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May 25, 2024





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Imagine you are involved in a decades-long intellectual civil war in which your property, your freedom, and even the very survival of your family and your nation are at stake. The enemy has now taken over the government, the press, corporations, the education system, the military, and churches, and, through these organizations, now promotes extreme policies supposedly for our own good “to save the planet.” Anyone who questions this is canceled, fired, or subject to public shaming and worse. 

But then a series of huge, heavily referenced documents are published demonstrating conclusively that the so-called “good” we are being force-fed is, in fact, an evil that will do nothing but destroy our standard of living, rob us of our property and basic freedoms and, ultimately, contribute to the death of countless innocent people. And rather than saving the world, your enemy’s “death cult” policies will seriously damage the environment. Yet, few on your side of the civil war mention that these documents even exist, let alone cite from them. 

Sound crazy? Yes, but that is precisely what is happening in the deadly climate change war being waged against the prosperity and security of America and, indeed, the whole western world. 

Here is the story and our plea to fix the situation.

Starting in 2009, a series of massive, heavily referenced documents were assembled to rival the alarmist United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports on which the climate scare is based. Titled “Climate Change Reconsidered,” these “climate realist” reports were authored by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), an international panel of nongovernment scientists and scholars who came together to present a comprehensive, authoritative and realistic assessment of the science and economics of climate change. 

In contrast to the government sponsored, politically motivated IPCC, which is predisposed to believing that climate change is a problem in need of a U.N. solution, the NIPCC is neither a government agency nor politically driven. In addition, its members are not inclined to think that humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions are causing dangerous climate change. As a result, the NIPCC is able to offer an independent “second opinion” of the evidence reviewed, or not reviewed, by IPCC. 

And what is the NIPCC’s second opinion about climate change? Simply put, we are almost certainly not causing a climate crisis and our use of fossil fuels have been an enormous benefit to human health and prosperity, not to mention the natural world. Citing thousands of peer-reviewed scientific references published in the world’s leading science journals, the NIPCC’s Climate Change Reconsidered (CCR) reports show clearly that today’s climate is not unusual and the evidence for future climate calamity is very weak. 

So far, there have been five volumes published in the “Climate Change Reconsidered” (CCR) series. The beauty of the CCR reports is that, whether the topic is temperature change, extreme weather, sea level, the biological effects of rising carbon dioxide, life in the ocean, or the benefits of fossils fuels, every subject is addressed in two ways: a heavily referenced, detailed chapter for experts and an easy-to-read summary for laypeople. Associated with each thousand-page CCR report is a straightforward Summary for Policy Makers of about a dozen pages. Here are the reports, starting with the most recent:

  1. Climate Change Reconsidered II – Fossil Fuels (2019)
  1. Climate Change Reconsidered II – Biological Impacts (2014)
  1. Climate Change Reconsidered II – Physical Science (2013)
  1. Climate Change Reconsidered Interim Report (2011)
  1. Climate Change Reconsidered (2009)

The three lead NIPCC authors, Dr. Craig Idso, Professor Robert M. Carter and Professor S. Fred Singer also wrote a small book titled Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming: The NIPCC Report on Scientific Consensus published in November 2015 (2nd edition, 2016). It showed that no survey or study shows a “consensus” on the most critical scientific issues in the climate change debate. The book also demonstrated that most scientists do not support the alarmist IPCC claims.

The publisher, editor and indeed one of the driving forces that made all of these amazing documents come to fruition is the Arlington Heights, Illinois-based free market think tank, The Heartland Institute. 

To give readers a taste of these volumes, clearly the most important ever produced by those of us on the “climate realist” side of the debate, here are a couple of excerpts:

The NIPCC’s Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts report cites over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies that show rising productivity of forests and grasslands as CO2 levels have increased. It concludes:

“Long-term CO2 enrichment studies confirm the findings of shorter-term experiments, demonstrating numerous growth-enhancing, water-conserving, and stress-alleviating effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plants growing in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.” 

So, rather than being “carbon pollution” as President Joe Biden and his climate alarmist allies wrongly tell us, CO2 is the very elixir of life. Its rise has been very good for humanity and the environment. Since photosynthesizing plants evolved in a relatively high CO2 environment, they become starved for CO2 when levels are low as today, so we should hope that the increase in this beneficial gas continues. 

Climate Change Reconsidered II – Fossil Fuels (2019) concluded:

“…fundamental uncertainties arising from insufficient observational evidence and disagreements over how to interpret data and set the parameters of models prevent science from determining whether human greenhouse gas emissions are having effects on Earth’s atmosphere that could endanger life on the planet. There is no compelling scientific evidence of long-term trends in global mean temperatures or climate impacts that exceed the bounds of natural variability.”

In other words, the modest changes we are now seeing in climate are almost certainly natural. The report concludes that we are not causing a climate crisis and we should be increasing our use of fossil fuels so as to provide the prosperity to protect the environment.

Speaking at a panel held in Katowice, Poland while the UN’s 2018 climate conference (COP24) was being held, Dr. Craig Idso, a lead author for the Climate Change Reconsidered series of reports, summed up the situation well:

“Given what is compiled in those reports and the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific references therein, I can tell you with complete confidence that there is absolutely no observational evidence that provides any compelling support for the contention that there is something unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about Earth’s current warmth. Neither are there any real-world data that confirm that floods, droughts, wildfires or hurricanes are becoming either more frequent or more severe as a result of global warming.”

All climate realists everywhere should be regularly boosting the Climate Change Reconsidered series of reports. Former President and now Senior Fellow of The Heartland Institute, who, along with his wife Diane Bast edited these massive volumes, said:

“The major purpose of the CCR series was to give climate realists a “big book” comparable to the IPCC reports that they could drop on conference tables with a mighty thud during meetings and wave in front of the camera during televised interviews. Every social movement needs one. We don’t need people to actually READ the hefty tomes, they just need to know THEY EXIST. Of course, the few who actually crack open the books need to be impressed, too.”

And impressed we are, indeed, Mr. Bast. We all owe a debt of gratitude to The Heartland Institute and the many experts who contributed to these impressive and important documents.

The Heartland Institute Vice President and Director of Communications, Jim Lakely, will be our guest on The Other Side of the Story on America Out Loud Talk Radio on Dec 10 and 11 at both 11 am and 8 pm Eastern Time to discuss the Climate Change Reconsidered reports and Heartland’s other work.


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Russell Cook
Russell Cook
1 year ago

The thing to never lose sight of is that even with 30+ years of Clima-Change™ propaganda, it still can be boiled down to just 3 talking points: “settled science” / “critic skeptic scientists are corrupted by Big Oil money to say it isn’t settled” / “policymakers, reporters, and the public may ignore those skeptics because of the prior two points.” We cannot win this issue on pure science, the defamation of skeptic climate scientists must also be fully exposed for what it is along with who the core promulgators of the accusation are and how they operate under a complicit mainstream media which has never questioned a single element of that egregiously false accusation. Thank heavens we’ve secured a GOP majority House, but even there, GOP members need to be fully informed on where the IPCC/Al Gore ‘science’ implodes and where Gore et al.’s accusation potentially strays into epic libel/slander territory.

We need big, influential names, such as Tom and Jay here, to get the GOP leaders even more educated on the whole issue.

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