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June 24, 2024





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We learned a couple of things this past week. We learned that General Mark Milley committed treason against the United States by telling his Chinese counterparts that he, and not the President, was in command of the United States Armed Forces. We learned that should there be any danger to China from our armed forces, he would warn them ahead of time.

In fairness to the General, I have some sympathy for his speaking with Chinese military leaders to reassure them, after the election, that we would have a peaceful transition of power. The whole purpose of the transitionary period between a President being elected and taking office is to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition, so I give Mark Milley some latitude there just as I gave Trump latitude when he contacted foreign officials before being sworn in, back in 2016 (CNN gave him no such latitude).

I do not give Mark Milley any latitude for his phone call on October 30, 2019 – before the election even took place. At that time, he was not a part of an outgoing President’s administration, and had no responsibility to help ensure a peaceful transition of power. He was, instead, claiming to have taken over as Commander in Chief himself, in a flagrant violation of his duties, of the Constitution, and his Chain of Command. That was treason, and there is no way to downgrade it, or to pass it off as something else. It was arguably the greatest act of treason in American history not directly related to the Civil War.

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley

We can speculate about why General Milley did what he did. Speaking with the Chinese to reassure them everything would be fine makes it sound like he knew the election results before the election occurred, which would make some sense if we were about to have a fraudulent election. If the Democrats knew they were going to cheat the election and were prepared to flood swing states with millions and millions of fake ballots, it would make all the sense in the world to ensure that the highest-ranking member of the armed forces was on board. It would also make all the sense in the world for General Milley to have circled the military wagons prior to the election. In that context, the call was still treason, but it was treason committed by a whole bunch of people, and everything that happened afterward suddenly makes perfect sense.

We also learned over the past week that the political left, from President Biden on down, considers General Mark Milley a hero for having committed treason.

Treason being considered heroic by the left also makes perfect sense, when we consider that we had the 10th birthday of the Occupy Wall Street movement this past week. Ironically, the birthday of the Occupy Wall Street movement is on Constitution Day; it is also the birthday of the United States Constitution.

Ten short years ago, Occupy Wall Street was a fringe group of anti-American anarchists, fascists, and communists, protesting capitalism, declaring America a nation based on white supremacy, and demanding that the United States be transitioned into either fascism, a communist state, or a stateless communist utopia (depending on who in the Occupy movement you asked).

Here we are, ten short years later, and the Occupy Wall Street movement has become the official platform of the Democratic Party. Their hatred of our country is no longer fringe – it is now mainstream, and it controls the White House, as well as both chambers of Congress.

When a band of protestors took over Zuccotti Park on September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street became the first ‘autonomous zone’ in the United States, declared by its occupiers to be separate from the United States. The occupiers refused to let the police enter their autonomous zone, and Mayor Bloomberg relented to their demands, allowing them to operate as a foreign nation in the middle of New York City. They ran their autonomous zone using what they called ‘The Assembly,’ which was a system in which anyone could speak, but in which the most marginalized could speak first, with the least marginalized being expected to agree with the more marginalized people who spoke before them. Occupy Wall Street introduced a new concept to the American people: Racial Essentialism. Democrats around the country rejoiced. When more autonomous zones popped up years later, some called it a ‘summer of love.’

The left has been celebrating treason for ten years.

Racial Essentialism is the belief that someone’s race is not only a defining characteristic of who and what they are, but that someone’s race is the only determining characteristic in determining who and what someone is. In other words, in every interaction between people, race is ‘essential’ in determining outcomes. Another term that came later, ‘Anti-Racism,’ is based on Racial Essentialism. To be an Anti-Racist is to believe that the United States is an evil empire of white supremacy, that ‘whiteness’ is evil, that all white people are innately corrupt, and that the only way to make up for the sins of the past is to burn our nation down, and start over from scratch, with a new nation in which white people are an oppressed minority. In other words, the left believes that the ‘solution’ to racism is more, and in their opinion, better racism.

Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park in New York

Ironically, the Occupy Wall Street movement was almost all white. Not only that, but whenever people of color said things that differed from what the white leaders of the movement believed, those people of color were declared outcasts – traitors to their race. In other words, Occupy Wall Street was a religion in which People of Color were the priestly class, but were tied to an orthodoxy they did not write, and were powerless to change. Freedom of thought was not something Occupy Wall Street believed in, nor is it something the offshoots of the movement believe in today.

The other groups that grew out of Occupy Wall Street – Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, etc. – all had the same issue. People of Color, particularly black people, were continuously thrust into the spotlight, but only as long as they said what they were told to say by the angry, anti-American white liberals thrusting them forward.

It is also most dangerous upfront – right where the white liberals demand that black people stand. The message to African Americans is clear: “Stand up front where the bullets are and say what we tell you to, or we will throw you out like yesterday’s trash.” How ‘progressive,’ huh?

We know what happened on inauguration day, 2020. Trump protested the election result, calling it illegitimate (and anyone awake between 2-3 AM on election night would have to agree), and told his followers to ‘peacefully and patriotically protest.’

Shortly thereafter, Washington DC’s police force opened barricades and allowed several hundred people to enter the Capitol Building, which turned into a riot after an unarmed Air Force Veteran named Ashli Babbitt, was shot dead by a police officer whose name has never been released to the public. Joe Biden then declared White Supremacy the greatest threat our nation faces, and tasked Mark Milley – the same Mark Milley who had just a few months earlier committed treason against the United States by telling China’s military leadership that he, and not the President, controlled our Armed Forces – with weeding right-wing extremism out of the military.

At the same time, all right-wing belief was declared ‘extremism,’ and linked to ‘white supremacy’ with no regard for whether or not the people on the political right were in any way racist. The justification here was that the COUNTRY is racist, and thus those who DEFEND IT are fighting FOR white supremacy, even if they themselves do not consider themselves white supremacists.

Mark Milley then began ‘wokeness’ training throughout our military, to weed out conservatives, and to redirect our military’s mission away from one of defending the nation against hostile foreign powers (like the one he committed treason for), and toward protecting the government against the American People – most of whom we are now told are white supremacists.

The official position of the United States government today is that the United States is an evil empire, whose founding documents are as racist as Mein Kampf. If you don’t believe me, note that the National Archives, under the Biden Administration, have added ‘trigger warnings’ to the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to warn people that they should find these documents offensive.

What does the Biden Administration call the systematic destruction of the United States? They call it ‘build back better.’

‘Better,’ my ass!

Against this backdrop, Democrats are in lockstep in holding Mark Milley as a hero who saved the nation from the grips of an evil madman, helping ensure a peaceful transition of power – a transition of power Mark Milley apparently knew would occur before the election even took place.

We learned all of this over the past week.

When we throw into the mix that a disease that had been biologically engineered to infect people came out of a biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China, just in time to shut down the world economy (in an election year), we can start to make sense of things. 

Understand that Joe Biden would not be President without Covid-19, and that China’s leadership would look very different were it still negotiating trade with the Trump Administration.  Those negotiations were abruptly ended.  Today China buys Hunter Biden’s original artwork at millions of dollars a pop to help fill the coffers of an American President the Chinese Communist Party pumped tens of millions of dollars into, in the years leading up to the 2020 election.  

Understand that 4.55 million people died worldwide, and that 674 thousand died in the United States to ensure that someone Xi Jinping owned was in charge of the United States.

Understand that the Democratic Party is OK with that.

While we are at it, let us also throw into the mix that the FBI concluded that there was no insurrection on January 6, 2020. Despite FBI assurances that the vandalism and trespassing that took place were disorganized and spontaneous, our Congress, at the direction of Nancy Pelosi, is actively investigating to see what Republican members of Congress may have been involved in the insurrection that did not take place. The fact that there was no insurrection will not stop the House from acting against the people who Nancy Pelosi says took part in it. The January 6 Commission is political, designed to eliminate opposition to the systematic dismantling of the United States of America.

