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April 25, 2024





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The Left’s central-control agenda opposes the values of Western Civilization but cannot destroy them. The now obvious agenda of the modern political Left is to amass complete Central Control ⏤ of the economy, food, fuel, healthcare, education, and social order ⏤ by an all-powerful, global governing body comprised of self-seated elites. 

This agenda requires opposition to the formation of families because family is the single biggest competition for party engagement and loyalty. People who have committed themselves to marriage and family are “centered” there. And that is a huge problem for those who believe the purpose of the citizenry is to feed, supply and support their government.  

Once this is clearly understood, the policies and ideologies propagated by the Left over the past decades are easier to comprehend.  

Leftists’ policies aren’t failures.   

The “war on poverty,” the social-worker approach to crime, promotion of recreational sex, intoxicants, etc., all have achieved stunning success. And all the while, the Leftists have been able to position themselves and their Party as the ones espousing “liberal,” “compassionate,” and “open-minded” ideas.

Consider that the Socio-Sexual Free-For-All banner under which Leftists have disguised themselves as “liberals” has succeeded in significantly increasing the number of people suffering from both interpersonal and economic dereliction. The result has been a precipitous decline throughout the West. 

The symptoms of this decline are now apparent, even if not correctly diagnosed: 

  • Exponential increase in numbers of “homeless” (chronically intoxicated and mentally-ill vagrants)
  • Explosion in the numbers claiming membership in one or more “oppressed” identity group (s)  
  • Sexual/gender confusion, ambiguity, or conflict 
  • Greatly-delayed marriage and family formation 
  • Failure to ascend the economic ladder (remaining ‘stuck’ in low/no skill jobs)
  • Precipitous drop in birthrate
  • Declining longevity

Each of these symptoms benefits the Left in the short and long term.

Short-term ⏤ human misery (of all kinds) converts readily into political capital.  

Long-term ⏤ contributes to the social and economic collapse required to usher in a global governing body. 

How, specifically, did they achieve all of their successes?

Aggressive Secularizationattack and replace the Judeo-Christian worldview on which Western Civilization is based. We ceded critical ground by permitting a “default” to the “secular viewpoint” in schools, board rooms, clubs, associations, and even in some churches. Everything that follows denial of our Creator is, by definition, a lie: key among which are the following ‘doctrines’ of the Left’s secular religion:

    • Humanity is an overgrown animal species; a scourge on the Earth that only containment by forcible exercise of central authority can prevent from destroying the planet. Generate contempt for humanity.
    • As animals, people cannot be expected to control or channel their feelings and urges. Further, the unfiltered reaction is a virtue called “authenticity.” 
    • Parents, family, and religious institutions are backward and repressive; distrust all who aren’t ideologically aligned with the Left. 
    • Even our own bodies might be ‘wrong’ for us; a situation which finds “solution” in “trans-identity,” a claim to political oppression that carries the promise of favor by the Party.  

Rewarding mediocrity while deriding excellence. Among the claims made by proponents of the Marxist Critical Race theory is that accuracy in the mathematical calculation is an expression of “white supremacy.”  

Erosion of the objective reference points required for critical thinking. If all that came before is wrong, if even our own experience can no longer be trusted, then the Party becomes the sole purveyor of truth, a role it assumes via fascist projection throughout society.  

Promotion of chronic intoxication. In addition to “legalizing” more intoxicants, Leftist governments are creating ever-more elaborate programs to support chronic intoxication, making it entirely unnecessary for an addict to get clean.   

    • Free needles, 
    • “Safe shooting” sites equipped with needles and staffed with med-techs to administer reversal drugs to an addict who overdoses, 
    • Provision of “camping” gear to addicts who eschew the shelters (need to use during the night).

Refusal to prosecute crime. Refusal to prosecute shoplifting, for example (up to a certain amount per shoplifter), has spawned crime rings that denude shelves within minutes ⏤ all without consequence to the criminal participant. The consequence for many city-center residents is a barbaric reality in which goods cannot be sold.     

Ideological alignment with the Left has become the overt goal of nearly all in “public” education, mainstream news-media, information tech, social media, entertainment, and medicine.  

The strategies deployed by the Left have made life hellish for many and brought our society dangerously close to collapse. But they haven’t “worked” with all.   

America has a rock-solid core of people who are seemingly impervious to the Left’s effort to turn the citizenry into government-owned livestock. And in noting this, we are shown a path to the restoration of sanity. It is on the strength and character of these resilient people that hope for society rests. So, who are they?       

Those emerging from intact, functional families raised to revere God is stronger and more resilient than the shallow-rooted offspring of fully-secular households. People who value God and family are more likely to marry, start families, engage in satisfactory careers, and regard themselves as happy. The Judeo-Christian values on which our society was built are durable and can be trusted.  

Sometimes the solution is simple, even if it’s not easy. 


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