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June 25, 2024





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Remember the alleged romance that leftism had with the working man? Communists call this lowly, hapless laboring class the proletariat: “the workers of the world.”

Leftism’s Contempt for the Working Man

In 2016, Hillary Clinton referred to the working man as a “basket of deplorables.” That does not inspire much confidence in a national leader, does it? Yet, she and her elitist cabal remain steadfast in their hate for the working man. This is because only leftists of all stripes, they believe, can save the working man from himself. 

People who have always known leftism’s self-serving, power-grabbing motives in manipulating and using the working man for its political gains, whether through corrupt unions, indoctrination, state-sponsored public education and, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the war on Western culture, understand the vile contempt that leftism has for the working man. 

The working man is an apolitical pragmatist. 

People work and strive in order to create economic independence for themselves and their loved ones. Working people do not view the world through an ideological lens. Working people’s lives are pre-political. This is the greatest reason why leftism abhors ardent, self-ruling working people. 

Leftism has always understood that their contempt for the working man needs to be effectively managed through incessant indoctrination campaigns and disinformation. This is in keeping with Marxism’s “double morality,” a psychological mechanism that knows that what is good for those in power is never equally good for the serfs that Marxist elites believe they are entitled to subjugate. 

People who have lived in communist countries can readily attest to this Marxist politically expedient form of hypocrisy. This is what the pigs mean in Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, when they say, “some animals are more equal than other animals.”

As far as leftism is concerned, the working man is a double-edged sword, a powder keg, something akin to a caged animal that may strike at any time. This animal must be handled carefully. The penalty for not controlling the working man, leftists understand full well, is the risk of spontaneous, grassroots uprisings. This is a frightening prospect for today’s global, internationalist elites.

There is nothing that leftism fears more than working people who have a notion about what life and work should be. Working people work to achieve a higher standard of living, e.g., the economic stability that their labor creates for them and others. 

In the estimation of leftists, convictions are dangerous, capricious beliefs that are best left to the management of bureaucrats and professionals who operate leftism’s de facto control of Western democracies and institutions: the globalist administrative state.

Nonconformism is the Enemy of Tyranny and Despotism 

Nonconformists of the world, unite! Let us turn on its head one of the favorite slogans of the Marxist left. Can this bring hope to our totalitarian beleaguered world?

Workers have indeed come together, but not as leftism hoped. Because the globalist elites that make up the core of international leftism have alienated working people, a confluence of diverse groups of people has come together to assert their independence. The best example of this is the solidarity between truckers and farmers throughout the world. These people are workers, aren’t they not? Then, why disparage them as workers and people? Because workers have created a unified front to globalist leftist elitism, despots, and tyrants, who need to pass themselves off as saviors of the earth. 

The problem with the working man, as far as Marxism is concerned, is that the working man has dreams and aspirations that Marxism knows it must squash, if the Marxist one-world government is to ever take root. Marxist utopia is a euphemism for world domination, a demonic age when the world’s population is held hostage by leftism’s political power syndicate.  

Leftism is the Establishment, Stupid!

While democratic patriots and economic nationalists were celebrating victory after WWII, and later, the fall of the Iron Curtain, Western democracies became havens of domestic and international Marxism; communism seeped into Western institutions like a ship taking on water. Few people noticed. 

Part of the reason for this is that education in Western nations post WWII has been corrupted by communist fifth columnists, whose psychology and political motivation few people notice or understood.

The rot that has undermined democratic institutions in Western nations has been carried out by the leftist establishment. The establishment, as is naively believed, is not now or has been post-WWII, the alleged capitalists who are presented as the face of Western democracies. 

The moral corruption of Marxism cannot afford to take a break from conjuring violence, disinformation, and aiding communist nations like the Soviet Union, the Soviet Bloc, China, Cuba, etc., 

Communists save their greatest ire for students throughout the world because indoctrination castrates innocence and good will, and destroys the capacity for critical thinking.

Historically speaking, Marxism has proven that it cannot withstand challenges and counterarguments from thoughtful, intelligent people, including the working man. Leftism’s only defense is to attack the credibility of its most informed critics. This is the reason why millions of dissidents have rotted away and continue to do so as political prisoners in concentration camps in communist countries. 

The latter is the strategy that the globalist administrative state mafia that rules Western nations is currently implementing in Western democracies.

Communist/socialist coerced revolutions, unions that control the choices and life-plan of workers, and perpetual promises of how ‘tomorrow belongs to the working man’ are longer tolerated by working people circa 2022. 

Knowing that their Marxist paper tiger disinformation campaigns no longer work for sentient adults, leftism declared war on the working man, and instead placed their hope for continual power-grab on millionaires and billionaires, and their pauper followers.

So, who represents the working man today? Definitely not the Marxist left and its slew of social-climbing opportunists: celebrities, academics, leftist intellectuals, the yellow media, and spineless journalists.

The tide of disinformation is quickly turning on the oppression and violence that globalist leftism has unleashed on working people throughout the world.

The workers of the world have indeed united against further manipulation by globalist leftism, which is the face of communism post the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989-90.

The best way to create sensible, liberty-loving, social traditional conservatives is to oppress people with the well-oiled Marxist mechanism of social-political power. Statistics show that when young people turn age 26 and enter the workforce in earnest, the utopian residue of leftist indoctrination in high school and universities about race, gender, and class warfare begins to show its corrosive, dead-end real-world implications.


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