The traitors are in charge.

Think about what the Biden Administration is asking us to believe – that the Democratic Party would never cheat an election, in spite of the fact that the Biden Administration believes that most Americans are white supremacists, and that the American People are the gravest threat our nation faces.

Someone could believe either that the Democratic Party believes in using democratic means to choose our leadership, or that the Democratic Party believes that the majority of the American People are white supremacists, but it makes no sense at all for people who believe the American People to be the greatest threat our nation faces, to then entrust the American People with choosing who will be President.

Of course, the Democrats cheated. And then they bragged about it in Time Magazine – only they called it ‘fortifying.’ The Democrats cheated, and they will gleefully cheat again. The Biden Administration is fighting any, and all changes that could prevent cheating, tooth, and nail, and is using the full power of the Federal Government to attack political opponents.

We are not a democracy. We are not a Democratic Republic either. We are a banana republic, with Joe Biden as our Banana in Chief.

And though I cannot prove that Mark Milley knew on October 30 what the results of the election would be, neither the act of treason he committed, nor the left’s belief that his treason was ‘heroic’ makes any sense unless Mark Milley did know on October 30, 2019, what the results of the election were going to be. If we assume for a moment that the entire Democratic leadership committed treason, suddenly everything makes sense.

Okum’s Razor says that the simplest solution is usually the correct one. If we apply that here, we would say that the Democratic Party leadership is full of traitors.

What I can prove is that the Democratic Party is out to destroy our country, spending trillions upon trillions of dollars to make our economy (and our monetary base) weaker. What I can prove is that everything the Joe Biden Administration is doing is making the United States weaker, and Communist China stronger. What I can prove is that China is planning to invade Taiwan – and mark my words that when it happens, the Biden Administration will do nothing. What I can prove is that the Chinese Communist Party controls our media houses (trading access to the Chinese media market for the ability to censor what we see in our market). I can prove that the current, sitting Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, committed treason against the United States, at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party, one week before the most fraudulent election in American history.

And I can prove that the Democratic leadership considers Mark Milley, a hero.

In the meantime, we are in the middle of the ‘Great Reset,’ with a tyrannical government telling us when we can, and when we cannot, leave our homes, and ordering 100 million Americans to get vaccinated against their will, as a condition of employment.

What country is this, anyway? Wake UP, America – get LOUD before it is too late.

  • Wallace Garneau

    Wallace L. Garneau, political commentator and professional author, brings a unique blend of expertise to the airwaves. Raised in a family of historians, Garneau's roots in history and economics run deep, with a particular focus on Europe between the World Wars. With a background in information technology and a keen business mind, Garneau authored "The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses." His knack for breaking down complex ideas in clear, accessible language makes him a standout author and a powerful voice in the radio and podcast sphere. Beyond the corporate world, Garneau's culinary passion shines through in his social media presence, where he shares grilling and smoking techniques. A two-service military veteran (Marine Corps and Army), family man, and father of two, Garneau embodies dedication both personally and professionally. Listeners can expect insightful commentary on politics, economics, and culture. His unique perspective, rooted in historical understanding, sets him apart. Join Wallace Garneau on the America Out Loud network—his is a voice that not only informs but resonates, helping make sense of today's complex world through a lens of experience, knowledge, and a touch of culinary flair.


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James Danley
James Danley
2 years ago

Thank you for another great article pointing out how our government is now firmly in the hands of communist. Have you and others have not yet seen the proof by Mike Lindell of the stolen election I highly suggest you do. He believes and I firmly agree that if we do not fix the 2020 election before the 2022 primaries and get rid of all electronic voting equipment then we have lost our country.

Please go to and for all kinds of information on what happened and what can be done to stop it.

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