Philippine city of Olongapo. The differences were not shocking because I expected to see them. A slow river separated the town from the base, and toilets were constructed over it into which the river residing families relieved themselves. Daily, we saw people, including children, bathing in this river. For six long months, my family and I actually lived in the town in a Navy-approved hotel due to a shortage of American-style on-base housing. 

A less than desirable habitat, Olongapo reminded me of my first ever trip to Tijuana as a teenager where crime, both official and underworld, dictated how life was lived, and Uijeongbu was no different. Olongapo existed to service the US Navy Fleet, so it doesn’t take much imagination to realize how these people managed to survive. Bars, Clubs, and dance halls proliferated, prostitution and marijuana were everywhere, and organized crime gangs devised cunning methods of stealing from the US Navy. For some, it was a full-time occupation. Life there was grim and hard, but we adjusted, stayed American, got used to it, and two and a half years later, we came home, the wiser for it. Both our children prospered by the experience. By the way, we loved the Filipino people, and frequent visits to modern Manila were always a joy. 

In one of my trips to Japan from Subic Bay, I had extra time to visit Hiroshima, the first city ever destroyed by an atom bomb. Except for the museum dedicated to the power that pronounced the city’s destruction, and a building or two left-over so visitors could see the shadows of people evaporated by the blast forever imprinted on the walls behind them, Hiroshima is completely recovered, a feat deemed almost impossible so soon after the war’s end. Today, it cannot be compared to Detroit, Michigan, which looks like a third-world town.

At the end of their war, I worked a year in Bosnia & Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavia. When I  arrived, smoke was still issuing from destroyed buildings. Wrecks of tanks and other military equipment lined the roads and fields, waiting for somebody to haul them to the scrap heap. Driving down any street, still, potholed by artillery explosions, was slow enough to allow views of blasted homes and villages scattered around the hills and valleys where families once resided. I had a new appreciation of the term “Third World,” this one brought on by war just like what is happening in Ukraine, not by the slovenly capabilities of its population. 

What I’m trying to convey is that these countries, by their very poverty, fit the description of the third world. I have not been to Ukraine, but I have been to Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, and Russia. All the former eastern European countries that existed under the Soviet Hammer and Sickle, and survived WWII, are totally recovered except for keeping the Nazi death camps as reminders of Nazi inhumanity to man. Evidence of WWII’s European destruction no longer exists or didn’t until Russia invaded Ukraine.

It Starts and Ends at the Polls

Biden must be neutered this year by turning out those Democrat politicians, who haven’t already abandoned the party, and replacing them with Constitutional Conservatives. Most will come disguised as Republicans but beware if they’ve been in political office longer than twelve years, kick them out. If we do not project strength again, if we remain indecisive because we’re afraid of what Putin might do, then we can expect rockets, sooner or later, to rain down on American soil. We can anticipate the fifth columnists within our borders to engage in Guerrilla action against local law enforcement if, indeed, law enforcement hasn’t already been compromised by WOKE theories of social justice and equity.

We can no longer trust federal law agencies because the Constitution barriers once employed against political tyranny have already been neutered by our acquiescence to Covid mandates, which in fact, was a government training exercise in training us to obey.  

We now look to Ukraine now as an example of leadership against tyranny. We cannot fail to throw the rascals out in 2022 and return Trump or someone of his caliber to bring our nation out from the coils of growing Marxist dictatorship. They can’t do it alone! We must lend them a hand, and it starts at the polls.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em.


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Winston smith
Winston smith
2 years ago

But Zelensky is a WEF young global leader, is an actor, and was installed by the US state dept!!!!
why is there NO balanced honest reporting from conservatives on the swastika -flying Azov battalions that have ties to the CIA?you mentioned nazis but forget the holdover NEO NAZI factions in Ukraine that idolize Stephan Bandera?
this article sounds like a typical neo con point of view
IT IS A CORRUPT PUPPET state yet that
doesnt mean the Russian civilians or Ukraine civilians are bad does it?of course not , two things can be true at once….. 🤦‍♂️
why didn’t you mention the separatist regions and how the people there VOTED TO SECEDE from Ukraine?
typical boomer Cold War mentality

Reply to  Winston smith
2 years ago

Excellent comment. This is all kabuki theater another step for the great reset. One goal is to blame this for rising gas prices while never mentioning we were energy independent only a few years ago.

2 years ago

The Ukraine is NOT a country. Disagree? Provide specific info on where it’s borders are.

The leaders haven’t declared them. Without borders, enforced borders, it’s a land mass, not a country.

2 years ago

Writers, whether they’re professional of amateur, are going to have to start making their point in 25 words or less. One news site already does this with their “Story-at-a-glance.” The expanded version follows… which I’ve never found necessary to spend time on

Reply to  Ted
2 years ago

That’s why we have an ignorant population

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