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March 5, 2024





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Subtlety can be a good thing. But sometimes it can kill you. Some of you may remember the book written by George Barna called The Frog in the Kettle (First ed, 1990). Barna, a Christian analyst who studied trends affecting evangelical America, predicted the gradual decline of Christianity because of a callous ignorance of the subtle changes in American culture that were imperceptibly drawing Christians away from their faith. Much like a frog in a kettle of water that is slowly brought to a boil: the frog never perceives the slow rise in temperature until he is scathed to death. He never tried to escape; never resisted the changes—and then it was too late.

The same effect led to the Holocaust. The systematic extermination of six million Jews during World War II was a classic study in the art of subtlety as a weapon of change toward an evil end. To this day, few can comprehend how so many bystanders, inside and outside of Germany, just watched the Nazi regime promote the death of Jews through subtle policy changes, restrictions that sequentially dehumanized them, and finally accepted as reality the gradual ideological indoctrination that ultimately convinced the world that the Jewish genocide was a logical choice, given the “new normal.” Those who resisted paid a heavy price. The fate of one who defended a Jew was the same as a Jew. After all, did they not indirectly contribute to the economic and political unrest that was plaguing society at that time? If the victims can be “proven” to be the guilty party (called the “defamatory strategy” in psychological warfare terminology), then their massacre is wholly justified. The duped masses could only conclude, “They got what they deserved.”

Now comes the new persecution—only this time, the “guilty party” are they who defy the planned holocaust of a viral pandemic: the Plandemic. The new Jew is he who refuses the “vaccine.”

Just as Nazi persecution of the Jews began long before their overt persecution in Germany, so also the Plandemic began years earlier in the Wuhan lab. By the time gain-of-function research successfully converted a benign “common cold” virus called coronavirus into a bioweapon that infected the world, the stage was already set for the new genocide. The salvific “vaccine” was already in the making before the virus was ever released. The virus, and later those who identified its source, would be blamed for economic destruction, political unrest, and all the woes of mankind. When the defamatory strategy of blaming the Neo-Jew was in full swing, the mindless masses would be swayed into full compliance with the Neo-Nazi regime.

The guilty party is now the unvaccinated. Ignore the fact that the mask and shutdowns had no benefit in containing this manmade, lab-synthesized, patented virus. Ignore the ironic fact that the nation of Israel who was near-completely “vaccinated” is now plagued with mass hospitalization of its (forced) vaccine-compliant citizens. Ignore the accumulating data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) that have attributed thousands of deaths and millions of adverse events to the gene shot. Ignore the fact that the FDA just approved the Pfizer booster shot without any safety testing, despite halting the 1976 swine flu vaccine after only 40 deaths. Ignore the fact that the masked, self-isolating, “vaxxed,” fearful cowards are the ones getting hit hardest with wintertime viruses in summer. You see, it’s not the facts that count. It’s what you can get the willfully ignorant masses to believe that leads to a predetermined outcome—like exterminating all Jews.

So when a once-reputable medical platform like Medscape publishes an article titled Shouldn’t Docs Who Spread False COVID Info Lose Their Licenses? what’s the surprise? They claim in the article that masks work, despite all the clear medical evidence to the contrary. That’s called spreading false COVID information—the very charge they lay against physician truth seekers. And they don’t blink an eye.

Sadly, those physicians who speak the facts pertaining to the COVID monster are regarded as the new Jewish sympathizers—and we are now deserving of losing our medical licenses. The water in the kettle is slowly coming to a boil. The CDC already plans on forming concentration camps, and it won’t be long before dissenting physicians will be sentenced to prison for their “disinformation.” Meanwhile, the silent masses comply. All you who wear masks, who isolate yourselves from others, who berate un-vaxxed family members or neighbors; you are guilty. You who comply with the enemy of our freedom, it is you who are the bystanders watching as the sinister enemy crushes your nation, as well as your own soul. You are not innocent. And you will be judged by God for your compliance.

Fortunately, World War II did come to an end. Unfortunately, the godly nation that toppled the evil German empire has itself gone rogue. Fortunately, when push comes to shove—and the push/shove is coming soon—America still has many willing and able Patriots who will stand and fight for their liberty. Unfortunately, many spineless cowards have already forsaken their fellow Americans and world freedom seekers, submitting to the mask of shame and the gene juice experimentation that is killing thousands and maiming millions. Fortunately, the private American citizen is still armed to a large extent. But what would be most fortunate of all is that Americans would return the mighty God of all liberty, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who graced us with a free land because we stood for something righteous. We stood for the Christian Way.

I can only speak for myself, but my testimony is this: I will never surrender my arms, my Bible, or my will to the enemy. I will declare as my enemy any enemy of the Bible/God, anyone who dares tread on the freedom of my fellow man. The spirit of the antichrist has been present for ages, but the sword of truth—God’s word—is our greatest offensive weapon for all time. It shall not fail. The Lord clearly condemns personal vengeance, but make no mistake, God fully condones liberty and justice for all. That is the purpose of government. Through the foresight and godly wisdom of our nation‘s founding fathers, we have been given a way to topple a rogue, ungodly government. That government is here, now! And it fully plans to destroy your freedom by deceiving you into thinking that evil is good.

America is blatantly under attack, and your own government is using the same German tactics that killed the Jews to cause you to applaud the collapse of your very own homeland.

Now is a critical time to learn a lesson from history before it fully repeats itself. Neo-Nazism has returned with a vengeance. Do not think you are exempt from its torments. You may also wish to learn a lesson from God:

Teach me Your way, O Lord, and lead me in a smooth path, because of my enemies. Do not deliver me to the will of my adversaries; for false witnesses have risen against me, and such as breathe out violence. I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord! – Psalm 27:11-14

As the enemies of your soul continue their onslaught of deceptive propaganda, yet many good American Patriots are awakening to the truth. It will take an act of God to restore America to its former glory, but that act must take place in the hearts of men and women. Apart from God, we can do nothing. I’ll leave subtlety to the enemy. Remember that if you’re a frog in a kettle, the water is heating up. The Holocaust Effect is real, and it is happening again. There’s still a little time to choose the right side of history. We will all soon face God; in that, we have no choice. I look forward to the event. I pray that you do also. I choose to die in Christ rather than to live in fear. And as long as I breathe, I will fight the spiritual war being played out in the flesh with all my might. We are never alone. May God raise up a righteous storm to crush the enemies of God! Long live the United States of America! Glory to the freedom fighters! Amen!


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2 years ago

Insightful and inspiring, we need to march on together in our faith, thank you for your words doctor!

Benjamin Marble, M.D.
Benjamin Marble, M.D.
2 years ago


Young Lee
Young Lee
2 years ago

Never conflate this plandemic with the National Socialists of Germany. Never.

Even if you mean well, if you still believe in the Holocaust Lie and the myth of six million dead Jews, and what’s even worse, peddle the same atrocity propaganda against the Germans and National Socialist Germany as the NAtional ZIonists (aka the Nazis) always do, then you are no better than these same evil globalists behind the forced vaccination. For the two groups of people are one and the same.

Yahweh God does not have any pity for dolts like you who blindly worship the evil Jews- the same Edomite cabal who murdered Yashua Christ.

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