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May 27, 2024





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There’s a storm brewing in the Republican party initiated by the GOP’s new House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca). McCarthy, whose conservative voting record hovers in the low 40’s, has moved to neuter those Republicans who didn’t vote for him. McCarthy views the Freedom Caucus -Tea Party Republicans as his personal enemies, especially those who vowed to keep their promises to their voters. The Freedom Caucus members knew it was their duty to help drain the swamp, not just kick the can down the road. We obviously need more of them!

To keep control, McCarthy must neutralized any power or authority FC members may accrue on the important House committees by purging them from their positions on those committees. One wonders who he will purge from the House Finance Committee now under the leadership of the high priestess, Maxine Waters, abetted by the intellectually bereft Alex Ocasio-Cortez?

First to go was Georgia’s Jody Hice, struck from the House Armed Services Committee for not being a “team player.” Ouch! Standing shoulder to shoulder with McCarthy when the bad news was delivered, was Georgia’s 14th District Congressman, Tom Graves. Graves I fear, as well as our 9th District Rep. Doug Collins, appear to have gone over to the dark side. If they once expressed to us their true beliefs in the GOP’s policies for smaller government, it seems to have been forgotten. Make no mistake, they’re both splendid fellows but they’re not doing what we hired them to do. They have become a part of the problem, not the solution.

Under McCarthy’s leadership, I foresee the GOP House will resume its role as the lap dog party, ill-equipped to deal with Nancy Pelosi, the High Priestess of Socialist dogma, or her socialist agenda, or the cadre of new Marxist and Islamists Congresspersons clambering to have a voice in making America crappy again. Only real conservatives can stem that tide.

The record of the past several years shows that being a ‘team player’ is more important to the GOP leadership than keeping their promises to reduce the size of government. But, we already know that, so finally, to voters, enough was enough and the vast swath of the great unwashed “Deplorable’s” elected a kick-ass President who is doing just that, plowing up the swamp bottom of government corruption, exposing the face of the Deep State, challenging the assumptions that has kept government locked in the mire of dysfunction and who is personally working hard to make America great again. Where are the Republicans to help President Trump accomplish that goal? They’re being punished for not being “team players.” That should tell us something!

It’s time for the Tea Parties to arise again! We did it once and we can do it again. The damage to be done by the many un-American cretans just voted into the Congress to fill the empty seats vacated by boneless “moderate Republicans” who retired or quit lest they be defeated by the Blue Wave, can be repaired if all deplorable’s realize the great dangers still facing our country.

The Democrats are convinced they are on a roll. They err when they assume they have a mandate simply because a rich, white, nearly demented, old female scold from San Francisco has become Speaker again and has rearranged the face of government to accommodate her familiar old elite guard of corrupt politicians. They have two years and for Conservatives, those two years should be the gift that keeps on giving but, the lurking danger to Conservatism still remains the Republican party. I applaud  Rep. Jody Hice and Senator David Perdue, for fighting the good fight and we must support them vigorously. They are exactly the type we need in our government. Don’t you think we’ve had enough already? Image: J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE / AP

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em!


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