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May 18, 2024





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Viewpoint This Sunday
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Inflation Rises to Record Highs  |  As the Consumer Price Index skyrockets to over 9.1%, inflation is being felt by every single American, with some goods soaring 4 and 5 times that number… all the while, the Biden Administration wants to spend more. The only thing thus far stopping them is Democrat Senator Joe Manchin. A $2 trillion package was originally proposed, which would have added record funding to key areas of President Biden’s domestic agenda, namely climate and social safety net programs. 

Flying Migrants to Points Unknown  |  Illegal Immigrants are being provided tickets from San Antonio to Baltimore on Southwest and cleared through the premium lane without any identification. Did this story get any significant coverage in the region? And what, if anything, is being done about it? Senate Candidate Blake Masters out of Arizona captured the moment perfectly, “We have to speak out. We have to take back power, right now. Otherwise, the Democrats will put a gag on your mouth and call it democracy.”

Election Rules  |  Perhaps if Americans knew the rules of engagement and that their votes were absolutely secure… there would be less fear that their personal votes would be compromised. COVID changed how we vote and the security of the vote in ways we could have never imagined. There is no trust left in the election system. Is it time to go back to paper ballots?

Gordana Schifanelli: Attorney and an Adjunct Professor of Law & Economics at U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. She has been a strong voice in opposing CRT & “radicalization” of our schools. Running for Lt. Governor of Maryland, on the ticket with Dan Cox, Gubernatorial Candidate running on a “Freedom First” Platform. Website:

Grid Down, Power Up  |  Our power grid is at grave risk of shutting down completely. An orchestrated physical attack, electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP), cyber-attack, or geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) could shut down our electricity grid for as long as one calendar year or longer. See how…Watch now. Our electric utility companies have not implemented sufficient precautions to protect our grid, yet they were aware of the dangers. Our state and federal officials are aware of the threat a shutdown poses, yet they haven’t passed any legislation that deals with the threat.

We take so much for granted, including that our way of life is guaranteed. That the lights will always come on, that the internet will always work, that life as we know it will continue as planned… think again!

David Tice is the founder and portfolio mgr of the bearish mutual fund prudent bear fund; he managed it from 1996 to 2008. It achieved peak assets under management of $1.6 billion before he sold it. He also executive produced the hit movie Soul Surfer. This is his first documentary film production – Grid Down, Power Up – to raise awareness of the threat our national electric grid faces from foreign threats. Website:

On Viewpoint This Sunday, our goal here is to not just report the facts and the news but to understand the core of the problem and offer resolutions that provide the path forward for lasting peace. Our distinguished panel of experts will provide the context to the current battle and the long-term consequences of this historic clash of good and evil. You will not hear this conversation anywhere in the mainstream media or otherwise political circles. Rate the program, leave a quick review, and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Your voice for the fight forward – Malcolm.

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