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June 23, 2024





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Why would a student or child seek the truth if their parents can lie and cheat and nothing happens?
What future family will that child raise if their parents were liars? Will they be liars too?
How do you respect someone if you know they lie? What happens to the family if Mommy or Daddy wind up in jail?
What happens if they don’t? If a parent goes to jail they risk losing the family unit.
If they don’t, what message gets to the kids… are there no consequences for criminal acts?

Last week, I was a commentator on America Out Loud’s, Viewpoint The News Magazine. Our host Malcolm, asked about the university scandal. I answered, “This is nothing new. It has been going on for years.” Affluent people always paid extra to make sure their kids had the best. Many new wings, libraries, books and etc. have been “donated” over the years mostly to insure something extra for the family member.” Isn’t that why we all strive to better ourselves? To pave the way and make life better for our families? Isn’t that a perk of being affluent? What is different this time? Individuals were paid off – not the university itself.

The problem: when do those “gifts’ become criminal behavior?

If our President, congress, and leaders lie and commit illegal acts, and get away with it, why can’t I? Where are the role models for our kids to follow? But Karen, all Presidents lie…  Maybe, but there is a big difference today because lies are seen in real time. 

Most of POTUS Trump’s lies are the opinions of others using his words reinterpreted by someone else. Obama’s lies were blatant. “You can keep your doctor. I didn’t know about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Uranium One until I read it in the news.” When lies become the norm and kids are taught that the only truth is what you believe, a culture believing in equal justice under the law will cease to exist. Bribery, graft and corruption will advance. We are seeing this today in this scandal. The globalists elite believe they are above the law and can “BUY” anything including a university position for their unqualified children.

When we finished our interview, I sat back and thought is that the real question or should we be asking, “Who is the real victim here?” People today act, they rarely think of the consequences of their actions. So what are the consequences? Who was harmed? That is a loaded question with multiple answers.

First of all, we have the children who were placed in colleges in programs mostly above their ability. Will the students continue to pay others to take their exams? Will the child be bullied, become a laughing stock at not being able to keep up? Will the child become depressed, take drugs, become an alcoholic, commit suicide because they can’t fit in? Will the child ignore studies and spend their time partying not learning? Will the parent child bond of telling the truth be broken? How will they trust each other? When you teach people NIHILISM in school, they believe that life has no meaning, purpose or value. What we get is a generation of people who no longer value truth or life. What’s in your school? Do you know what your kids learn?

Next is the parent. The desire to get the best for their child brought them down a path, perhaps one of the worst things they have ever done. What message are they sending their child? 

  • I don’t trust you to be smart enough to pass on your own. 
  • I have no faith in your ability. 
  • It is OK to lie and cheat to get what you want.
  • You do not need to achieve, just have lots of money. 

We have those students who worked hard, studied long hours, gave up weekends, vacations, all to pass the exams. What did they learn? They learned their grades, and hard work was for naught. Why? Because someone who was inferior and who did nothing, skated by leaving them in the dust all because their family had money. They learn that achievement doesn’t count only money does. They learned that contrary to popular belief hard work and sacrifice don’t amount to anything unless it is backed up with money. Show me the money is now the norm.

These kids feel hopeless and depressed. Will they turn to drugs? Alcohol? Suicide? How do you feel knowing that the system is rigged against you and no matter how good you are, you will lose?

We also have the businesses/ government positions that seek certain qualifications for their next employee. How many billions are lost because the employees are incompetent? Employees with no work ethic spend time on the internet, social media answer emails, watching porn, answering texts costing employers billions. Because the applicant has no respect for their employer (everything is coming to them) they think nothing of coming to work stoned or drunk. Unable to read, write, do simple math creates costly mistakes and forces employers to spend resources on remedial training not quality work. The pride of a good days work, producing a quality product that increased demand for that service or product is gone. The “oops” of mistakes produce inferior production errors and can put the employer out of business. No matter. The government will take care of them. Ignorant people are usually followers not leaders. Ever wonder why many government policies are created without common sense and rarely solve anything?  Wonder why these untested, unproven policies cost more and have worse results? Could the crafter of those policies be a student who bought their way into college? 

Lastly is the consumer who suffers at the hands of incompetent workers. We purchase products that don’t fit together properly, that have wrong ingredients, or parts missing often with instructions that don’t make sense and basically just don’t work. How many times have you thrown away a game, toy, object, tool because it just doesn’t work properly? Careless precision work is costly to engines, motors, consumers and etc.

Remember the bridge in Miami that was built for Green aesthetics not safety? How about the Kissimmee River that was straightened by the Army Corp destroying the natural filtration system and is now being curved again? Or in 2008, the mortgage originators who told the people it’s okay to be delinquent on loans, we can only help you when you are delinquent. Incompetence, lack of common sense touches all of us.   

Now you know the truth. Here comes the dare. I dare you to spread the truth.

Unfortunately I never said it was going to be easy. You have to breakdown the ideology of free stuff, cheating, pay for play, and etc. Don’t get frustrated. You won’t get everyone.

Is America Worth Saving?

There is only one way to get the truth out, by you correcting the lies. Here are a few suggestions.

Pick a topic not political that interests you. Look for a topic that crosses all political lines. Find and join a group promoting that topic. Go to meetings. Listen in the beginning. Get known. Then slowly one item at a time drop small comments in a question format. Get them to think. Eventually some will begin to listen. If you get a few people to listen, you have succeeded. Remember each person has a sphere of influence of 10 people. Also it takes 10 times for information to register so repeat often. Education, water, building, zoning, beautification, economic committees are great places to start. Choose whatever interests you. 

One of the action plans we did was to put our message on a business card and drop a stack in every restroom and public are we visited. You can leave cards anyplace. Pick something MSM ignores. Example: President Trump grew the economy to the lowest unemployment for minorities and women in 50 years. Will you vote for President Trump? The idea is to make people think. A short message is best.

Read articles that are anti-American. Put comments in a question format comment section. People read the comments.

Join The Florida Citizens Alliance, listen and read America Out Loud, read  Donate to groups like these who are working hard to bring you the truth. If dumbing down is the disease, then is not truth and education the antidote? Sean Hannity asked Glenn Beck, “What is the antidote?” They had no answer. Now YOU DO! Become educated, pay attention to what your kids learn and spread the truth.

Instead of blatantly making purchases, check to see where the company stands politically. Pick those that agree with you. Boycott? Hell yes!  We have to follow their plan, why? Because we know it works. I stopped buying all products and services from advertisers who left Tucker Carlson’s show. What did you do? 

Work with groups like these who consist of like minded people who will educate you, are action oriented and have wonderful resources to help you navigate the world of lies.

Remember: Doing nothing gets nothing! Are you ready to help?
Is America worth saving?


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