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June 17, 2024





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Good advice seldom comes from any source. A good aphorism is powerful, regardless of its origin. But an abstract truth must be rightly applied to generate its potential for change or effect. Consider Nike.

Anyone staying apprised of the left-leaning Portland, Oregon-based company Nike is aware of its recent campaign to promote China. “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China,” boasts Nike CEO John Donahue, who supported his statement as an act of worship to his god mammon. This certainly comes as no surprise. After all, Nike is the company that glorifies such anti-American losers as Colin Kaepernick, who started the “take a knee” movement to protest racism and bad cops. What did that do for Nike’s image? What did it do for American sports? 

Next on Nike’s list of pandered buffoons is LeBron James, another “victim” of the American dream who feels that all police officers are thugs, out to get everyone, especially Blacks. He has no problem using his celebrity status to make this point, much to the shame of all conservative Americans who actually respect the Blue.

Whether or not such radical politically charged athletes as Kaepernick and James will ultimately hurt Nike’s financial status remains to be seen. What’s certain is that political activism is no longer off limits in the sports arena, or for a Nike endorsement.

Of course, sports has suffered for it. Taking me out to the old ball game just hasn’t been the same since the onset of political campaigns on the field. The only sports divide in the stadiums ought to be between the home and visitors teams. Now you look left and right in the stands and have no idea who’s supporting what sociopolitical goals—and that seems to be the more driving issue. Field goals be damned. Team rivalry takes a back seat to the rivalry between straight and LGBT, between good cop/bad cop, and between Black and White. Thank you, Nike! So says China. Don’t think the CCP isn’t capitalizing on this psychological warfare. They are.

As long as Nike promotes division by sponsoring political extremists with big mouths and small hearts, Americans will express their distaste for the new sport of diversion from what once was the pure fun of the game. Being reminded before every game that woke athletes who glorify evil dictators and cop killers makes me angry. My love for sports does not supersede my love for God and country. I would (and did) dump sports entertainment in a flash to avoid this lame virtue signaling. Their hypocrisy does trump all their lame efforts at an ever-shallow morality. After all, if civil liberty is really the issue, then why are not these mindless radical sports heroes calling out Nike for its use of sweatshops and slave labor in the manufacturing of Nike products? All we hear is silence from these pseudo-moral vagabonds.

When Nike dived into the liberal camp, they made a choice to denigrate the American flag and the real people who make the wheels of America turn. Now, they even braggingly proclaim it by supporting a Communist enemy.

Justice has been served Kaepernick: he is an ex-NFL quarterback. Some may regard his misfortune as a heroic banner, claiming, “He sacrificed everything for the cause!” If this is true, then I must deem such sacrifice a pathetic waste. The cause was unpatriotic! Kneeling for the national anthem is not okay. Defiling our men and women in Blue is pitiful. Therefore, Nike’s decision to sponsor such spoiled children does not sit well with all true constitutional conservatives. Nike made a bad choice. They obviously thought it was worth the risk, however—as liberals now make up no small portion of the US population. They may even gain financially from the move. Who knows. Still, it was a wrong move. Standing for what is right by a righteous standard means many people will never purchase another Nike product again. Count me in! People of genuine character always act on principles.

But even from our enemies, we can glean a few words of wisdom now and then.

The word Nike is defined from the Greek language; it means “victory.” It’s a good name for an athletic apparel company. We all like the taste of victory. Despite Nike’s political faux pas of glamorizing woke liberal athletes, the company did actually get it right in their motto: Just Do It! Of course, that’s a pretty open statement. Jumping from a plane without a parachute has consequences. You shouldn’t just do it.

But if we determine that something really needs to be done, then the best course of action is to … just do it! This is awesome advice when it comes to unmasking, refusing the experimental COVID shot, and opposing the Marxist-Socialist movement in America. Fighting open borders and drug and human trafficking, as well as opposing tyrants and critical race theory, is necessary business. Exposing evil needs to be done without hesitation!

For that reason, I can only conclude that this China-loving, money-serving, woke company must be shunned forever. Just do it! Thank you, Nike.


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