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April 21, 2024





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What else could be said about the Uvalde mass school shooting that hasn’t been discussed already? Ignoring the crimes of multiple murders, Democrats are always looking for ways to politicize shootings with the sole intent of blaming Trump Conservatives, gun manufacturers, the NRA, the Second Amendment, and well, anything they can think of to discredit gun ownership so that when the Marxist see their opportunity to start their takeover of America, they won’t have an army of American gun owners to contend with. Democrats aren’t happy unless they have a surplus of homicides to blame on Conservatives.

Beto O’Rourke, the Texas-Irish-Mexican loser running as Democrat candidate for Governor of Texas, tried it, former president Barack Obama pitifully tried to connect the George Floyd anniversary incident to it; Joe Biden couldn’t wait to denounce the gun lobby, and Joe Scarborough, and Whoopi Goldberg of the View, immediately characterized the latest shootings as an endemic crisis all the fault of conservatism whilst threatening violence and incarceration against all unbelievers of their Marxist cause.

What do these latest recent murders all have in common? First, regardless of the facts, they fit the Marxist anti-gun narrative of single young males, hopefully, Whites, doing the crimes. The shocking Buffalo shooting by a white teen absolutely filled the bill except, by his own hand, he said he was a dedicated Progressive who hated blacks, conservatives, Jews, and religion with equal fervor. That he drove two hundred miles, more or less from his home to commit the murders where he did, raises specific questions guaranteed to be ignored by the media. We know the Uvalde shooter was Hispanic, as were most of his victims. The Chinese Communist shooter from Las Vegas who shot up a Taiwanese Presbyterian Church social dinner, killing one, certainly doesn’t fit the narrative any more than the black murderer who used his car to mow down White revelers in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI. There could have been black parades, too, but the media couldn’t find any to weep over. We also had two recent NYC Subway shootings both by Black perpetrators who hated Whites and hated success. Just murders!

So, why the diversity of perpetrators? Because they were each single individuals, acting alone, motivated by hidden demon forces, we cannot discern yet lest we be accused of racism. So, what’s the motivation here, and can there be a solution?

The US Constitution is sacrosanct, especially the 2nd Amendment. In Thomas Jeffersons’ mind, an armed populist could keep a rogue government in check, which is precisely the reason why Democrats want us disarmed. But the gun as an intimate object is no more dangerous than a car parked in its garage, a hammer in a toolbox, or a knife in its sheath until it falls into the hands of a deranged person intent on using it as a weapon against whatever or whomever the deranged person hates at the moment. 

Democrats dislike prayer, so government should outlaw prayer for everybody. Same with firearms, but it becomes alarmingly so when our young children in government schools are brainwashed by government-sponsored sodomites, transgenders, and Marxist dingbats without our knowledge. See the pattern here?

If the government doesn’t like it, they won’t support it financially or otherwise. If a group decides that government is out of step, then they’ll make it an offense to defy them and will start throwing people in jail. The recent controversies over Woke school boards are an example of governments’ deadly overreach. They have no legal justification for what they did; that belongs to the states alone, but they just do it. If we don’t react immediately, it becomes a ‘faite accompli’ that eventually petrifies into the “law of the land.” The diminution of Roe v Wade has been a long time coming, but it’s coming despite the Woke’s gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments.

When my children were in elementary and middle school, the specter of drugging disorderly children with Ritalin arose. The school “nurse” administered mood-changing Ritalin to calm down disruptive little boys because it would have a calming effect by adding the patina of legitimacy to the wicked endeavor. And alarmed parents told them No! They did it anyway, not to my boys but in other places, and the result was the rise of weak men that, over the years, has given us our present transgender problem. Boys will be boys (not girls), and instead of drugging them into quiet submission, they should have turned them out on the athletic field. 

Another problem that appears to me today is the advance in firearms technology, making the widespread possession of semi-automatic pistols ubiquitous. I grew up with lever and pump-action long guns and one .38 cal revolver handgun. The only semi-auto handguns I was aware of then were the standard US military issue Model 1911 Colt .45, in use since the Philippines campaign, and the equally cool WWII German Luger. Today, everybody has some form of a semi-automatic handgun, primarily for self-defense. 

While I now possess a semi-automatic handgun, I still carry a revolver because that was the weapon I was trained on and, later, the weapon I trained other police officers on. I’m very comfortable with a revolver, and, I don’t carry it because I want to kill people; I carry it because I don’t want to be killed. In my forty-three-year law enforcement career, I never once felt compelled to shoot anybody, and as far as I know, I was never shot at. If they did, they missed!

Unlike public stores, schools should be easy to defend. I would be interested to know why the onsite school resource officer at Ross elementary school, Uvalde, Texas wasn’t immediately available to stop the gunman at the entrance before he so casually walked in and murdered all of those little children and two teachers, and why wasn’t the front entrance door locked? They had an unrecognized mental health nut case problem and a lapse of attention.

The art of protecting people and buildings was long an exercise of “by guess and by golly” until data collected started to repeat itself. Concentric rings of protection around a building are straightforward but usually, for a community school, not at all affordable. Single, hardened entrances are the least expensive and easiest to protect. On the other hand, individuals are less so because they are generally not stationary so anybody willing to die for the cause can attack any person at any time nearly anywhere and succeed. Once a protective Service detail gets rolling, the dangers increase exponentially, and trained protective officers and agents, must be constantly aware of their surroundings and be immediately prepared to react. 

Regardless of the intent of the Leftists media to pin all the shootings on conservatives, besides being fed mis and disinformation, we will work this one over until the next one, and this one will soon be forgotten just like all the others that have gone before in the past few years. We talk about them, and say “never again,” but, it will happen again. Believe it! Besides, to the media today, what are the more important stories, the wedding of one of the Kardashians in Italy and Captain Sparrow’s court problems with some weird wench, or keeping Joe Biden’s legacy together while tearing America apart? 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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1 year ago

What else could be said about the Uvalde mass school shooting that hasn’t been discussed already? Ignoring the crimes of multiple murders, Democrats are always looking for ways to politicize shootings with the sole intent of blaming Trump Conservatives, gun manufacturers, the NRA,

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