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June 16, 2024





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The United Nations Is a Danger To Western Civilization

The Biden Regime is already well into the process of subjecting the US healthcare sector, immigration, agriculture, education, and “climate” policies to the UN through the United Nations World Health Organization’s “Pandemic Treaty” and International Health Regulations (IHR). 

Today the UN offers the Marxist Global-Control Agenda its most likely means for subjugating the whole of human society under the control of an entity that believes itself tasked with engineering social justice and the world climate. 

Its ascension to World Government status is being promoted and facilitated by Leftists throughout the Western World and opposed only by meek and whispering voices. If that doesn’t frighten you, it should. The pursuit of abstracts by an entity wielding global control cannot do other than cause impoverishment and starvation for billions as well as economic and social collapse. We’re already seeing proof of this in every part of the country dominated by Marxist-aligned ideologues. Read the full article: The United Nations Is a Danger To Western Civilization.

The Globalists Motto, “Eat Meat and You Will Kill the Planet”

Globalists have convinced the masses that living a sustainable lifestyle, a life under the strict control of elites will save the planet from extreme weather (a lie). What easier way to force farmers off their land than to condemn cows as the culprit, claiming cows are destroying the planet by expelling greenhouse gases? Of course, they never mention that 95% of greenhouse gas is water vapor. 5% of the rest of the gases left can not affect anything, but students without a math or science background will never understand that.

Picking on the very food, meat, that supplies much-needed protein to the human race is the problem globalists claim. More than 1,600 scientists and other scholars signed the ‘No Climate Emergency’ declaration. Control the food, control the people. Hungry people are not interested and have no energy to fight the very government that will feed them. Learn the truth. Sustainability means control. Will you comply? Read the full article: The Globalists Motto, “Eat Meat and You Will Kill the Planet.”

We Have Created Monsters Among Us

Self-declared victimhood justifies violence and butchery. Once you self-identify as a victim, you are entitled to fight for justice “by any means necessary.” Meaning that you are justified in using violence, murder, butchery, rape, and genocide in order to achieve what you think is justice for your victimized self and your victimized group. This is the old argument that the ends justify the means.

Revenge by violence is the means. What is the end? Socialist utopia. There is a problem with thinking that the ends justify the means. Those who think they are justified in using the means of violent butchery of innocent people do it so often that they get to like it. The terrorists who say, “I only kill innocent people in order to achieve justice,” fall in love with the power and control that killing innocent people gives them. As in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, their world, their end, becomes perpetual warfare and terrorism, and they like it that way. We have come full circle. Big Brother is now Frankenstein. And the Monsters are among us. Read the full article: We Have Created Monsters Among Us.

Our Roundtable Panel:

Patricia Anthone is an author, activist – Constitutional conservative who analyzes the political operatives and events against the backdrop of our Constitution.

Karen Schoen is a patriot, talk radio host of The Prism of America’s Education, educator, marketing consultant, journalist, advocate, citizen lobbyist, and public speaker.

Michael McCarthy is a student of free-market economics and foresaw the acceleration of Big Government control in politics and business. His prophetic novels, The Noah OptionThe Rainbow Option, and The Timshel Option, are available in bookstores and the America Out Loud Bookstore.

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